Cash for Cars in Bothell, WA

We Offered Cash for This Junk Car in Bothell

We Offered Cash for This Junk Car in Bothell

We asked Sharon W. some questions about her 1990 Ford Aerostar and why she is selling her junk car in Bothell, WA

Here’s what they said:

Why are you selling your car in Bothell, WA?

It is an old van in need of a rear differential, and back breaks. I had been driving it until it was hit while sitting in front of my home.The insurance company, of course, won’t cover it because I only have liability coverage and the driver who hit me took off. I think the axle got damaged, but there isn’t a lot of cosmetic damage to the front. The body is in good shape. The tires are a year old and it has a full tank of gas. The front breaks were replaced 4 months ago and it has new windshield wipers, shocks, and a tire rod. I had planned to put a little more money into until the accident that left it undrivable. If I were a mechanic, I keep it as a project car.

Do you consider your car a junk car?

I only call it junk because it is dangerous to drive in its current condition and it is 1990.

What did you search to find us online?

junk cars for cash in Bothell

Our Price For The 1990 Ford Aerostar: It’ s for sale for $325

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