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General Car Help



Are Car Repairs Tax Deductible?

ARE MY CAR REPAIRS TAX DEDUCTIBLE? Yes, work-related car repairs are tax deductible. Usually, vehicle owners deduct car repairs as part of general transportation expenses, typically assessed through the IRS-determined standard mileage rate of $0.445 cents per mile. When choosing the standard mileage rate method, vehicle owners do not deduct individual expenses, but instead cover …

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How to Get an Auto Loan With Bad Credit

HOW TO GET AN AUTO LOAN WITH BAD CREDIT Looking for a new car is an exciting process, but it isn’t always an easy one. If you don’t have perfect credit, you might find getting your new car purchase financed is much more difficult than it should be. Lenders aren’t nearly as lenient as they …

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DIY Auto Repair Blogs to Follow

12 DIY AUTO REPAIR BLOGS TO BOOKMARK RIGHT NOW Do you enjoy tinkering with your car’s engine? Do you take great pride in the fact that you can change your own oil and automotive fluids? Are you rebuilding an old car or motorcycle to teach a young person important skills – or just for fun? …

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Lien on a Car

WHAT IS A LIEN ON A CAR? HERE’S HOW TO GET IT REMOVED In the course of selling your car, or buying one, you may have to deal with the issue of a lien, before you can either sell or buy it. Once that you understand what car liens are, and how they work, you can deal with …

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Best High Mileage Engine Oil

BEST HIGH MILEAGE OIL FOR CAR ENGINES OVER 100K / 200K WITH RECOMMENDATIONS We all know how much motor oil is important for proper functioning of an internal combustion engine. It lubricates almost every moving part, reduces friction and the wear of the internals of the engine, and helps cool down the whole unit. And …

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How to Pass Smog Check

SMOG CHECK TIME! FOLLOW THESE 4 TIPS TO PASS ON TEST DAY For most people, smog checks are an inevitable part of life – like death and taxes. Sometimes though, the emissions inspections can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know how the process works or whether your car will pass the first time. What’s …

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Cleaning Inside Windshield

HOW TO CLEAN THE INSIDE OF YOUR WINDSHIELD WITH ZERO STREAKS LEFT BEHIND Keeping the outside of our windshield clean is a habit most of us picked up when we learned how to drive. Whether you clean your windshield at home, or when you fill up at a gas station, you understand why good visibility …

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