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Do you have a car that you want to get rid of? Maybe you’ve outgrown the vehicle and bought a new one. Perhaps you were recently involved in an accident and you can’t afford to repair the damage. Or you could just be tired of your car breaking down. Just about everyone reaches this point with their cars after a while. The trouble is, selling a junk car is nowhere near as quick as it is to buy a new car. The process can be time-consuming, and in many instances, doesn’t go in the favor of the car owner.

If you’re looking for a fast solution to get rid of your junk car, Junk Car Medics is a local junk car removal company servicing the greater Philadelphia area, that is willing to make you an offer. We know the burdens of selling a junk car to junkyards, dealerships, and individual buyers. Waiting for long periods of time to receive an offer, scheduling several meetups with no real offers, even getting lowballed. Our junk car buying process is fast and our payouts are some of the highest in the industry.

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Whether you enjoy venturing to Bensalem’s strip malls, shopping centers, fine restaurants, and other entertaining venues or you simply commute 30 minutes on 1-95 S to head to center city for work every day, having a reliable ride to get you to and from is vital. When owning the car starts to become expensive or a burden, it’s probably time to sell your junk car.

We buy junk cars all over Bensalem. We serve neighborhoods including Eddington, Neshaminy Valley, Nottingham, Village Greene, Gravel Pike, Echo Beach, Clusters, Andrea Drive and more. If you’re interested in selling your junk car for cash, let us know your address and we’ll schedule a junk car removal date.

Get a Better Value for Your Junk Car in Bensalem, PA

You might try selling your junk car to an individual buyer, dealership, or junkyard. When you do, you’’ll find that they aren’t willing to offer you a lot of money. That’s because these buyers are interested in purchasing a car that is still useful. They’re interested in its parts, condition, and ability to resell. If your car has a lot of damage or no real working parts, you’re offered nothing but pennies.

JunkCarMedics.com is interested in one thing – metal. The more metal your junk car contains, the more you could essentially get paid for it. Since the weight in metal won’t ever change on your car, neither do our prices. What we quote you over the phone is what we will pay you upon arrival. We’ll provide junk car removal services in Bensalem, while putting cash in your hand.

Common Questions About Junk Car Buyers in Bensalem, PA

1. How can I tell if a junk car buyer near me is legit?

A legitimate junk car removal company will be willing to provide you with proof of license and insurance. They should also have a BBB rating.

2. How long will it take to sell my junk car for cash?

It depends on your schedule and time of the call. The call takes ten minutes. If all goes well, we will schedule a pickup within 24 hours of your call.

3. What do I do with my plates?

Turn them over to your local DMV.

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