Sell My Junk Ford Tempo

We Buy Ford Tempo VehiclesYour Old Ford Tempo Can Bring You Cash Today!
You might be wondering what you can do when you are trying to sell your Ford Tempo. Well, we have the answer you have been looking for and it is a simple one! Junk Car Medics is a reliable, reputable business that buys vehicles from the public and pays cash for them. Your Ford Tempo can be worth thousands of dollars no matter how old or broken down it is. Most of the price we offer comes from the weight of the vehicle, and since the curb weight of a Ford Tempo is around 2,723 pounds, you are sure to make a lot of cash from the deal! When you are thinking, "I want to sell my car online for the best price!", we are the company to call.

How Do We Determine What We Pay?

We use a few different factors to determine what we will pay for your Ford Tempo. We may pay up to $10,000 for your vehicle, depending on a few factors. We look at the make and model of the vehicle, how many miles are on it, the condition it is in and what the local scrap metal prices are. From there, we can determine a great price for you. The best part is that we always pay cash! We never try to pass off a check or tell you that we will direct deposit your money into your bank. We know that you want cash for your vehicle as soon as possible, and we are ready to give that to you. And remember, just because the car isn’t in perfect working condition doesn’t mean that you can’t get cash for it. If the vehicle doesn’t run, we will bring out our own tow truck driver to take it away, at no charge to you!

Could I Sell my Own Car?

You may be thinking, why can’t I just sell my Ford Tempo myself? You can, of course. But who really wants all the aggravation that comes with trying to sell a used car online or through the newspaper? There are apps and websites such as Craigslist that you can list your car on. But while most are free, you still may have to pay a small fee to list your car on some websites, and especially if you want to place an ad in your local newspaper. You’ll get people calling and texting you at all hours of the day or night, however. We have heard from many people how they would have to deal with strangers who would offer them practically nothing for their vehicle. Who wants that? We know that you don’t, and that is why we will come to you and buy your car outright. No haggling over price and no funny payment methods. Just cash for your car! What a deal!

Recent Offers Made for Ford Tempo Vehicles:

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1994 Ford Tempo


1993 Ford Tempo


1994 Ford Tempo


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1991 Ford Tempo


1994 Ford Tempo


Ready to Sell Your Car for CASH?

We know that you are anxious to get the cash you need for your vehicle, either because you need to use it as a down payment for another car or you simply need the money. It doesn’t matter! We will come out to you and give you the money you need for your Ford Tempo today. Our employees are honest and reliable and will always give you the best possible price for your vehicle, no matter what condition it happens to be in at the time of sale. Don’t bother dealing with any other company when you can sell your Ford Tempo to Junk Medic Cars for cash on the spot.

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