Junk a Car in Illinois

How to Junk a Car in Illinois

Junking a car in Illinois involves selling unwanted vehicles that are wrecked, no longer roadworthy, or beyond repair. These junk cars often have usable parts that can be resold, while the unusable components are melted down and recycled. The process typically includes removing the vehicle by tow truck or flatbed, transporting it to a junkyard, and dismantling it for parts and scrap metal. Junkyards in Illinois are equipped to handle various metals, recycling them into useful components. This process is essential for maintaining environmental standards and complying with Illinois laws.

Illinois Junk Car Definition

How is a Junk Car Defined in Illinois?

In Illinois, a junk vehicle is defined as a vehicle that is wrecked, scrapped, ruined, or dismantled, according to the 415 ILCS 95/ Junkyard Act. Businesses that keep such vehicles for the purpose of scrapping them are known as automobile graveyards in Illinois. Junk vehicles may be sent to scrap processing facilities once working parts have been removed, where they are processed for iron, steel, and other scrap metal.

When Should You Junk Your Car?

A car should be junked in Illinois when it no longer runs or is too expensive to fix compared to its value. Junk cars should not be left on your property to avoid fines and penalties. According to Chapter 10.76 in Illinois, vehicles left for 72 hours are considered abandoned. It is better to get some money for your junk car and have it towed than to have it towed away as abandoned property.

How to Sell Your Junk Car in Illinois

To sell your junk car in Illinois, follow these steps:

  1. Find a junk car buyer in Illinois in your area or online.
  2. Get free quotes to determine the value of your junk car.
  3. Accept one offer and schedule free removal of junk cars.
  4. Complete the paperwork, including the Office Of The Secretary Of State Junk Vehicle Notification Form.
  5. Get paid cash for junking your car in Illinois.

What Documents Do I Need to Junk My Car in Illinois?

To junk your car in Illinois, you typically need:

  • The vehicle title
  • A certificate of salvage or purchase
  • A completed Office Of The Secretary Of State Junk Vehicle Notification Form
  • Proof of ownership, which must be provided within 15 days of taking possession of a junk vehicle.

Can I Junk My Car With No Title in Illinois?

Illinois requires a vehicle title to junk a car. However, there are other ways to verify ownership, though the value of the vehicle may greatly decrease without a title.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Junk Car Medics in Illinois?

We offer top value for junk cars in Illinois, ensuring excellent service. Diagnose your junk car woes with cash.

What is the best way to junk a car in Illinois?

The best way to junk a car in Illinois is by using a service that provides top dollar, free removal by a tow truck driver, and exceeds expectations. We offer all of these and more.

Where can I sell my car online for the most money in Illinois?

The place to sell your car online and get the most money will vary based on the vehicle and location. Different car buyers in Illinois target different vehicles. Junk Car Medics makes you our best offer every time, no matter the vehicle.

How can I get the most cash for a junk car in Illinois?

To get the most cash for a junk car in Illinois, get offers from multiple buyers, have the vehicle title, and negotiate the best deal.

What are the most commonly junked cars in Illinois?

The five most commonly scrapped cars in Illinois in 2024 are:

  • Nissan Altima
  • Honda Accord
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Civic
  • Chevrolet Impala

These are generally old cars that we paid cash to buy.