Major Car Problems

Major Car Problems



28 Expert Car Maintenance Tips

BEST CAR MAINTENANCE TIPS: WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOUR CAR CAN HURT IT AND YOUR POCKET TOO. 28 AUTO EXPERTS / CAR ENTHUSIASTS REVEAL THEIR BEST TIPS Taking care of your car is like feeding a baby. You pay close attention to what she eats and when. Obviously it’s more to it than that. …

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5 Must Read Car Maintenance Books

FIVE MUST READ BOOKS ABOUT CAR MAINTENANCE® will give you a good price for your junker…but we’re not in a hurry! If you’ve got a decent car, by all means, keep it that way. Regular maintenance and repair will help keep your vehicle healthy and on the road, such as these car maintenance tips. …

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Bad Habits That Kill Your Engine

10 BAD HABITS THAT KILL YOUR ENGINE With each model year we are witnessing cars getting more and more reliable and safer. For most new cars on the market it seems like engine troubles are a thing of the past. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the new generation of engines is indestructible …

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Car Maintenance Videos

LEARN DIY REPAIR FROM THESE CAR MAINTENANCE VIDEOS If you own an older car with lot of miles on it, it may be a challenge to keep it roadworthy and fully functional. After years of use, cars do get worn out and reliability becomes an issue. Maintaining an older vehicle could be an expensive and …

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Alternator Repair Cost

ALTERNATOR REPAIR COST: HOW TO FIX A BAD ALTERNATOR One of the most common faults of a car’s electrical system is alternator failure. The alternator is the engine’s component which transforms the engine’s revs into electrical energy and recharges the car battery. Since all cars need electricity for spark plugs, headlights, car management systems and …

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Common Car Problems

31 COMMON CAR PROBLEMS & ISSUES It’s an understatement to say that cars can be a bit of a money pit. Outside of the basics that you need to legally operate a car (like a driver’s license, insurance and registration), there’s also gas and routine maintenance (i.e. oil changes, tire rotations, recommended manufacturer service, etc.). …

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Rear Differential Repair

REAR DIFFERENTIAL REPAIR EXPLAINED: HOW TO PREVENT FAILURE   The differential is a relatively simple mechanical device that most car owners take for granted and in which they don’t invest in proper maintenance and auto care. On this post, we demystify the rear differential and teach you how to spot and troubleshoot differential problems, as well as how to go …

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Car Engine Failure

CAR ENGINE FAILURE: SHOULD YOU REPLACE OR REBUILD THE ENGINE? There are numerous mechanical reasons why a car’s engine can fail, break, or stop working. Ever since the first car hit the streets more than a hundred years ago, metallurgy, technology, and materials have advanced to the point that automobiles can run for hundreds of …

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Put Diesel in Gas Engine

HELP! I PUT DIESEL IN A GAS ENGINE… HOW DOOMED IS MY CAR?! Even though diesel engine technology dates back to the early `20s, most vehicles which used this fuel were heavy machinery, boats, and military vehicles. But with the advancements in turbo technology and engine construction, diesel fuel proved to be suitable for everyday use in passenger cars …

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Bad Catalytic Converter

BAD CATALYTIC CONVERTER: IS IT STILL WORTH FIXING? You may not know what a catalytic converter is, or what it does, but if your catalytic converter goes bad, you will have to deal with it. Your catalytic converter is a key component of your car’s emission control system, and so it must be operational to keep your car running right, and also to …

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