Warning Lights

Warning Lights



Bad Throttle Position Sensor

BAD THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR? HERE’S HOW TO SPOT PROBLEMS AND REPAIR THEM There are so many different parts that are found in your car. Most of them work just fine and require no attention from the driver – until they go bad, that is. Your throttle position sensor is one of these little-known but important …

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SRS Light On

WHY IS MY SRS LIGHT / AIRBAG LIGHT ON?: HERE’S WHAT TO DO Say you’re driving down the road when, suddenly, the SRS warning light on your vehicle pops on. Does this spell big trouble? Do you know what you should do? Do you even know what it means?! In this post, we tell you what to do …

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Traction Control Warning Light

TRACTION CONTROL WARNING LIGHT STAYS ON: IS IT WORTH REPAIRING? You may not think much about what a traction control light is, or what it does, but if your traction control light goes on and stays on, you will have a problem to deal with. Your traction control system is a key component of your car’s drive and stability control systems, and it …

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Electronic Throttle Control Light

ELECTRONIC THROTTLE CONTROL LIGHT IS ON! HOW TO FIX OR REPLACE A FAILING ETC SYSTEM Back in the day, thirty-plus years ago, the gas pedal in your car was physically attached to the throttle on your engine. When you pushed down on the pedal, a cable running from the pedal to the engine compartment pulled …

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