Your car finally kicked the bucket, and you’ve decided to move on to a better vehicle. That leaves you with what to do with your old car. Among other options, scrapping the car for its parts and metal is a viable way to recycle your vehicle and get paid for it. Here are the steps to check scrap metal prices in Houston, TX.

Check the Current Prices of Scrap Metal in Houston

Your car consists of metal — usually steel or aluminum — which is then recycled into new cars or other metal products once it is scrapped. The price of metal goes up and down depending on the current markets and seasons. It’s important to check prices on metal in Houston before you decide to scrap.

It’s easy to find the prices through a quick browser search. One of the better sites to check for scrap metal value is ScrapMonster. It gives you updated unit prizes for all types, the highs and lows, and specified pricing based on your location.

You need to know what each type of metal is worth per pound. There are many different types of metal and some are worth more than others. If you are selling a car, you should calculate how much a ton of that metal is worth.

Identify what metal you will be selling the most and note the local price point in Houston, TX.

How Much is it Worth?

Knowing the type of metal your car is made of will help you decide what to do with your vehicle and estimate the cost of scrapping it. Weigh your options and research your vehicle to know exactly how many tons it is for a more accurate understanding.

The best way to find out the worth of your car’s parts is to use this simple equation.

Price of Metal per ton X Weight of Car = Price Estimate

The formula gives you a general estimate to see if it’s worth scrapping your car.

Prices of metal go up and down constantly. A lot of the time, there is a much higher supply than there is demand. That can make it difficult to decide when, where, and how to scrap your car. You don’t want to go into a place that doesn’t follow state regulations and gives you a fraction of what the car is worth.

Laws Surrounding Scrapping, Houston TX

Scrapping metal seems like a straightforward process, in theory.  You take your vehicle to a scrap yard, they appraise it, and they pay you for it.

There are strict regulations that surround scrapping your car. Scrap yards in Houston must have constant video surveillance, your fingerprints, your ID, and detailed information about the vehicle you are looking to scrap.

Each state has its own rules and requirements, but in Texas, a scrap yard must:

  • Have pictures and records of the seller’s license plate number.
  • Video surveillance on the whole yard and the sellers.
  • Fingerprints of the seller to verify identity and background.
  • Copies of the seller’s driver’s license.
  • Regulated metal being bought or sold needs a cash transaction card to the seller so it keeps a record of the sale.

In general, all Houston scrap yards are required by law to keep records of all their transactions for three years total. They must also report all the new transactions to the state within two days of the sale or purchase.

Where to Go and Who to Call in Houston, TX

It’s safe to start with a general browser search of Harris County to see what scrap yards are the best and fit the criteria you need. Pay close attention to their reviews and call or look at their website to see where current prices stand.

There is always a low and a high side for scrap metals. You want to pick the place that will give you the most for your old vehicle. It gives you peace of mind and that extra cash is nice for your wallet.

Some of the highly rated companies in the Houston area are:

  • Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling on E Mt Houston Rd
  • Big Cat Auto Salvage on Aldine Mail Rte Rd
  • Williams Auto Salvage on N Shepherd Dr

Find a place that is convenient and pays you what the car is worth. It’s a vehicle that helped you travel and ideally kept you safe over the years. You deserve quality compensation for having it recycled when there are other ways to make money from a car.

If you want to scrap your car at the best price, just give Junk Car Medics a call: our company buys junk cars for cash in Houston, and we'll be glad to assist.

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