Looking For Private Junk Car Buyers – What Are Your Options?

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Private Junk Car Buyers & Independent Options to Get Cash for Junk Cars

While most people selling their junk car will take the normal route and use the services that buy junk cars for cash, some will look for independent options and private junk car buyers.
If you're like the latter then keep reading.  We'll highlight for you all your options for finding a way to junk your car for cash privately.  And if all else fails you can always use our cash for cars service.

-Local Classified Ad
-Sell it as a Demoltion Derby Car
-Trade It In
-Sell it On Facebook
-Park and Advertise in a High-Traffic Area
-Sell The Valuable Parts
-Fix it Up and Start Again


a. Craigslist

If you think you get a better price independently, try selling the car on Craigslist.  It may not be as fast of an option but it still works.  You can always place the ad and then continue to search for other buyers.


  • Selling junk cars on Craigslist can be a little tricky; most interested buyers are going to want to see the vehicle before agreeing to purchase.
  • Due to this, it will take much longer to get paid.
  • There are people on Craigslist that make a hobby out of flipping cars.  Be careful.
  • Take clear photographs and be honest about the condition.

b. eBay

There are people on eBay who search for junk cars for sale. Sometimes, a buyer will use the junk car as a part of a personal project, for example.

Helpful Tips:

  • When using eBay the time frame greatly increases.
  • Your chances of actually selling your car are minimal.
  • Publishing an eBay ad is easy after you create an account. Just follow the site’s prompts for selling a car.

c. Local Ad, or Newspaper Classifieds

Local newspapers feature a classified ads section where you can post a picture of your car along with a vehicle description. Make sure to mention the words "junk car" in the body of the advertisement.

Helpful Tips:

  • This costs money so we wouldn't recommend it.
  • The chances of actually finding a buyer are minimal.

d. Sell it as a Demolition Derby Car

The demolition derby is a popular sport for people who enjoy smashing cars into each other as a contest. You can list your junk car in a classified ad as a demolition derby vehicle, or you can contact a buyer who is interested in these cars for that intended purpose if it is the right time of year.

e. Trade It In

We're really fishing here.

If you are buying a new or used car you can try trading in your old junk car. However most dealerships would just farm it out to a local provider and markup the price.  You have better options above.

Helpful Tips:

  • Always clean the car’s interior before approaching a dealer.

f. Sell it on Facebook

While this is probably a slim chance it's pretty effortless to sell your car on Facebook.  If you are active on Facebook you already know how to make a post.  Just take a picture of your car and see if any friends or family have any interest in it.

You can always combine techniques to get the highest chance of locating a buyer, too.

For example, Facebook allows people to connect and network within the group’s interests. So, why not post your junk car on a site populated by demolition derby drivers? It might take a bit of research to find these groups, but you will be interacting in a more dynamic social environment.

g. Park and Advertise in a High-Traffic Area

Parking the junk car in a high traffic area might work in some regions. This tactic is more common in rural settings than densely populated urban environments where parking fines and citations are routinely issued. However, if you live in a small town where people know each other, you might be able to generate some interest in your car by posting a for-sale sign in a high-traffic area.

If you are attempting to sell your car on Craigslist or Facebook this is another option you should try.

Helpful Tips:

  • Post the price and your contact information with large numbers so that they're visible.
  • Make sure you can read the sign at the same speed that your potential customers are traveling.
  • Don’t add extra information to the sign because that creates clutter.

h. Sell The Valuable Parts

Mechanics charge up to $100 per labor hour, so you need to know the value of the parts in advance if money is your main motivation. If you get an offer of $500 for the engine, but it takes seven hours to remove it, you will lose money by hiring a mechanic to do this work. Transmissions will sell for around $250. If you can figure out how to separate the engine and transmission from the chassis without hiring a certified mechanic, this could be a viable option.

Helpful Tips:

  • Conduct a cost-benefit analysis if you’re doing the work yourself.
  • This might be a viable option if you have the garage space and tools for working on cars.
  • It can help you to practice basic mechanical skills, for example.
  • Disposing of the remaining parts also presents a challenge unless you have a friend with a flatbed truck who’s willing to haul the scrap chassis to a dump site.
  • You can anticipate selling these valuable parts by selling through eBay, Amazon, mobile phones apps or local sources.

i. Fix-It Up for Resale

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys working on cars, you might also consider fixing up the car for reselling. This option depends on the condition of the car, the cost of the replacement parts and your level of mechanical skill.  It's generally not worth it.  A junk car is an end of life vehicle.  It's passed it's time.  Don't waste the money.