Top 10 Junk Cars in Georgia

Top 10 Scrapped Cars in Georgia in 2020

In the state of Georgia, there are many reasons that someone might junk a car. Whether the car is old and not worth fixing, or because you need extra cash, we found the top ten cars junked in the state of Georgia. Some of these vehicles are found on the top ten for every state, meaning that their track record for dependability might be up for debate. To help you figure out where you should scrap your vehicle, we are also providing you with the top cities and their scrap value for each vehicle.

We have looked at the most common car complaints about each of the models and years. Using sites like, we have narrowed down the common problems for each and listed the most common ones.


1. 1999 Honda Accord

Average Price: $146.98

MARIETTA $200.00
ATLANTA $197.00
DECATUR $217.50
MACON $41.67 has classified the 1999 Honda Accord as a car you should avoid like the plague. This car model and year are known for widespread transmission problems and the engine shutting off while driving. Some superficial paint peeling was common among this model year, but the transmission and engine problems take the cake.

The average Georgia pricing for scrapping a 1999 Honda Accord is 6.98. The highest scrap pricing came from Decatur at $217.50, which provides owners with $70.52 above average scrap pricing. Close behind was Jonesboro, who scrapped the 1999 Honda Accord for 3.75, $66.77 above average pricing. Marietta and Atlanta were $200 and $197, respectively, bringing $53.02 and $50.02. The lowest amount offered was out of Macon at $41.67, $105.31 below average scrap pricing.

2. 2005 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $163.59

ATLANTA $218.33
AUSTELL $232.50
SAVANNAH $161.67
LITHONIA $173.33

The 2005 Nissan Altima is a certified clunker based on The common problems associated with the 2005 Altima are the floorboards rusting and the motor mounts breaking. The average mileage for the broken motor mounts is around 75K, and even though they are a cheaper fix, they should not break.

The average Georgia scrap amount for the 2005 Nissan Altima is 3.59. Warner Robins provides the least scrap value at $93.33, $70.26 below average. Savannah gives owners $161.67 for their scrap car, only $1.92 below average. Lithonia offers 3.33 for a 2005 Nissan Altima, which is $9.74 above the state average. If you take your car to Atlanta, it will bring you $218.33 in scrap value, $54.74 above average. The highest scrap price is $232.50 out of Austell, which is $68.91 above average.

3. 2000 Honda Accord

Average Price: $179.67

SAVANNAH $262.50
COLUMBUS $151.67
CONLEY $211.67
ATLANTA $216.67
DECATUR $233.33

The 2000 Honda Accord is known for its widespread transmission problems and subframe rust. warns people to avoid this car like the plague. Most of the early 2000 model Hondas came with transmission problems before they ever reached 100K. The cost of repair could be $2,000 or higher if it required replacement. The A/C drain hose caused subframe rust on the passenger side, which could cause over $2,000 worth of damage.

The average scrap price in Georgia for the 2000 Honda Accord is 9.67. The only city to provide owners with a lesser amount was Columbus at $151.67, $28.00 lower. Conley provided $211.67 for these scrap cars, $32 above average. Atlanta was $37 above average at $216.67. Decatur takes the number two spot at $233.33, which is $53.66 over the average. At number one, Savannah offers $262.50, which is $82.83 above the Georgia state scrapping average for the 2000 Honda Accord.


4. 2006 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $179.19

LITHONIA $242.50
LILBURN $206.25
ATLANTA $206.67
COLUMBUS $117.50

The 2006 Nissan Altima has a history of engine and transmission problems. The oil consumption in this model year is also high. The defect in the CVT transmission has caused the failure and expensive repairs or replacements of the transmission. A recall was issued to help rectify the oil issue due to bad piston rings, but customers said that the recall did not fix the issue.

Georgia offers a state average scrap price for the 2006 Nissan Altima of 9.19. The only city that is below average is Columbus, only offering $117.50. Lilburn ($206.25) and Atlanta ($206.67) were third and fourth places with $27.06 and $27.48 above average. Lithonia brought car owners $242.50 for their 2005 Altima, $63.31 above average. The winner-takes-all for the 2006 Nissan Altima was Lawrenceville at 2.50, profiting owners $103.31 above average pricing.

5. 2002 Honda Accord

Average Price: $179.00

ATLANTA $201.67
DECATUR $197.00
REX $210.00
MARIETTA $262.50
CUMMING $165.00

The 2002 Honda Accord is a part of the notorious early 2000 Honda Accords models that had extensive transmission problems. These problems cost their owners a lot in repairs and replacement. Subframe rust was also a common problem for these model years, creating over $2,000 worth of work needing to be done.

The average scrap value for the 2002 Honda Accord in Georgia is 9. Cumming was last on the list, only offering $165, $14 below the state average. Decatur provided owners with $197 in scrap value, $18 above the average scrap price. Atlanta offered $201.67, being the first to go above the $200 mark for scrap value on the 2002 Honda Accord. Rex offered owners $210, which is $31 above the average. Marietta offered the most for scrapping the Accord at $262.50, providing 2002 Honda Accord owners with an additional .50 above state average scrap price.


