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Wondering how much your junk car is worth? About to go down the path of selling a junk car and want to make sure you get the best price? Browse our articles on junk car prices, how much junk cars are worth and so much more to get an idea.

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The Average Value of a Junk Car in 2023 is currently $442.63

September 2023 shows an average junk car price of $442.63, indicating a significant decrease since August. The overall average price for the year has settled at $519.65. When selling a junk car, you can expect anywhere from $100 to $1,000. Mid-size cars are valued at around $100 - $400, and larger vehicles and trucks from $300 - $1,000.

Recent Junk Car Prices

View recent prices to see what junk cars sell for in the United States. Compare values by month to see the volatility of the junk car price market. Things are cooling off into the winter as expected.

January $495.81
February $548.12
March $593.13
April $570.11
May $521.01
June $528.01
July $494.94
August $473.13
September $442.63

Our data, filtered for vehicle models from 1998-2013, represents 95% of the junk cars we purchase. This selective approach helps us exclude rare vintage cars with expensive parts and newer, damaged vehicles with high-value salvageable components, providing a clear picture of true junk car values.

Graph showing scrap car prices by vehicle year in 2023

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