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Does the thought of junking a car make you uneasy? Do you find the auto junkyard and cash for junk cars industry confusing as a first-timer?

At Junk Car Medics we're big recyclers of old and or damaged cars, aka junk cars, and end-of-life vehicles, and we're also big on helping our customers get the most money when they junk a car.

At Junk Car Medics we're big recyclers of old and/or damaged cars, aka junk cars and end-of-life vehicles.  We're also big on helping make sure YOU get the most money possible when you sell your junk car so we created the below guides to help you. You'll find everything you need to do from keeping your car on the road and maintaining it to selling your junk car for the most cash possible.  

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    Selling your car

    How to Junk a Car
    Get all the answers to the basic questions newbies asking about how to junk a car for cash.

    Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me? Find Out All Your Options Now
    Find all the places that buy junk cars and junk car buyers.

    First Time Selling a Junk Car for Cash? Your Concerns Answered

    Questions to Ask When Selling a Junk Car

    Cash for Junk Car Services: How to Research the Reviews
    The cash for junk car industry has exploded, find out how to read through the noise.

    Who Pays the Most for Junk Cars?
    If you're new to Junk Car Medis you may not yet know the answer to this question.

    How to Sell My Car to a Junkyard Near Me
    You probably have a junkyard nearby, here's how to sell your car to them.

    8 Things to do Before You Junk Your Car for Cash to an Auto Junkyard
    Before you junk your car to a junkyard make sure to check these items off.

    Online Cash for Cars Services: The Pros and Cons
    The good and bad of cash for cars and junk cars services.

    Warning Signs With Private Junk Car Buyers
    Scams galore exist in the private market.  Be careful out there.

    Why to Not Sell a Junk Car on Craigslist
    Did we mention scams exist.  Not to mention the amount of time wasted without finding a junk car buyer.

    How to Sell Your Car on Craigslist: The Ultimate Guide

    Salvage Value of Cars [Calculator]
    Calculate the salvage value of your car; it's worth in metal and recyclables.

    Why You Shouldn’t Sell a Junk Car to a Dealership
    Car dealerships buy used cars not junk cars.

    14 Reasons to Junk a Car -The Complete List
    Here's every reason that exists of why people junk cars.

    Sell My Junk Car For $500
    Everyone asks for $500, here's why now's the time to get it.

    24-Hour Junk Car Buyers
    Should we pickup at 3 am? Nope, because we're a handoff service.

    How to Negotiate The Sale of Your Junk Car
    And why with Junk Car Medics real-time offer technology there is no need or hassles.



    Valuing your car

    Scrap Car Prices in 2021: What’s a Junk Cars Scrap Value?

    Average Junk Car Prices

    30 Cities That Pay The Most Cash for Cars [$$$]

    Top 20 Junk Cars That Sell For The Most Cash

    The Top 10 Scrap Cars of 2020 in Various States

    Should I Junk My Car or Donate It?



    Car Documentation

    How to Tell if a Title is Clean or Salvage

    Everything to Know About Cash for Clunkers

    14 Reasons to Junk a Car -The Complete List

    How to Read VIN

    What To Do With Your Registration When You Junk Your Car

    If Your Junk Car Has an Expired Registration, Act Now

    Junkyards that buy cars without registration

    How to Junk a Car Without a Title

    Junkyards that buy cars without titles

    How Many Tons Does a Car Weigh?



    Owning an Old or Damaged Car

    10 Dangers of Driving Around in a Junk Car

    Should I Junk My Car or Fix It? 14 Things to Consider

    Should You Buy Back Your Totaled Car From Insurance?

    How Much Does Insurance Pay For Totaled Cars?

    What Do Transmission Problems Sound Like?

    Risks of Driving with Bald Tires

    How to Remove a Car Battery to Be Replaced

    What to Do with Old Tires and How to Recycle Them

    Best Transmission Fluid for Older Transmissions

    9 Best Car Accessories for Older Vehicles

    Bad Habits That Kill Your Engine

    How to Pass Smog Check

    Bad Throttle Position Sensor

    SRS Light On

    Traction Control Warning Light

    Electronic Throttle Control Light

    Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Brake Calipers Replacement

    Airbag Replacement

    Brakes and Rotor Replacement

    Head Gasket Repair Cost: Is it Worth the Money?

    Strut Replacement

    Car A/C Not Working

    Alternator Repair Cost

    Rear Differential Repair

    Car Engine Failure

    Bad Catalytic Converter

    Best High Mileage Engine Oil

    Put Diesel in Gas Engine

    Common Car Problems

    How to Convince My Parents to Junk Their Car

    How to Get My Neighbor to Get Rid of Their Junk or Scrap Car




    COVID’s Impact on the Automotive Recycling Industry

    Auto Salvage Yards Nearby – Everything You Need to Know

    Car Recycling: Ultimate Guide to the Automotive Recycling Industry

    Auto Salvage Yards Near Me: 10 Crooked Scams Salvage Yards Pull When Buying Cars

    Junk Car Definition: How Do You Know When It’s Time to Go?


    Recycled Junk Car Auto Parts

    [Ranking] The Most Valuable Scrap Car Parts

    Advantages to Using Recycled Car Parts

    Buying Used Auto Parts From a Junkyard? Here’s How to Check Them First

    Pick and Pull – Learn Everything Before Entering a Pull a Part Junkyard Nearby

    Junkyards near me that sell parts

    Catalytic Converters: What They Do and Why They’re So Darn Appealing to Thieves

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