Repair and Replacement

Repair and Replacement



Advantages to Using Recycled Car Parts

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF USING RECYCLED PARTS ON YOUR CAR? Most of us are going to be involved in some kind of a fender-bender at some point in our lives. Or sometimes we’ll hang on to a vehicle long enough to wind up needing to replace a mechanical part. When repair shops work on …

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26 Auto Repair Hacks

26 AUTO REPAIR HACKS – A BLUEPRINT FOR SAVINGS In a perfect world, cars would never break down and you wouldn’t need car maintenance. In an almost-perfect world, your car only breaks when you are near a trustworthy garage and have sufficient funds to take care of the problem. But this world isn’t perfect, and …

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Common Auto Repairs

Common Auto Repairs & What To Do About Them [w/ How-To Videos] If you keep up with basic maintenance on your vehicle, you can avoid the most common repair items, or at least delay them.  Here are the 12 most common auto maintenance and repair items. The 12 Most Common Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Items Engine …

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Wheel Bearing Replacement

WHEEL BEARING REPLACEMENT: AVERAGE COSTS, DIAGNOSING PROBLEMS You may have no idea what wheel bearings are, or what they do. But if your wheel bearings go bad, you will certainly have to deal with it. Your wheel bearings are key parts of your car’s drivetrain, and so they must be in good working condition, or your car will be unable to …

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Brake Calipers Replacement

BAD BRAKE CALIPERS: REPLACE THEM WHEN YOU SPOT ANY OF THESE 12 ISSUES Most drivers take their brakes for granted. When you need to stop, you simply push down on the brake pedal and your car comes to a halt. But what happens when your car’s brakes stop working as well as they should? Your brake calipers are a …

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Airbag Replacement

AIRBAG REPLACEMENT 101: WHAT TO EXPECT AND HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? If the car you drive is less than 20 years old, it probably has at least two airbags in it. These complex devices sit there unnoticed, until the right set of circumstances causes them to inflate, cushioning the occupants from an impact that …

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Brakes and Rotor Replacement

BRAKE PAD AND ROTOR REPLACEMENT COST: SHOULD YOU CHANGE THEM AT THE SAME TIME? Your car will be unable to stop unless your brakes are in good working order. Your brakes keep your car under control, whenever you need to slow down for a turn, pull into a parking spot, or come to a quick …

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Head Gasket Repair Cost: Is it Worth the Money?

Head Gasket Repair Cost: Is it Worth the Money to Fix a Blown One or Should You Replace It?   Even though the head gasket is one of the simplest parts of the engine in terms of construction, it is also one of the most crucial components. It is fair to say that the head …

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Strut Replacement

SHOCK AND STRUT REPLACEMENT: HOW TO KNOW WHEN YOU NEED NEW ONES If you own a car, you’ve probably heard of shocks and struts. But like so many other automotive parts, you may not know much about these components. Thankfully, we’ve got the information you need to get up-to-speed. What is a strut or shock …

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Car A/C Not Working

WHY ISN’T MY CAR AIR CONDITIONER BLOWING COLD AIR? There are multiple reasons why your car’s air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air. Check for the following issues: Lack of Refrigerant A/C Compressor Not Engaging Refrigerant Not Circulating Properly Interior Air Blend Door Stuck to HEAT Position How to Troubleshoot a Broken A/C The first thing …

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