We Buy All Cars - New, Old, Running, Broke

Got a car to sell? Call Junk Car Medics. We’ll trade you cash for your unwanted vehicle.

No matter what kind of car it is, we’ll buy it. No matter how old – or new – it is, we’ll buy it. No matter what condition it’s in, we’ll buy it.

Selling a damaged car? If your car has some bumps, dents, scratches, gouges, or scrapes, you may not want it. But we do. Missing or broken components? Not a problem. We love cars no matter what shape they’re in.

Selling a wrecked car? If you’ve had an accident and your car is in sad shape, don’t worry. We don’t care if the body has serious damage. We don’t even care if the car runs or not. Junk Car Medics will take it.

Selling a totaled car? If there’s no hope left for your car, we’ll give you hope. We pay cash for totaled vehicles. Maybe your car simply isn’t repairable. Or maybe it’s so damaged it’s not worth the money to fix it. In either case, it’s still worth something to us.

Selling a used car

Selling a salvage car? If your car has a salvage title, we don’t care. If it’s time to send the car to the junkyard – again -- we’ll handle it. If you think it’s a total loss now, think again. We pay cash even for salvage cars.

Selling a water-damaged car? Don’t worry if your car has been in a serious flood, hurricane, or another wet disaster. Junk Car Medics isn’t put off by debris in the engine, warped door panels, mud in the trunk, soaked upholstery, or moldy carpets. We’ll still buy your car.

Sell a car with mechanical problems

Sell a car with hail damage

Sell a car with bad transmission

What other kinds of cars do you want to put on the list? Chances are 100 percent that we’ll buy them.

Old or new, running or not, foreign or domestic…they’re all useful cars to Junk Car Medics. And we love them enough to pay cash for junk cars and all cars.

Selling Various Makes / Models of Cars & Trucks Makes a Difference

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