Who Buys Junk Cars

If it’s your first time looking for who buys junk cars and a cash for cars dealer you may be in for a surprise.

Few businesses are interested in buying cars that are wrecked, totaled or have severe damage.

Therefore, searching for who buys junk cars is not quite as easy as selling a used or newer vehicle in good condition.

If the vehicle is older than 8 years, its relative value has already decreased. Damage to the body, engine, tires, mirrors, and glass can make it cost-prohibitive to repair.

In this article, we look to showcase all your options when it’s time to junk your car. This is a complete list this is updated ongoing.

Who Buys Junk Cars? Complete List of Options in 2020

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    Before we get started you may want to check out this article on how to junk a car that goes over how to properly prepare your junk car for sale.

    Places That Buy Junk Cars For Top Dollar Near Me

    Now that you know the basics of what you need, it’s time to review specific options.

    Finding companies that buy junk cars nearby for top dollar should be easy, so a list is provided in the next section. Although it may be tough to get $500 for your junk car.

    You can do business with either a nationwide or a local company.

    1. Junk Car Medics

    Junk Car Medics stands out in the car removal service industry for it's no hassle process and top dollar payments with it's cash for cars service. The company’s ethical business practices earned the trust of customers who demand to work with only the most reputable auto salvaging company.

    Junk Car Medics is the nation’s premiere cash for junk cars dealer purchasing 1,000’s of junk cars each and every month across the United States and providing free junk car removal.  With a vast network of auto salvage yards, tow trucks, and auto auctions, Junk Car Medics will get you the most money for your car while providing the best service in the industry.  Find out for yourself by getting a quote to junk your car in minutes.

    Notes and How it Works:

    • An instant offer will come back instantly, so you don’t have to wait for an email or a phone call to sell your car, truck, van or SUV.
    • Junk Car Medics follows up with emails after providing an instant quote.
    • Professionalism and courtesy are an integral part the company’s culture.
    • Transactions are often completed within one business day.
    • Free towing nationwide.
    • Buys all makes and models such as Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Dodge, Nissan, and everything else.
    • Also buys damaged cars and clunkers.
    • Give it a try when you choose to sell junk cars and get your instant cash offer.

    2. Local Auto Salvage Yards

    Local salvage yards, junkyards and scrap yards are often willing to buy junk cars because the parts inside can be resold by the business. This makes the junk cars valuable enough to purchase and tow from your property.  They also can crush the cars and sell the scrap metal.

    This can be a great local option to junk your car however if you have a better conditioned vehicle you are not likely to get the best value.

    Get the best deal by contacting every auto salvage yard in your local yellow pages or online, and compare quotes. You might need to take the weather into consideration when dealing with a local yard. Salvage yards are often unwilling to tow vehicles during bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, you must also learn how to avoid getting ripped off by shady businesses.


    • You can always remove valuable parts for reselling before contacting the salvage yard. This works best with easily removed parts like new tires, for example.
    • Local yards present a convenient option because of their proximity to your current location.
    • Salvage yards might buy your junk car even if you don’t have the title. However, yards in some states will require you to clear the title and liens first. Just call the yard, and ask about the policy.
    • Larger cars tend to get the best prices from salvage yards as the price is usually based on the scrap metal market.
    • Some yards will issue demand that you pay for the towing service.
    • When the driver comes to pick up your car, the price might change. Once the driver puts the hook on your car, you can be pressured to accept a lower price.
    • Some salvage yards offer to take care of all the paperwork for you, but this opens you up to liability if they fail to follow through.

    3. Pick and Pull

    Pick and Pull maintains locations nationwide, so this might be a viable option for selling your junk car nearby if the vehicle is in bad condition but still has valuable parts inside.  They will, however, buy any type of car in any condition.


    • Make sure your vehicle is located within a Pick and Pull towing zone.

    4. Cash for Junk Car Services

    Although Junk Car Medics stand far and above any other junk car service out there, there are other cash for junk car services out there.  If you do a Google search you'll probably see some of them.  Buy buyer beware!  This is a copy cat industry and most of these websites are just copying Junk Car Medics.

    5. Sell Your Junk Car Independently

    Depending on your circumstances, you might consider taking a different path for selling it. If you think you get a better price independently, you'll have a few other options such as Craigslist, eBay, and local ads, among others.


    Get a free quote to sell my junk car now!

    Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

    The list above covers your options for who buys junk cars near you.  The only thing that changes based on your location is whether or not Pick and Pull services your area and the auto salvage yards around.  You can find a list of auto salvage yards near you here.

    Who Buys Junk Cars Without a Title?

    This varies by state.  Some salvage yards will buy cars without titles if you can prove that you own the car in certain states.  Some might accept a valid registration as proof of ownership, for example. However, in most states it is not allowed to junk a car without a title and you'll instead need to get a duplicate title for your car.

    Who Buys Junk Cars? We Do! Get Top Dollar Today to Junk Your Car

    By now, you've learned about your 4 options for who buys junk cars. This was all provided by Junk Car Medics because we are confident in our website, our service, our offers, our network of auto salvage yards & auto auctions, and our expertise in the auto recycling industry, that you will ultimately choose us anyways.  We also offer same day pick up usually.

    If you are looking for someone who buys junk cars then you should be presented with all your options.  Even if they aren't the best like Junk Car Medics.