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Do you have an old car to sell?

If so, you'll soon find that you have limited options.  There's simply just not many people that are going to want to buy it. And your trade-in options are virtually nil.

Most old cars can also be referred to as end of life vehicles.  If the car is 15 years old or older, who is going to want it? There is most likely a reason (or twenty) you are looking to sell your old car for cash.

The majority of old cars are ready to be sent to the scrap yard.  Auto repair specialists are unlikely to want them as there will not be a demand for an older vehicle's car parts.

But you still have a few options to sell an old car. You can:

  • Sell an old car in the newspaper
  • Sell an old car on Craigslist
  • Sell an old car on your front lawn
  • Sell an old car to someone to use as a demolition derby car
  • Sell an old car to a scrap yard or car buying service

While we are a car buying service, our opinion is unbiased here.  Junk Car Medics is your best option to sell an old car online.  When you sell your old car to us you will know that:

  1. You are getting the best offer for your car.
  2. The whole process typically happens within 2-48 hours.
  3. We pick up your car free of charge and you will be paid on the spot.
  4. You will receive a certified check that you can turn into cash instantly.
  5. You're dealing with a trusted car buying service that only works with reputable auto scrap yards and car auctions.

But let's review all your options for how to sell an old car now.

Sell an Old Car in The Newspaper

While this was a decent option years (decades?) ago, it's not a viable option now.

Selling an old car in the newspaper is the only option in this post that will actually cost you money out of pocket.  You will have to pay a fee to place your advertisement in the paper.  And if you want to include a picture of the car, which you should, it'll cost you even more.

But that's not the worst part.  Very few people read the newspaper anymore. Let alone the classifieds.  Sure someone looking to buy a hobby car might turn here, but they're more likely to turn to the next option first which doesn't cost you anything.

Sell an Old Car on Craigslist

You can try to sell your old car on Craigslist and may get some interest from the occasional junk car buyers on the platform.  However, this option requires the largest commitment of time.  You have to clean up the car and take pictures, you have to write up a description that would make the post sound enticing to a would-be buyer, and then you have to deal with the negotiations.

Do you really want to spend hours (days even) negotiating with potential buyers and haggling over $5 - $25 potentially?  Only to agree to meet someone and have them not show.  Then you're back to square one.  Or they may show and try to rob you.  It's just not safe unless your city has a protected, camera-monitored area to do Craigslist exchanges in.

Sell an Old Car On Your Front Lawn

If you live in a heavily populated area and live on a busy road, this may be a good option.  But if you live in the 'burbs or the country it's probably not worth your time.

While this doesn't take much effort -- you literally just park the car on your lawn and write the details in marker or soap -- you still have to hope that someone of interest drives by.  But don't expect a quick transaction.  It's more common they'll stop and look around the car and take pictures. Then drive home and call you to negotiate or ask questions.  Most people feel more comfortable dealing with this part of the process over the phone versus face to face.  It's less intimidating over the phone so they'll feel like they are getting a better deal.  The same may be the case for you.   After the negotiations, you still have to have them drive out and pay you and remove the car.

You see by now there are a lot of steps and a lot of hope invested in this option.

Sell an Old Car to Someone For a Demolition Derby Car

This may be a little far-fetched as there is no paper or website to turn to to find people looking to buy demolition derby cars.  And your car may not even be large enough or be the type of vehicle they'd be looking for anyways.

But if you know someone that participates in the local fair's demolition derby each year, you might want to give them a quick call to see if they'd be interested.  That is, if your car even runs.

Sell an Old Car to a Scrapyard or Car Buying Service

I don't have exact numbers but would guess this is how over 95% of old cars get sold.  The local scrap yard / auto salvage yard or an online car buying service is your most likely option to buy an old car.  Your car is old and most likely doesn't even run.  So who is going to want to buy it? Seriously... who?

Your car is doomed for the graveyard.  Or, more precisely, the local metal recycling plant in your area.  When you sell it, the car will be pulled of its parts if any of them can be used. It'll then be drained of all of the fluids and crushed down.  The remaining will be taken to the local metal recycling yard and sold for metal at the current rate for scrap cars.

These are your most likely options because these are the people that do this day in and day out. These are businesses that buy old cars and scrap cars and that's pretty much all they do.

Sell An Old Car to Junk Car Medics

While choosing a scrap yard or car buying service is a good bet to sell your old car for top dollar, you also need to be careful you don't get scammed.

There are tons of fly-by-night tow truck drivers and wannabe scrap car buyers that think they can turn flipping junk cars into a business.  The problem is, they don't realize how hard it really is to strip a car or to drain the fluids.  They don't realize the rules and regulations behind the industry.  And they don't realize the very slim margins of profit and how a few mishaps can cost them everything.  So they disappear.

Luckily for you, that is why Junk Car Medics exists.

We cut through the fluff and all the wannabes and get you the best offer from reputable buyers in your area.  When you sell your car online to Junk Car Medics, you don't have to worry about being scammed because we only work with the best of the best, offering the most competitive junk car prices.  The scrap yards that are properly regulated and trustworthy. And the car auctions that actually have a large enough audience to sell your car to. And hey, we throw in free junk car removal, too.

Therefore, if you want to sell your junk car for $500 and more, Junk Car Medics is your best option for selling an old car for cash.  Get an instant offer to sell your car in a minute or less. The whole transaction can happen in 2 - 48 hours generally.

Or you can waste your time with the local newspaper.  It's your call.

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