Mercury Grand Marquis Scrap Value by Year, Weight & Junk Prices

By Junk Car Medics. Last Updated: June 8, 2024

A Mercury Grand Marquis has a scrap car value between $272.68 and $446.02 in the US based on the vehicle’s weight and local scrap metal prices.

The Mercury Grand Marquis, produced by Mercury from 1975 to 2011, is a full-size sedan known for its spacious interior and solid construction. Originally a sub-model of the Mercury Marquis, it became a standalone model in 1983. The Grand Marquis shared the rear-wheel drive Panther platform with the Ford LTD Crown Victoria and the Lincoln Town Car, making it a reliable and popular choice for many years.

At Junk Car Medics, the Mercury Grand Marquis ranks as the 72nd most commonly scrapped vehicle. The scrap value of a Mercury Grand Marquis is important when the vehicle has reached the end of its life or is considered a junk car with valuable parts. When scrapped, valuable components are removed, and the metals are recycled. Vehicles manufactured before 2010 typically have low resale value, making them more valuable for their scrap.

How Much is a Mercury Grand Marquis Worth in Scrap in the United States?

A Mercury Grand Marquis’s scrap value in the US lies between $272.68 and $446.02. This is determined by two main factors: the existing scrap metal price for Grand Marquis ($145 to $195 per ton) and their weight (1.88 to 2.29 tons). Grand Marquis with reusable parts will have a value above the scrap price.

How Much Do Mercury Grand Marquis’s Weigh?

The Mercury Grand Marquis weighs between 3,761 to 4,575 pounds (1.88 to 2.29 tons), depending on the year and trim level based on Junk Car Medics data.

What is The Scrap Value of a Mercury Grand Marquis by Year of Manufacture?

Find the Scrap Prices of a Grand Marquis by Year of Manufacture, with Per Ton Prices Ranging from $145 to $195 below.

VehicleWeight (LBS)Weight (TON)Price of $145 per tonPrice of $195 per ton
1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls37611.88$272.68$366.71
1999 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2000 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2001 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2002 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2003 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2004 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2004 Mercury Grand Marquis Gs40392.02$292.82$393.79
2005 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2007 Mercury Grand Marquis40392.02$292.82$393.79
2008 Mercury Grand Marquis Gs40392.02$292.82$393.79
2009 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls40392.02$292.82$393.79
2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Gs Convenience40482.02$293.46$394.65
2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Gs40482.02$293.46$394.65
2008 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls40482.02$293.46$394.65
2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Lse40942.05$296.81$399.16
2005 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls Premium40942.05$296.81$399.16
2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls Ultimate40942.05$296.81$399.16
2010 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls41162.06$298.41$401.31
2011 Mercury Grand Marquis Ls41162.06$298.41$401.31
2006 Mercury Grand Marquis42442.12$307.68$413.78
2009 Mercury Grand Marquis42442.12$307.68$413.78
2006 Mercury Grand Marquis Gs Convenience45752.29$331.66$446.02

How is the Scrap Price of a Mercury Grand Marquis Calculated?

Let’s say the Grand Marquis weighs 4,116 pounds (2.06 tons). Assume the current scrap metal price for cars is $185 per ton.  Scrap Value =(2.06 Tons × $185) +Value of Salvageable Parts. Making the starting point of the scrap Grand Marquis $381.10.

What Are The Values of Mercury Grand Marquis Scrap Car Parts?

The value of scrap car parts from a Mercury Grand Marquis varies widely based on four main factors: the age of the part, condition, usability, and demand. Estimated values for used auto cores from a Grand Marquis are listed below.

  • Used Engine: ($50 – $1,200)
  • Used Transmission:($50 – $1,000)
  • Catalytic Converter: ($50 – $1,000)

What is the Price of a Scrap Catalytic Converter From a Mercury Grand Marquis?

The value of a scrap catalytic converter from a Mercury Grand Marquis can fluctuate widely, based on the quantity of precious metals (platinum, palladium, and rhodium) it holds, the market prices for these metals, and the Grand Marquis’s model year. Prices can range from $50 to $1,000. To get an accurate estimate, contact your local metal recycling facility.

How Do I Get The Best Scrap Value For My Mercury Grand Marquis?

To get the highest scrap value for your Mercury Grand Marquis, consult with several salvage yards and junk car buyers for precise prices in your region. Junk Car Medics ensures the best scrap car value for your Grand Marquis nationwide.

Is The Scrap Value of a Mercury Grand Marquis Less if It Is Damaged?

Damage does not affect the scrap value of a Mercury Grand Marquis if the vehicle remains intact. A damaged Grand Marquis weighs the same as a non-damaged one, ensuring the scrap value stays the same.

Is The Scrap Value of a Mercury Grand Marquis Less if it Is Non-Running?

The scrap value of a Mercury Grand Marquis is consistent, even if the vehicle does not run. As long as the Grand Marquis has all its components, its weight will be the same as a running vehicle, and the scrap value will remain unchanged.

How Much Can I Junk My Mercury Grand Marquis For?

When you junk your Mercury Grand Marquis it will be valued based on its scrap value and any resale value it has. You can sell a junk Grand Marquis for between $100 and $690, on average with Junk Car Medics.

When you sell a Mercury Grand Marquis you often get more than the scrap value. The scrap value is the starting point for how much you can sell a Grand Marquis for. Vehicles manufactured after 2010 are often valued for more than just scrap value.

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