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We Buy Junk Cars for $1,000 Cash

Get $1,000 cash for junk cars with Junk Car Medics when your junker is heavier vehicle with valuable car parts.


Get the most cash possible for your junk car with Junk Car Medics.


We buy junk cars for $1,000 cash when the vehicles that valuable.


Getting $1,000 or more for junk cars means there is other value in the vehicle.

For years now, the junk car market has been falling. China used to buy our scrap metal by the literal ton, but that demand has been drying up for a while now. Of course, it’s not just China that’s caused shifts here, it’s all kinds of factors that have made it hard to get $1,000 cash for junk cars

However a recent shift caused by the pandemic people have been able to sell junk cars for $500 and even up $1,000 or more!

Finally, though, we’ve got some good news about the cash for junk cars industry and an offer that you should definitely consider if you’re searching for ‘how to sell my car for $1,000 cash’.

Can I Sell My Junk Car for $1,000?

Prices are higher right now because of:

  • High demand in scrap car parts
  • Global chip shortages for new cars
  • Scrap metal prices are high

People are holding onto their cars for more years, making parts more valuable. Scrap metal demand is on the rebound. Junk car owners everywhere are finding a reason to smile. So while $1,000 cash for any car might have been far-fetched just a few months ago, your personal fortunes have changed. If you’ve been holding onto a car that was in its hey-day sometime during the Carter administration, it’s time to make a move.

NOW Is the Time to Take Advantage of Junk Car Prices and Sell Your Junk Car For $1,000 if it's Possible

There’s no telling how the economy will go in the future. For all we know, junk cars will be worth more next month. But as much as we’d like to promise that, we can’t. And for everything we know about the way prices have fluctuated over the years, we don’t recommend waiting.

What we’re seeing now has been the result of an unprecedented global pandemic. It’s disrupted the trends entirely, but there’s also no reason to think that it will be a nonstop upward swing. Chips will start getting rolled out again and more people will trade their cars in. Plus, scrap metal demand is unlikely to hang on like this forever.

"Junk Cars" Recently Sold for $1,000

Want proof that people are paying $1,000 cash for junk cars? Ok, we can do that. Here are a few recent sales numbers that are sure to brighten your day:

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Also, if you’re worried that you’re reading this too late to cash in on these prices, we promise we’ll update our information when the market changes. The car recycling industry is built on the whims of an unpredictable economy. Keeping you in the dark is the last thing we want to do.

Who Can You Turn to Get $1,000 Cash for a Junk Car?

Looking for a $1,000 for your car starts with working with a partner who will be fair to you. Plenty of people we’ve dealt with have been disappointed with just how little their car is worth, but that wasn’t because Junk Car Medics was doing them dirty. After doing their research, prospective customers found that they weren’t making much because we weren’t making much either.

People pick our business because we’re fair, efficient, and customer-service-oriented. Rather than leaving customers to make their own arrangements, we take care of the details. (And let’s face it, those details are often the real reason why people hold onto cars for way longer than they should.) The estimate, the title transfer, the towing, the cash: we need next to nothing from you to make it all happen. You pretty much get to walk away with the money.  We show you everything you need to do before you junk your car.

$1,000 cash for junk cars isn’t likely to go for much longer, so if you’ve been hesitating, it’s almost certainly not going to work out in your favor. No matter what kind of car you have, your estimate is undoubtedly going to be the highest it has been in years. Even if you couldn’t squeeze a spare part from the vehicle even if you wanted to, the scrap metal alone is going to drive the cash higher than you might think.  Just be wary of private junk car buyers.

Still wondering how to sell your car for $1,000 cash? Rather than playing this whole thing like an unwieldy market, we suggest you sell while the numbers are still HOT.

Ready to sell your junk car for $1,000 cash?

It only takes a couple of minutes to get an offer and your car can be removed and you paid on the spot as soon as today!