Top 10 Junk Cars in Colorado

Top 10 Scrapped Cars in Colorado in 2020

Colorado is a state full of wonder with a diverse landscape that ranges from the desert, river canyons, and snow-covered mountain tops. As diverse as the terrain is, so is the Colorado weather. The Colorado weather can create problems for vehicles, especially ones that are not maintained properly.

We wanted to look at the top ten junked cars in Colorado and how they faired between state average junk price and the top five cities for the model. We also wanted to see what each model and year listed as common problems, causing massive repairs or altogether junking it. The goal is to give you a little more insight into what you could get for your junk car in the Centennial State.

Top 10 Scrapped Cars in Colorado in 2020
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    1. 1998 Ford Explorer

    Average Price: $220.37

    DENVER $250.50
    LITTLETON $245.00
    AURORA $230.00
    ENGLEWOOD $257.50

    The number one junked car in Colorado is the 1998 Ford Explorer. This vehicle fell under the category of a sports utility vehicle and came in various trim levels. The most common problem cited on included rough idling and stalling, transmission problems, and engine issues. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a vehicle this age.

    Colorado's average scrapping price for the 1998 Ford Explorer came in at $220.37. Englewood was the highest at $257.50 - $37.13 above state value from the top five cities for scrapping values. Denver and Littleton offer owners values relatively close in pricing at $250.50 and $245.00, respectively. Aurora provided 1998 Ford Explorer owners with $230.00, $9.63 above the average. Colorado Springs offered the least amount at $206.25 for scrap value - $14.12.


    2. 1998 Subaru Legacy

    Average Price: $127.31

    DENVER $155.00
    ARVADA $157.50
    GOLDEN $150.00
    LOUISVILLE $160.00

    Coming in at number two is the 1998 Subaru Legacy. Subaru's are notorious for being all-wheel-drive vehicles, which can come in handy with the Colorado terrain. Built to last, the 1998 Subaru Legacy has fewer complaints on than most of the vehicles that get scrapped. The two top complaints were transmission failure and overheating.

    The Subaru Legacy has a curb weight that can fall on the low-end (1,900 pounds), which could explain the lower scrapping prices. The average scrapped 1998 Subaru Legacy in Colorado brought $127.31. All of the cities brought an above-average price except for Colorado Springs, which was only $100, or $27.31 lower than the state's average. Louisville was the highest at $160, profiting car owners an additional $32.69. Golden offered $150 - a profit of $22.69 for the Subaru Legacy owner. Denver ($155) and Arvada ($157.50) were close in pricing, averaging an extra $28.94 for scrap.

    3. 2002 Ford Explorer

    Average Price: $196.80

    DENVER $259.00
    FORT COLLINS $103.75
    FOUNTAIN $170.00
    LITTLETON $235.00

    The 2002 Ford Explorer is the first car on the list that come says to avoid "like the plague." Only the worst of the worst get the honor of this title from the website, showing that there are serious problems within the model and year. You don't expect expensive transmission problems to come up until higher mileages, but the 2002 Ford Explorer saw owners spending thousands of dollars due to transmission failure before ever reaching 100,000 miles.

    The average Colorado scrap value for the 2002 Ford Explorer is $196.80. Only two of our five cities offered a scrap price above average - Denver at $259 and Littleton at $235. The other three offered below-average scrap pricing, with Fort Collins offering the lowest at $103.75, $93.05 below state scrap value. Fountain provided a scrap price that was $26.80 below average, at $170. Colorado Springs offered close to the state average for the first time on this list at $186.25, only $10.55 short.


    4. 1999 Honda Accord

    Average Price: $157.40

    AURORA $167.50
    DENVER $156.25
    LITTLETON $188.33
    LONGMONT $142.50

    Based on, the 1999 Honda Accord is a car that suffers from a wide variety of problems. From widespread transmission failure to the engine shutting off while driving, you might be better off cutting your losses if you own this model year Honda. Repairs for owners can cost thousands of dollars, likely more than the car is valued at, especially if it doesn't run.

    The average scrap price in Colorado for the 1999 Honda Accord is 7.40. Denver fell $1.15 short of this amount at $156.25. Colorado Springs didn't disappoint with the below-average scrap pricing at $137.50, ten cents shy of $20 below average. Longmont was $14.90 below-average, only offering $142.50 for scrap. Littleton and Aurora came out victorious, offering $188.33 and $167.50 for scrapping. That equals $30.93 and $10.10 above-average rates.


    5. 1998 Honda Accord

    Average Price: $148.20

    DENVER $170.00
    FORT COLLINS $102.50
    AURORA $152.50
    CASTLE ROCK $160.00

    The 1998 Honda Accord has many reported problems with the transmission and subframe rust, both of which are an expensive repair, according to Owners found themselves spending over $2,000 for each of these problems, so it isn't unlikely for you to have to put out an easy $5K to keep your 1998 Honda Accord in working order. Looking up the vehicle on, the fair market price for a 1998 Honda Accord (in very good condition) is $2,400. So if something does go wrong, it might be better to cut ties and scrap it.

