Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

If you have a junk car and are looking to sell it for the first time you may be wondering who buys junk cars?

Of course, Junk Car Medics buys junk cars.  But what are your other options?  What other places buy junk cars?  Can you sell your car to a dealership or do you need a junk car buying service like Junk Car Medics?

Your options are limited and the majority of junk car buyers are still living in the 90's in terms of their service.

That's where Junk Car Medics comes in.

We eliminate the hassle of haggling over prices and finding the best junk car buyer near you.  With Junk Car Medics you can simply get the highest offer from the best junk car buyer in your area. No haggling needed.

But you still may want to know what your other options are.  So here they are:

Places That Buy Junk Cars

We'll start with all the people, places, and services that will take your junk car for one reason or another:

1. Junk Car Medics Buys Junk Cars

Of course, I'm going to start this list off with my company, Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars Service.  We make selling a car online quick, easy, and painless, from when you request the quote to when we pick up your car.

Junk Car Medics is a large network of pre-screened auto junkyards, scrap car buyers nearby, and car auctions making it easy to sell your car fast at the best junk car prices.  Don't waste time weeding through your options nearby when we've already done so for you.

Junk Car Medics stands out in the car removal service industry for our no-hassle process and top dollar payments with junk cars program. The company’s ethical business practices earned the trust of customers who demand to work with only the most reputable auto salvage service.

Junk Car Medics is the nation’s #1 place that buys junk cars near you, purchasing 1,000’s each and every month across the United States. With a vast network of auto salvage yards, tow trucks, and auto auctions, Junk Car Medics will get you the most money for your car while providing the best service in the industry.

Notes and How it Works:

  • An instant offer will come back instantly, so you don’t have to wait for an email or a phone call to sell your car, truck, van or SUV.
  • Junk Car Medics follows up with emails after providing an instant quote.
    Professionalism and courtesy are an integral part the company’s culture.
  • Transactions are often completed within one business day.
  • Free towing nationwide.
  • Buys all makes and models such as Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Dodge, Nissan, and everything else.
  • Buys used cars, trucks, minivans, SUV's and crossovers.
  • Also buys damaged cars and clunkers, running or not.
  • Give it a try when you choose to sell junk cars and get your instant offer.
  • Pays top dollar for all vehicles, $500 for junk cars when possible.

More about the Junk Car Medics network

Junk Car Medics is different from other car buyers because we specialze in buying junk cars.  Our goal is to ensure that each client who comes to sell their junk car to us gets top dollar and walks away completely satisfied.

That is why we only work with reputable junk car buyers in our network.

Sure, they are hard to find, but we have the time and resources to identify the most reputable yards, auctions, and buyers across the country.

We take pride in having a rigorous and detailed screening system that only the best auto salvage yards pass. We impose a three-strike policy, whereby if a yard fails to stay up to par with our standards, they are out. This is why you can be confident that when an auto salvage yard buys your junk car for Junk Car Medics, they are the cream of the crop.

Also, thanks to our vast network, we have excellent ties with local and online car auction organizers who often alert us in advance whenever there's an auction, as well as individual junk car buyers who know that we are a good source of junk cars.  Learn more about how we pay the most money for junk cars.

2. Junkyards Nearby

This may be the first option you think of even if you've never been to your local junkyard.

Local junkyards, salvage yards, and scrap yards are often willing to buy junk cars because the parts inside can be resold by the business. This makes the junk cars valuable enough to purchase and tow from your property.  They also can crush the cars and sell the scrap metal.

This can be a great local option to junk your car however if you have a better conditioned vehicle you are not likely to get the best value.

However, please be cautious.

Junkyards don't have the best reputation for treating their customers kindly.  Some can be downright ruthless and haggle with you over and over regarding the price of your junker.  And some will claim on the phone that you can sell your junk car for $500 only to do the bait and switch and hit you with a significantly lower offer in person. They know you're more likely to settle for $150 after all the trouble you went through.

That's why we think we are a better bet than junkyards nearby.

Notes and How it Works:

  • You can always remove valuable parts for reselling before contacting the salvage yard. This works best with easily removed parts like new tires, for example.
  • Local yards present a convenient option because of their proximity to your current location.
  • Salvage yards might buy your junk car even if you don’t have the title. However, yards in some states will require you to clear the title and liens first. Just call the yard, and ask about the policy.
  • Larger cars tend to get the best prices from salvage yards as the price is usually based on the scrap metal market.
  • Some yards will issue demand that you pay for the towing service.
  • When the driver comes to pick up your car, the price might change. Once the driver puts the hook on your car, you can be pressured to accept a lower price.
  • Some salvage yards offer to take care of all the paperwork for you, but this opens you up to liability if they fail to follow through.

3. Online Junk Car Buyers

Both free sites like Craigslist and paid sites abound if you're looking to sell your junk car online. Just keep in mind that the responses on these websites aren't always from serious buyers. In fact, the responses might not even be from people at all.

Services like Junk Car Medics work to get customers top dollar by partnering with reputable professionals and exploiting every possible component of value in your car. These services are there to give you a check, which is why you might hear them referred to as cash-for-car organizations too.

- Junk Car Medics

Junk Car Medics is a junk car buying service that works with various buyers and carriers across the country.

- CarBrain.com, DamagedCars.com, JunkCarMasters

These 3 sites are all the same and getting an offer from any of them will redirect you to CarBrain.

- Peddle

Peddle is one of the larger junk car buyers out there and a lot of other sites refer them traffic and leads.

- CashAutoSalvage.com, TheClunkerJunker.com, CashCarBuyer

Cash Auto Salvage, The Clunker Junker, and CashCarBuyer all refer their traffic to Peddle.

4. Private Junk Car Buyers

You may be able to sell your junk car privately on Craiglist or to a friend or by parking it on your front lawn but the chances are you won't have much luck.  If you go this route watch out for those trying to scam you, especially on Craigslist.

5. Fly By Night Junk Car Buyers

Each year individuals think they have what it takes to get into the vehicle recycling industry and attempt to buy junk cars and tow them to the local scrap metal facility or pull the parts themselves.

These guys are even scarier than our online competitors.

Every spring, right around tax time, a bunch of new car buying businesses sprouts up. The majority being nothing more than a person renting a tow truck to remove your car and sell it to the local junkyard.

But be cautious! These junk car buyers are the worst.  Though they promise a hassle-free experience, their main mission is to take advantage of you, make some quick cash, and maximize their return.  If the thought of paying for towing on top of other hidden fees excites you, go with these guys.

The bottom line is: they're sleazy salesmen. Which, in turn, isn't a good thing for the local junkyards.

They know these sleazeballs will go back and forth over pennies.

6. Word-of-mouth

Hey, if independent movies can catch all the buzz from word of mouth, can't your junk car do it too? Well, not necessarily. You certainly can try to rely on people spreading the word. You can try an infamous game of telephone or put a sign in the window and leave it on your lawn. Just remember your old junker might not generate as much excitement as you think.

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