Scrap Car Parts

Do you want to buy scrap car parts? Sell them to a junkyard? Is it better to pull your car apart and sell it piecemeal or leave it as a whole? There are a lot of misconceptions about spare parts from junk cars. You may think that even if your engine is shot, you can still get a few hundred dollars (or even more) from your transmission. But the reality is not quite as simple as this.

Learn more about how junkyards approach your car and what they do with it once they get their hands on it. The labor and effort that goes into a recycled car can make you think differently about the whole process. This information can help you decide how best to handle your car, especially if you're looking to get the most out of it.

You likely already know that there are certain components of your car that are worth far more than others. What you may not know is what exactly makes these parts so valuable and why. For example, the radiator in a car is chockful of aluminum, making it a good part to consider selling separately.

If your car happens to have any platinum group metals, like those in your catalytic converter, this can definitely bump the price of the car up as well. Those planning on doing their own patch-up job on their car by using spare parts should also consult this section. If you're concerned about safety (which you should be), we'll give you tips as to how you can inspect scrapyard parts before you install them in your car.