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A convenient solution for those who need to have their vehicles removed quickly without the hassles of removing it yourself.


When we haul away your vehicle you will be paid the offer amount on the spot. Get cash for your junk car and friendly service while we tow it.

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Free Up Space

Junk cars can take up valuable space on a property or in a garage, which can be reclaimed through removal.

Environmentally Friendly

Junk cars can pose a risk to the environment if they are not disposed of properly, as they can leak fluids and release toxic chemicals.

Ready to get an offer and your junk car removed?

It only takes a couple minutes to get an offer and your car can be removed and you paid on the spot as soon as today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is junk car removal?

Junk car removal is the process of hauling away old unwanted cars for cash.

How does junk car removal work?

Junk car removal works by allowing customers and easy process to sell their junk cars. You get an instant offer online or by phone, accept your offer. Then the junk car removal service comes to you to pay you on the spot and tow away your vehicle.

What documents do I need to provide for junk car removal?

Upon removal you will need to prove ownership of your vehicle. This means showing your license and the vehicle title and bill of sale. If you do not have the vehicle title we may still be able to purchase your car.

How long does the junk car removal process take?

The length of time junk car removal takes depends on your situation and the location of the vehicle. If the vehicle is missing tires and needs a lift it will take longer. The important thing to know if upon removal you do no need to do anything. The junk car removal service will handle it.

Do I need to be present when my junk car is removed?

You do not need to be present with your car upon removal. However, you will need to verify ownership in advance and leave the signed copy of the vehicle title with the car.

What happens to my junk car after it's removed?

Upon removal, your vehicle is taken to a local recycling facility to determine the next steps. If there is still life in your car we may resell it at auction. Otherwise, we will remove the valuable parts and crush the car in an environmentally friendly way.


Is junk car removal free?

Yes, junk car removal is free. Our whole process is free to you.

Can I sell a junk car without a title?

You may be able to sell your junk car without a title in some instances. However, you will get a high offer if you have the vehicle title.

How do I choose a reputable junk car removal company?

To choose a reputable junk car hauling and removal service you need to do 3 things. First, read reviews to make sure the junk car removal company is legit. Next, make sure the company is licensed. Third, get multiple offers to make sure you are getting the right price.

What vehicles qualify for free junk car removal?

All vehicles purchased by Junk Car Medics qualify for free junk car removal. This includes vehicle purchases through our Cash for Cars service that buys better-condition vehicles for money.

Other vehicles that get free towing and pickup include all junkers through our Cash for Junk Cars service.

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