Top 10 Junk Cars in Wisconsin

Top 10 Scrapped Cars in Wisconsin in 2020

When you have a car littering your driveway or yard that you want to get rid of, junking it may be the most logical solution. When you send your car for scrap in Wisconsin, you get the benefits of clearing out some junk and grabbing extra cash for your wallet.

When you have an older vehicle that breaks down, you may be wondering if it is worth taking to the garage and paying for repairs. Some cars are vulnerable to mechanical failures, often indicative of the year, make, or model. We have used to look at the different problems that our top ten junked cars might have based on their model year and make. You might be surprised that many of the cars on our top ten lists are the same types. That is because many of these makes and models have the same types of problems through a specific set of model generations.


1. 2003 Jeep Liberty

Average Price: $229.19

BARABOO $175.00

The 2003 Jeep Liberty has seen some problematic circumstances in its history. One that received a lot of complaints was engine failure ($3,500 or more), window regulator failure ($300 to fix), broken power window ($300 for repairs). For the most part, the 2003 Jeep Liberty seems to be a solid vehicle.

The average scrap price in Wisconsin for a 2003 Jeep Liberty is $229.19. The highest scrap pricing came out of Milwaukee at $231, which was only $1.81. Baraboo provided $175 for owners looking for a little extra cash, $54.19 below the Wisconsin state average.

2. 2002 Ford Explorer

Average Price: $190.80

GREEN BAY $193.33
MADISON $236.67
SALEM $175.00

The 2002 Ford Explorer shows up on many lists and is considered to be the plague of used vehicles on The 2002 Ford Explorer is known for its enclosed transmission problems, which ends up breaking down, needing to be rebuilt, which can cost up to $3,000. Another common problem found in these vehicles is failing wheel bearings.

The average Wisconsin scrapping price is $190.80. The most rewarding scrap value comes from Madison for $236.67, $45.87 above the state's average. Milwaukee was next $37.90 above the average, at $228.75. Just above average, at $193.33, Green Bay was $2.53 higher. Salem ($175) and Janesville ($115) were the lowest for scrapping a 2002 Ford Explorer, at $15.80 and $75.80.

3. 2001 Ford Taurus

Average Price: $155.00

MADISON $176.00
SUSSEX $157.50
EAU CLAIRE $125.00
RACINE $252.50

The most common complaints about the 2001 Ford Taurus on was transmission problems and suspension issues. The transmission failure can cost up to $1,800 or more for repair, and rear springs breaking, adding an additional $500 to the repair bill.

Wisconsin's average price for scrap 2001 Ford Taurus junked vehicles is $155. The highest amount for scrap came from Milwaukee at $262, $107 above the state's average scrap price. Racine gave owners $252.50, $97.50 above the average price. Madison ($176) and Sussex ($157.50) were the last two above the state average at $21 and $2.50. Eau Claire gave the lowest scrap value at $125, which was $30 under Wisconsin's average.


4. 2002 Ford Taurus

Average Price: $105.00

GREEN BAY $78.33
MADISON $220.00
HUDSON $185.00

The 2002 Ford Taurus is considered a clunker by The coil springs often break, causing the tires to shred or be punctured. Despite a three-year government investigation, the 2002 Ford Taurus was not recalled because there had not been significant accident or death data.

The average scrap price in Wisconsin for the 2002 Ford Taurus is $105. Madison provided owners with the most with scrap pricing at $220. Hudson came in second with $185, an $80 difference above the state's price. Milwaukee was the last city to offer over state average scrap value at $172.50, $67.50 higher. Green Bay ($78.33) and River Falls ($27.50) offered the lowest amounts for this model year Taurus at $26.67 and $77.50 below average.


5. 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Average Price: $233.81

SULLIVAN $345.00
GREEN BAY $170.00
WAUSAU $180.00

The 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer was victim to a flawed transmission design that cost owners thousands in costly repairs over the years. lists this car as a clunker - something to be aware of. There were also reports of the engine seizing and the headlights not being reliable due to cutting in and out.

Given the heavier curb weight, the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer averages $233.81 scrap value in Wisconsin. Sullivan offered owners the most at $345, $111.19 above the state's scrap average. Milwaukee was the only other city to offer above-average scrap value at $288.57, which is $54.76 above average. At $53.81 below average, Wausau offered owners $180. Green Bay came in ten dollars less than Wausau at $170, $63.81 below average. Ridgeland only offered $17.50 for the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, which is $216.31 below Wisconsin's average.

