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Getting rid of a junk car isn’t as hard as you think it is. In fact, the hardest part is deciding where to spend the money that you get from selling your junk cars in York, PA. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Think of Junk Car Medics as your junk car fairy godparents.

JunkCarMedics.com understand that you just want your problems to go away. Give us a call right now, and we’ll tell you how we work our medic magic. (855) 587-0227.

We’ve seen it all too many times. You buy a car that you love and spend years putting the proper work and maintenance into it. Or, you buy a car that ends up being a complete lemon. You check into your legal options, but they’re exhausted. The repairs for the car are going to cost you more than your salary can support. You feel like all hope is gone. This is where Junk Car Medics and our magical junk car diagnosis comes along. We take your seemingly costly junk car problems and turn them into cash money for you. You don’t pay us, we pay you.  We pay you more then other auto salvage yards in York will too.

This is the only work you’ll have to do when selling junk cars in York, PA

As your self-proclaimed magical Junk Car Medics, we want the process to be asdo easy and problem free as possible. We just need you to gather a few things.

  • Vehicle Registration: You should have this readily accessible and available.
  • Title or Proof of Ownership: It’s a state requirement that you provide proof of ownership. Your title is the go-to solution for this, but sometimes you won’t have it. If that’s the case, you can supply a court order, certificate of salvage, or Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO).
  • License Plates: You must remove and return your plates to the DMV once the sale is complete.
  • Note: If you don’t have your registration or title, you can go to your local DMV and they can help you get replacements where applicable.

JunkCarMedics.com works junk car magic. We take a look at your vehicle’s problems and make a diagnosis. Then, instead of asking you for money to fix the problem, we give you money and take the problems away. Why should you have to put more money into your junk car? We make it easy to get cash for your junk cars in York, PA. We also make it easy to get cash for your junk cars in Harrisburg, PA, too. We take otherwise costly problems and turn them into at least $500 cash for you. We even take care of the cost of removing your junk car for you. We don’t ask you for a dime. We’re not in the business of taking your money. We’re in the business of paying you cash for your junk cars in York, PA.

Who will buy junk cars in York, PA?

JunkCarMedics.com offers our problems to cash service in York, PA and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re in Erie, PA or Lancaster, PA, we want to take your junk car problems and turn them into cash.

Who pays most cash for junk cars in York, PA?

Some companies promise to pay top dollar, but change the story when they see your car. We tell you up front that we will give you at least $500 for your car, and we mean it. You can count on us to keep our word.

Will I need my car title to sell my car in York, PA?

Pennsylvania law states that you need to have a proof of ownership document. This is usually in the form of the car title as it’s the most common. We know there are extenuating circumstances, and you may have another document. If you have a court order, or certificate of salvage, we can still help.

Will I get cash for my junk car in York, PA?

JunkCarMedics.com love problems. It might sound weird, but we do. We love taking other people’s problems away and treating them with cash. We take the costly problems off your hands and cross your palm with the best treatment we know how to give: cash.

There’s only one way to accurately attest to the magic that Junk Car Medics can perform. Experience it for yourself. Give us a call and let us work our problems-to-cash magic on you. (855) 587-0227.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in York, PA

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2003 Ford Expedition 17403 04-01-2023 $600
2002 Ford Taurus 17404 03-17-2023 $600
2006 Nissan Murano 17404 03-16-2023 $610
2011 Chevrolet Cruze 17404 02-28-2023 $660
2008 BMW 5-Series 17403 02-02-2023 $695
2013 Nissan Rogue 17403 11-04-2022 $820
2008 Honda Odyssey 17404 10-04-2022 $535
2010 Honda Civic 17403 08-30-2022 $660
2005 Toyota Camry 17403 06-17-2022 $775
2005 Toyota Camry 17403 06-14-2022 $775
2002 Dodge Neon 17404 05-14-2022 $525
2005 Nissan Murano 17404 05-08-2022 $650
2004 Ford F-150 17403 03-04-2022 $895
2005 Honda Odyssey 17403 01-26-2022 $600
2002 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup 17404 12-14-2021 $605
2007 Hyundai Sonata 17404 09-20-2021 $595
2008 Chevrolet Impala 17404 08-15-2021 $595
2005 Nissan Altima 17404 08-04-2021 $560
2001 Ford Taurus 17404 07-27-2021 $500
2001 Hyundai Accent 17404 06-08-2021 $550
2001 Lexus IS 300 17403 06-05-2021 $590

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