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If you’ve been spending countless hours looking for places that buy junk cars in State College, PA, then you’re finally in the right place! The internet can be a big place, too big sometimes. But you’re here now, and you can just let go of all of your worries about your car. It sounds easier said than done, we know, we hear it all the time at our auto salvage yard in State College, PA. But we have you covered.   Don't believe us? Call the other auto salvage yards in the area and you'll be back to the Medics.

At Junk Car Medics® we make the process of selling your clunker easy. Call us and we can talk you though the entire process: 1-855-437-9728.

Did you inherit your car before you went to Penn State? Hopefully it’s given you many good years. But now it’s just sitting there, lifeless. You want to get rid of your car as quickly as possible to make room for something newer and more reliable, but where can you sell your junk car in State College, PA without the hassle of paying for removal? The answer is simple: Junk Car Medics® takes care of everything from removal to giving you cash for your vehicle. If you want to stop searching the internet and get rid of your vehicle fast, then you’ve landed on the right site.

Don’t waste your time at unreliable salvage yards. Let Junk Car Medics® show you how easy selling your junk car is.

The only thing you need to do is get a few easy documents together. You likely already have them:

  • Vehicle Registration: You only need your registration for two reasons: When getting pulled over and when you sell your car. We’ll need to have your valid, current vehicle registration before we give you your cash.
  • Proof of Ownership: Grab your title! Never got your title? Contact the bank that you had your auto loan through. If you lost your title, contact the DMV immediately so that they can walk you through the process of getting a replacement.
  • License Plates: When the sale is done and all of the papers are signed, you must make sure that you return your license plates to the local DMV,

We know the internet search for salvage yards in State College, PA has been complicated. Take a deep breath. It’s over! At Salvage Yard Medics, our goal isn’t to give you more problems and worries. We want to diagnose and remove your problems. We actually like to step it up a notch and buy your problems from you. We give you cash for your junk car and even take care of the fee for removing your car. No towing fee for you. The only money you’ll see is the cash we give you. The worries, the fears the huge repair bills are all gone. Give us a call to get the process started. We can’t wait to get our hands on your vehicle.

Selling a Junk Car in State College? Here are some FAQ’s

Where can I sell my junk cars in State College, PA?

Give Junk Car Medics® a call for whatever your vehicle needs are. We buy junk cars in State College, PA every day. Today could be your day. There are many places that you could sell your car, but we are without a doubt the most dedicated to taking your car and turning it into cash,

Where will I get the most money for my junk car in State College, PA?

We diagnose what ails your car and then pay you cash to take the problem away. We will pay you up to $500 or more for your junk car.

Can I sell my car in State College, PA without my title?

No. You will need your proof of ownership in order to sell your car. If you don’t have a title, you have to get a replacement. Or, you may have another certificate of ownership which may be acceptable. For example, a court order or a proper certificate of salvage are two of the documents that the DMV will accept when turning over your car.

Can I get cash for my junk car in State College, PA?

If there’s one thing that we are good at, it’s giving cash for junk cars. Most people hate seeing money leave their pocket. Surely you’ve hated putting so much money into your car. But we love it. We can’t wait to give you cash for your car. Call Junk Car Medics®....

Call us now: (855) 437-9728.

Rather shop around?

No problem, we've put together a list of all the other auto salvage yards in State College, PA. You can also check out other cash for car buyers in Pennsylvania.

Sell My Junk Car Near Me in State College for $50 - $15,777 Dollars

We buy cars in the following zip codes in State College: 16801, 16803, 16804, 16805.

How Much Are Junk Cars Going For in State College?

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
2009 Hyundai Sonata1680305-15-2020$75
2009 Hyundai Sonata1680302-01-2020$535
2004 Volkswagen Jetta1680101-14-2020$75
2002 Toyota Sienna1680309-25-2019$700
2011 Chevrolet Malibu1680309-22-2019$520
1996 Honda Accord1680308-23-2019$80
2005 Ford Focus1680108-22-2019$55
2003 Chrysler Grand Voyager1680306-14-2019$90
2004 Ford Focus1680105-09-2019$60
2000 Chrysler Town and country1680305-07-2019$55
1999 Mercury Sable1680305-06-2019$60
2005 Honda Civic1680304-26-2019$560
2002 Volkswagen New Beetle1680304-22-2019$60
2005 Honda Civic1680302-04-2019$525
2005 Volkswagen Touareg1680111-08-2018$935
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