Junk Car Value Calculator

How our Calculator to Scrap a Car Works

Below you will find explanations of the different questions asked related to your car when we calculate the price to scrap it.


The VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number.  It's basically like a social security number for a car.  Every car has a unique code.

Oftentimes people are unsure of the Model of their vehicle so we ask for the VIN to make it easier to get accurate vehicle information.

You can find the VIN on your registration sticker or on the inside of your driver's door.

Vehicle Year

This is the Year your vehicle was made.

Vehicle Make

This is the manufacturer that make's your car.

Vehicle Model

This is the car's model.  Most cars have various models of each make.

Where Is The Vehicle Located

We ask this to determine where we'll be picking up your vehicle from. We need to be able to make sure our carrier's can get to it.

What Type of Title

The type of title your vehicle has impacts the price.  If it's a clean title you don't need to worry.  But if it's a salvage title or you lost your title you're likely to have to accept much less.

Does the vehicle have all 4 tires?

This is one of the questions in a series on the status of your vehicle's parts.

Are the tires flat?

If one of your tires is flat or more you can note it on our form.

Are all wheels mounted?

If your vehicle is missing a wheel this is where you can note it.

Does it have keys?

Not only does it have keys, but do you have the vehicle's keys.

Does it drive?

Does the vehicle drive means can you put it into gear and it will drive on it's own power.

Does it start?

If your vehicle doesn't drive we ask whether you are able to start it or not.  Does it start means can you put the key in the engine, turn it over, and put the vehicle in idle position?

Any removed exterior body panels?

If any of the exterior panels such as doors, hood, truck, bumper, etc., are removed you can note them here.

Does It Have Any Body Damage?

If you don't have any missing panels but have body damage to your junk car you can note it here.

Any Flood Or Fire Damage?

Has your vehicle ever flooded or was it involved in a fire? If so it likely now has a salvage title.

Any Damaged Mirrors, Glass, Or Lights?

Are your mirrors, lights, or any glass damaged on the car?  Maybe one of your windows is broke or your missing a tailight.  You can note that here.

What's The Mileage On The Odometer?

How many miles does the car currently have.  It will need to be within 100 of the number when you get an offer.  If you are unable to start the car to see you can note that you are unable to verify the mileage.

Have an image or two of your car? Upload it now

If you are able to take a picture you can upload that so we can file it away and see if we can squeeze a few more dollars out of our junk car buyers.

Name, Email, Zip

We ask for your name, email, and zip code so that we can verify your vehicle's location and so that we can contact you with your offer after you get one.  Don't worry, we won't bug you and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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