Cash for Cars in Mission Viejo, CA

Junk Car Medics® pays cash for junk cars in Mission Viejo, CA.  If you have a vehicle that you are looking to sell give us a call or get your free online quote in minutes.

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
2008 Toyota Yaris9269105-16-2020$55
2012 Kia Soul9269105-14-2020$930
2003 Toyota Sequoia9269105-13-2020$540
2007 Toyota 4Runner9269204-27-2020$985
2003 Mazda MPV9269102-21-2020$70
1995 Honda Accord9269202-14-2020$70
1999 Toyota Avalon9269102-07-2020$70
1996 Bmw 3289269201-30-2020$70
2006 Ford Focus9269101-27-2020$55
2008 Chrysler 3009269101-21-2020$65
2005 Nissan Sentra9269101-15-2020$55
2006 Pontiac Vibe9269201-15-2020$70
1998 Ford Taurus9269111-29-2019$70
1997 Chevrolet Blazer9269111-14-2019$65
2001 Toyota Sienna9269110-18-2019$85