    The average scrap price in Colorado for a 1998 Honda Accord runs in the area of 8.20. This price is about $1.80 short of $150, which you may be able to snag if your good at haggling. There were only two Colorado areas where the scrap price was below the state average - Colorado Springs ($126.67) and Fort Collins ($102.50). The other three cities we polled were above the average, especially Denver, who stole the show at $170, with $21.80 above average. Castle Rock and Aurora averaged $8.05 higher than average at $160 and $152.50.


    6. 2002 Ford Taurus

    Average Price: $152.29

    AURORA $160.83
    DENVER $166.67
    ARVADA $195.00
    MONUMENT $130.00

    Although not plague status on, they do warn that the 2002 Ford Taurus has a "clunker" status. The US government spent from 2008 to 2011 investigating the 2002 and 2003 Ford Taurus coil spring failures. The NHTSA did not force a recall on the model years despite the coil springs breaking and shredding tires or puncturing them while driving.

    The average 2002 Ford Taurus scrap pricing is 2.29 in Colorado. Colorado Springs offered the lowest value, which it has with most of these top scrapped cars, only offering $70.00, a difference of $82.29. Monument was the only other below-average city offering $130 scrap value. Aurora ($160.83) was $8.54 above, and Denver ($166.67) was $14.38. Arvada provided the highest value for the 2002 Ford Taurus at $195.00, at $42.71 above Colorado's average.

    7. 2002 Honda Accord

    Average Price: $193.70

    DENVER $182.78
    AURORA $211.25
    THORNTON $175.00
    BOULDER $245.00 assigns the 2002 Honda Accord with plague status. The transmission problems start before reaching 100,000 miles and can cost owners over $2,000 in repairs or replacement. Subframe rust also causes owners expensive repairs and is often caused by a design flaw with the A/C drain hose placement.

    The Colorado average scrap price for the 2002 Honda Accord is 3.70. Only two of the Colorado city scrap prices were above this average. Aurora offered $211.25, or $17.55 above average. Boulder was the winner at $245 scrap price, providing owners over $50 of additional scrap payout. This leaves Denver ($182.78), Colorado Springs ($179.29), and Thornton ($175), bringing an average of $15 below average among the cities.

    8. 1997 Honda Accord

    Average Price: $130.00

    DENVER $149.38
    AURORA $179.00
    ALAMOSA $5.00

    The 1997 Honda Accord is the last car model year manufactured in the 5th generation of the Accord - before the transmission and other problems began. Overall, this biggest problem in the 1997 Honda Accord was listed as transmission failure and the engine cutting out. This car is also the oldest model year on our list, explaining why people were eager to get rid of it.

    The average price offered in Colorado for the 1997 Honda Accord is 0. If you want real money from your scrap, steer clear of Alamosa, they only offered a $5 scrap price, that is $125 below the average for Colorado. Colorado Springs was $18.12 below-average price at $111.88. Denver and Aurora were above the state average at $149.38 and $179.


    9. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Average Price: $271.14

    AURORA $335.71
    DENVER $287.50
    ENGLEWOOD $245.00
    LITTLETON $370.00

    The 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the number nine most scrapped vehicle in Colorado. Most of the problems reported come from the windows and windshield, electrical, interior, and engine problems based on reports and complaints on

    The Colorado average scrap price for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is 1.14, with only two cities falling below-average. Englewood was $26.14 below-average at $245 for scrap. Colorado Springs provides $252.50 scrap value, only falling short of the average by $18.64. Denver offered $16.71 above average at $287.50. Aurora offered owners $335.71, $64.57 more than Colorado's scrap price. Littleton offered the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners 0 for their scrap, close to $100 over average at $98.86.


    10. 2003 Honda Accord

    Average Price: $317.27

    AURORA $330.00
    FORT COLLINS $305.00
    DENVER $373.75
    WESTMINSTER $297.50

    The 2003 Honda Accord falls into the plague status on due to the transmission problems that cost thousands of dollars to fix. There were also interior problems that affected the stereo, but a recall issued help to rectify these problems. However, the transmission problems are what send owners looking to scrap their 2003 Honda Accords and seek out a better make, model, and year.

    The 2003 Honda Accord comes with a very nice scrap price tag, at the highest Colorado scrap price average on the list at $317.27. In a turn of events, Colorado Springs (normally the lower of the scrap prices) reigns over the other cities at $435 for a scrap value - $117.73 more than average. Denver was next with $56.48 more than the Colorado average with a scrap price of $373.75. Aurora finishes out the top three offering $12.37 more with $330 for scrap. Fort Collins ($305) and Westminster ($297.50) provided the least scrap value, $12.27 and $19.77 below average.

    Making Your Junk Car Count

    When you decide to junk your car in Colorado, you will want to make sure you are looking for the top scrap value pricing. We have provided you with some of the values for the top ten scrapped vehicles in Colorado, but it will be up to you to see what the current rates are for scrap metal before turning your car over to a scrap company. We hope that if you currently have one of these ten cars on the list, you will use our information to help you gain the best scrap price amount, allowing you to get a little extra cash for your junk car.

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