Pontiac Grand Prix Scrap Value by Year, Weight & Junk Prices

By Junk Car Medics. Last Updated: June 6, 2024

A Pontiac Grand Prix has a scrap car value between $215.30 to $362.19 in the US based on the vehicle’s weight and local scrap metal prices.

The Pontiac Grand Prix, produced by General Motors from 1962 to 2008, is a line of automobiles that started as full-size performance coupes and later included four-door sedans. Initially known for its luxury and performance, the Grand Prix evolved over its production years. The Pontiac Grand Prix is the 43rd most commonly scrapped vehicle at Junk Car Medics.

Scrap value for a Pontiac Grand Prix becomes relevant when the car reaches the end of its life or when repairs are not cost-effective. Scrapping involves recovering valuable parts and metals. Key components like the engine, transmission, and catalytic converters can be removed and sold if they are still functional. Additionally, metals such as steel and aluminum are extracted and recycled.

The resale value of Pontiac Grand Prix models manufactured before 2010 tends to be low. These older vehicles are primarily valued for their scrap metal, making them ideal candidates for scrapping. Recycling these cars helps recover essential materials and contributes to environmental sustainability.

How Much is a Pontiac Grand Prix Worth in Scrap in the United States?

In the US, the scrap value of a Pontiac Grand Prix ranges from $215.30 to $362.19. This is primarily influenced by two factors: the current scrap metal price for Grand Prixs ($145 to $195 per ton) and their weight (1.48 to 1.86 tons). Grand Prixs with parts that can be salvaged are worth more than the scrap value alone.

How Much Do Pontiac Grand Prix’s Weigh?

The Pontiac Grand Prix weighs between 2,970 to 3,715 pounds (1.48 to 1.86 tons), depending on the year and trim level based on Junk Car Medics data.

What is The Scrap Value of a Pontiac Grand Prix by Year of Manufacture?

Find the Scrap Prices of a Grand Prix by Year of Manufacture, with Per Ton Prices Ranging from $145 to $195 below.

VehicleWeight (LBS)Weight (TON)Price of $145 per tonPrice of $195 per ton
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix G829701.48$215.30$289.54
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt29701.48$215.30$289.54
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt Sedan29701.48$215.30$289.54
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Gxp Sedan29811.49$216.10$290.61
2008 Pontiac Grand Prix29811.49$216.10$290.61
2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Gxp29811.49$216.10$290.61
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan29891.49$216.74$291.47
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix32541.63$235.92$317.27
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix33691.68$244.23$328.44
2003 Pontiac Grand Prix33841.69$245.35$329.95
2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt33951.70$246.15$331.02
2002 Pontiac Grand Prix34481.72$249.98$336.18
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan34771.74$252.06$338.98
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Gtp Sedan35711.79$258.93$348.22
2006 Pontiac Grand Prix36001.80$261.01$351.01
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix36001.80$261.01$351.01
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Gt Sedan36381.82$263.73$354.67
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Gtp Competition Group36681.83$265.97$357.68
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Gxp37151.86$269.32$362.19

How is the Scrap Price of a Pontiac Grand Prix Calculated?

Let’s say the Grand Prix weighs 2,981 pounds (1.49 tons). Assume the current scrap metal price for cars is $185 per ton.  Scrap Value =(1.49 Tons × $185) +Value of Salvageable Parts. Making the starting point of the scrap Grand Prix $275.65.

What Are The Values of Pontiac Grand Prix Scrap Car Parts?

The value of scrap car parts from a Pontiac Grand Prix varies widely based on four main factors: the age of the part, condition, usability, and demand. Estimated values for used auto cores from a Grand Prix are listed below.

  • Used Engine: ($50 – $1,500)
  • Used Transmission:($50 – $1,000)
  • Catalytic Converter: ($50 – $1,000)

What is the Price of a Scrap Catalytic Converter From a Pontiac Grand Prix?

The price of a scrap catalytic converter from a Pontiac Grand Prix varies, depending on the amount of precious metals (platinum, palladium, and rhodium) it contains, the current market prices of these metals, and the model year of the Grand Prix. Estimates range from $50 to $1,000. For an exact price, contact your local metal recycling facility.

How Do I Get The Best Scrap Value For My Pontiac Grand Prix?

To obtain the best scrap value for your Pontiac Grand Prix, check with various salvage yards and junk car buyers for accurate prices in your area. Junk Car Medics offers the highest scrap car value for your Grand Prix nationwide.

Is The Scrap Value of a Pontiac Grand Prix Less if It Is Damaged?

The scrap value of a Pontiac Grand Prix stays the same if it is damaged, as long as the vehicle is complete. The weight of a damaged Grand Prix is the same as that of a non-damaged one, so the scrap value remains constant.

Is The Scrap Value of a Pontiac Grand Prix Less if it Is Non-Running?

A Pontiac Grand Prix’s scrap value remains unaffected if the vehicle is non-running. As long as all parts are present in the Grand Prix, it will weigh the same as a running one, so the scrap value stays the same.

How Much Can I Junk My Pontiac Grand Prix For?

When you junk your Pontiac Grand Prix, it will be valued based on its scrap value and any resale value. You can sell a junk Grand Prix for between $100 and $1,015, on average, with Junk Car Medics.

When you sell a Pontiac Grand Prix, you often get more than the scrap value. The scrap value is the starting point for how much you can sell a Grand Prix. Vehicles manufactured after 2010 are often valued for more than just scrap value.

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