Current Scrap Car Prices Per Ton: Not So Sexy

Todd Junk Car Prices, Junk Cars, Steel Industry

Last Updated: September 30, 2016 A few years ago cashing in a junk car would net you enough for a weekend road trip. Today you’d hardly get enough to pay for a hotel room. What gives? Car junkers (including Junk Car Medics) didn’t suddenly start taking advantage of you. We’re facing a big problem: the price of scrap metal has plummeted in …


Scrap My Junk Car: Where Does It Go?

Mike D Recycling, Steel Industry

So you’ve finally had enough of your car, and you’re ready to call the salvage yard and sell your clunker for cash. They’ll come pick your car up, pay you, and haul it away. Then what? In the U.S., cars are the number one recycled product, but what exactly does the recycling process yield? To get your old car to …