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Get and Accept an Offer to Junk Your Car

To get the best offer have your VIN handy.

You can get an offer to junk your car with Junk Car Medics by

  1. Calling 1 (855) 437-9728 and answering a handful of questions about your vehicle. 
  2. Using our instant quote form to answer those questions.  

Upon receiving your offer you can accept it immediately if you choose.


After accepting an offer from JunkCarMedics.com for cash for junk cars, a local dispatcher will contact you to schedule a pickup time for your car. JunkCarMedics.com works with local towing providers that will pick up your vehicle.

Does it start means can you physically put a key in the ignition and fully turn it over starting the engine.  This does not mean inserting the key and starting the battery to turn on your lights and dashboard items.

Does it drive means can you insert the key, turn the ignition over, and physically drive the vehicle at the time of when we will pick it up.



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Junk Car Offers

Junk Car Offers

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