Your Choice of Auto Junkyards in Erie, PA

List of Auto Salvage Yards in Erie, Pennsylvania
Auto Salvage Yards in Erie, Pennsylvania

Junkyards in Erie play a pivotal role in the vehicle lifecycle. These establishments are not only crucial for recycling old vehicles but also offer a golden opportunity for car owners to recoup some value. When you have an old or non-functioning car taking up space, junkyards in Erie that buy junk cars are your go-to solution. Residents in this historic Great Lakes city have leveraged the services of these junkyards to ensure eco-friendly disposal of vehicles and to pocket a tidy sum in the process. If you're aiming to get the best deal for your junk car, it's a good idea to know your options.

Let's take a look at a list of the best junkyards in Erie that buy junk cars.

Auto Junkyards in Erie, PA Near You Current Listings

Kendall Auto Parts Inc

1561 E 12th St, Erie, PA 16511

A-1 Automotive Inc

1621 Raspberry St, Erie, PA 16502

Community Auto Recycling

2540 Manchester Rd, Erie, PA 16506

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Liberty Iron & Metal Co. LLC

1515 East Ave, Erie, PA 16503


1631 East Ave, Erie, PA 16503

Mother's Auto Parts

10320 Wattsburg Rd, Erie, PA 16509

Cash For Cars PA

1001 State St, Erie, PA 16501

Lincoln Recycling

1602 Selinger Ave, Erie, PA 16505

American & Foreign Auto

1014 W 19th St, Erie, PA 16502

Atlas Auto Body

342 E 12th St, Erie, PA 16503

Keystone Automotive - Erie

901 W 12th St #206, Erie, PA 16501

Bob's Irresistible Auto Sales

2603 Perry St, Erie, PA 16504

Carl's Auto Parts

5250 Knoyle Rd, Erie, PA 16510

Junkyard Alternative Offers Cash for Junk Cars in Erie

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