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Junk Cars - First Time or Repeat? Here's Everything You Need to Junk Cars for Cash

Realizing you have to junk a car for the first time and unsure where to start?  Maybe you've been down this road before but just want to find the best  junk car service around?

Either way, we get it. Junking a car can be a stressful experience.

The Guide to Junk Cars for Cash has everything you need to sell a junk car for cash whether it's your first time or not.

Learn The Basics

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First time with a junk car? Unsure how the industry works?  Our cash for junk cars learning center is a great place for newbies to learn about the basics such as what is a junk car, how to junk a car, and whether it's time to to junk a car for cash.


Learn all the industry tips to not only get cash for junk cars but to maximize your value and increase the overall experience.  Learn about how to get the most money, what to remove from your car, how to junk a car for cash fast, the junk car removal process and much more.


The #1 question people ask us is "what's my junk car worth?"

In this section, you will learn all about how scrap car prices work, how we determine what your junk car is worth, and how to find out local junk car prices.  A must to make sure you get top dollar.


Check out some scrap car industry news and educate yourself a little bit before it's too late.  Learn all about the car recycling industry and what are the top junk cars.


When it comes to junking a car your options are limited.  There aren't many junk car buyers out there but we'll go over all your options and what to watch out for.  Learn about who buys junk cars and all about local junkyards and auto salvage yards nearby.


Take advantage of Junk Car Medics streamlined process to get an offer to junk your car for cash.  Junk Car Medics is America's #1 cash for junk cars service and here you'll find out why.  Get an online offer in 1-2 minutes and junk your car for cash in 1-2 days.


By now you know what it takes to get cash for junk cars and should have a good idea of what price you can expect.  But Junk Car Medics makes it easy to get an exact offer in 1-2 minutes with no obligations.  Get your instant offer now and you can have your car sold in 1-2 days!