6. 2001 Honda Civic

Average Price: $155.59

ATHENS $59.00
ATLANTA $190.00
NEWNAN $177.50
RINGGOLD $260.00
TUCKER $182.50

The 2001 Honda Civic is the fourth most-recalled vehicle in the country, partially due to the airbags that activated for 10 to 12 years with excessive force with metal fragments shooting into the car's occupants when deployed. The car also had extensive problems with the transmission, causing extremely high repair or replacement bills.

The Georgia average scrap price for the 2001 Honda Civic is $155.59. Athens only offers $59.00 for scrap on these vehicles, $96.59 below average. Newnan ($177.50), Tucker ($182.50), and Atlanta ($190) all provided an average of $27.74 over vehicle scrap average in Georgia. The clear winner was Ringgold, paying owners $260 for their junk 2001 Honda Civic, $104.41 above the average price.


7. 2003 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $159.70

ATLANTA $202.86
AUGUSTA $47.50
MARIETTA $192.50
LITHONIA $195.00
FORSYTH $227.50

Early model Nissan Altimas don't have a great reputation when it comes to reliability or durability. The 2003 model is no exception. With the engine burning oil, the catalytic converter going back, the head gaskets blowing, and other problems reported, it's no wonder this car is the seventh on our list of most junked cars in Georgia.

The Georgia state average for the 2003 Nissan Altima for scrap is 9.70. Augusta didn't see fit to give customers the full average amount and only offer $47.50, which is $112.20 below average. Marietta ($192.50) and Lithonia ($195) provide close to the same amount in scrap pricing, offering an average of $34.05 above the scrap average. Atlanta offers $202.86 for a scrapped 2003 Nissan Altima, $43.16 over the average. Forsyth was the clear winner with $227.50, which is $67.80 above the state average scrap price.


8. 2003 Honda Accord

Average Price: $287.27

ATLANTA $383.33
LITHONIA $490.00
COLUMBUS $292.50
SAVANNAH $287.50

The largest problem listed on about the 2003 Honda Accord is the transmission problems. The cost of replacing or repairing the transmission start at close to $2K, and if there is subframe rust to deal with, you could be looking at an additional $2K on top of that. Most of the cars this age are not worth an investment that big to save.

The average pricing for scrapping a 2003 Honda Accord in Georgia is 7.27. Every single one of the cities we looked at was above the average. Savannah offered $287.50 ($.23 above), Stone Mountain offered $290 ($2.73 above), and Columbus was $292.50 ($5.23 above). Atlanta and Lithonia offered the highest scrap prices in Georgia for the 2003 Honda Accord. Atlanta was $96.06 over average at $383.33, and Lithonia was $202.73 above the average at $490.

9. 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Average Price: $141.97

ATLANTA $188.33
LITHONIA $221.67
REYNOLDS $130.00
DECATUR $187.50

The 2004 Chevrolet Impala is a car that lists in the "avoid like the plague" category. Thousands of complaints have been listed about this car, including the speedometer having a mind of its own, the transmission slipping, and hard shifting. Next to the interior accessory problems, it seems that electrical problems were over 400 based on NHTSA complaints.

When scrapping your 2004 Chevrolet Impala in Georgia, you can expect an average of around $141.97, with Reynolds being the lowest at $130, $11.97 below the state's average. Decatur is the next lowest at $45.53 above average at $187.50. Atlanta was next with $188.33, or $46.36 above the average. Douglasville ($220) and Lithonia ($221.67) offered the most with an average of $78.87 above Georgia's average scrap pricing.

10. 2002 Ford Explorer

Average Price: $193.75

MARIETTA $270.00
ATLANTA $272.50
VILLA RICA $325.00

Even though the 2002 Ford Explorer is the only sports utility vehicle to make the Georgia list, it is also considered one of the most problematic vehicles on the top ten list. The most noted problem is the expensive transmission failure that can cost upwards of $3K just for a rebuild. This model year is also notorious for wheel bearing failure.

The average scrapping price in Georgia is $193.75. Kathleen only offers owners $87.50 for this vehicle, $106.25 below the state average. Even worse, LaGrange only gave owners $70 for this vehicle model year, $123.75 below average pricing. The other three cities surprisingly fall on the other end of the pricing spectrum. Marietta gave owners $270 for their 2002 Ford Explorers, $76.25 above the average. Atlanta was close behind with $272.50, and Villa Rica topped the charts with $325, profiting $131.25 for 2002 Ford Explorer owners scrapping their vehicles.

Scrapping in Georgia

If you are looking to scrap your vehicle in Georgia, make sure you are looking around for a good price. We have seen cities like Kathleen and LaGrange only offer a fraction of the cost for some vehicles' scrap value. Other cities may offer you a top-dollar value, which is worth looking into before you settle with one city. We hope that if your vehicle has made this list, you will be able to find the right area for you to take it for the highest scrap value available.

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