6. 2002 Honda Accord

Average Price: $208.25

APPLETON $222.50
TOMAH $63.33
SUSSEX $267.50
MADISON $80.00

The 2002 Honda Accord is a car to avoid like the plague, per The early 2000s Honda models had a lot of problems with their transmissions and subframe rust. The AC drain hose design was flawed, making leaks that lead to subframe damage in the future. Both of these problems alone cost owners thousands of dollars.

The average scrap price for the 2002 Honda Accord in Wisconsin is $208.25. Sussex provides the highest amount at $267.50, $59.25 above the state's average. Next was Milwaukee providing owners with $33.89 above average at $242.14. Appleton was the last city to provide an above state average scrap amount at $222.50, $14.25 more than average. Madison offered $80 for a 2002 Honda Accord, $128.25 below the average. Tomah was the city to offer the least at $144.92 below the Wisconsin scrap price.

7. 2005 Ford Escape

Average Price: $297.89

GREEN BAY $377.50
MADISON $293.33
KENOSHA $300.00
FOND DU LAC $170.00

The 2005 Ford Escape is another "plague" vehicle. There are a lot of complaints about the engine just shutting down while being driven. The Power Control Module, also called the PCM, is also good for about 100,000 miles before it fries. The warranty provided by Ford on this ends at 80,000 miles, leaving it 20,000 miles short.

The average price for the scrapped 2005 Ford Escape in Wisconsin is $297.89. Green Bay offers owners the best scrap pricing at $377.50, $79.61 above average. Kenosha also came in at $300, $2.11 above the state average. Milwaukee ($295.83) and Madison ($293.33) fell just short of the state's scrap average at just $2.06 and $4.56 below Wisconsin's average. Fon du Lac came up short for scrap value with a deficit of $127.89, only offering $170.


8. 2004 Ford Taurus

Average Price: $192.94

MADISON $191.25
OAK CREEK $225.00

The 2004 Ford Taurus is classified as a clunker by This model year has a lot of costly transmission problems that cost, on average, $2,100 to fix. The torque converter also tends to fail. The repairs alone are more expensive than the worth of the vehicle itself.

In Wisconsin, the average scrap price for the 2004 Ford Taurus is $192.94. Milwaukee ($230) and Oak Creek ($225) were the only two cities to provide above-average scrap pricing at $37.06 and $32.06 above state pricing. Madison was right on the cusp at $191.25, $1.69 short of the average. Watertown provided Ford Taurus owners $170, $22.94 below average. The least amount offered in Wisconsin comes from Middleton at $140, $52.94 below the average.


9. 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

Average Price: $170.59

MADISON $165.00
CUDAHY $270.00
WAUSAU $175.00

The complaints on equal over 2,000 total for the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. Most of the problems listed are steering problems. There are almost 1,000 complaints made to the NHTSA accounted for on the website. Because of all the problems associated and complaints filed, the 2004 Chevrolet Malibu carries the warning to avoid it like the plague.

The average pricing in Wisconsin for a scrapped 2004 Chevrolet Malibu is $170.59. Cudahy offered top dollar at $270, $99.41 above the state average. Milwaukee came in $56.91 above average at $227.50. Wausau barely made it over average at $175, $4.41 above Wisconsin's scrap average. Madison ($165) and Janesville ($100) were the lowest values available, $5.59 and $70.59 below the scrap average.


10. 2002 Chevrolet Impala

Average Price: $162.35

GREEN BAY $103.33
CUDAHY $200.00
APPLETON $170.00
DELAVAN $180.00

The 2002 Chevrolet Impala ends our list of the top ten junk cars in Wisconsin. This model year is another equivalent to the plague. The most complaints from owners come from widespread electrical problems that the car has-the second most reported are engine problems. Repair costs could be particularly pricey for this car.

The 2002 Chevrolet Impala has an average scrap price of $162.35. Cudahy brought in the highest price for scrap at $200, which is $37.65 above the Wisconsin average scrap price. Next was Milwaukee at $193.57, $31.22 above average. Delavan offers $17.65 above the average, at $180. Appleton offers owners $27.65 above average, at $170 per vehicle. Green Bay came in the lowest on the totem at $103.33, $59.02 below the state's average.

Scrapping Your Car in Wisconsin

When you scrap your car in Wisconsin, you will want to make sure you are getting the highest price for your metal. Most scrap pricing is done through the weight of metal and the current exchange rate. Before bringing your junk vehicle into a scrap yard, call and find out how much you may get for your scrap. You don't want to walk away with $50 when you could have had $200!

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