Common Noises and Smells

Common Noises and Smells



Car Smells Like Antifreeze

WHY DOES MY CAR SMELL LIKE ANTIFREEZE If your car smells like antifreeze, it could mean that the vehicle’s heater core is leaking. The heater core is responsible for circulating warm air in the car’s passenger cabin. It works by drawing heat out the antifreeze/water mixture and then siphoning it through the cabin. When the …

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Car Brakes are Squeaking

WHY ARE MY CAR BRAKES SQUEAKING? Brake squeal typically occurs when the brake pads need to be replaced. There is a small metal tab attached to the brake pads that is designed to make noise when the pads are running thin. Brake manufacturers design their products this way to ensure you replace the pads before …

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Car Rattling Noise

CAR RATTLING NOISES BOTHERING YOU? 33 POSSIBLE CAUSES AND HOW TO FIX THEM A car is an extremely complicated machine. It has many different systems that interact with each other. Each of these vehicle systems has its own set of moving parts. These systems are responsible for: Providing power inside your engine Circulating the fluids …

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