Sell Your Car with Mechanical Problems to Junk Car Medics®

You love your car. You’re also a pretty decent car owner. You’ve kept up with all the scheduled maintenance, car problems, and repairs over the years. Yet the older your car gets, the more mechanical problems you run into, which of course leads to spending more cash.

If you’ve gotten to the point that you’re paying to repair mechanical issues on your car more than you’re driving it, it’s probably time to sell your car with mechanical problems. Soon you’ll be dealing with the expense of paying for repairs to the engine, transmission, and fuel pump – all of which can cost thousands to repair.

We understand that you put a lot of time and money into the car, but waiting until the last minute to part ways with it could end up costing you more than its worth. When faced with costly mechanical problems, selling your car to Junk Car Medics® is the best decision. We are willing to pay you cash for your car with mechanical problems (or any car) and remove the vehicle from your property free of charge.

We Buy Cars with Mechanical Problems

You’re probably wondering, “who in their right mind would want to buy my car with mechanical problems?” Junk Car Medics®, that’s who. We want to offer you a great rate for your car, mechanical problems and all!

We know how much of a hassle it can be to try and sell your car to the highest bidder. Once they hear the list of mechanical issues on the car, the offer price plummets, leaving you with peanuts for something you’ve invested a lot of money into.

Junk Car Medics®, a junk car buyer near you, doesn’t care about the age, make, model, or condition of the vehicle. We’d be interested in doing business with you regardless. In selling us your car with mechanical problems, we at Junk Car Medics® promise the following:

  • To provide the best customer service
  • To offer you the best rate for your car
  • To remove the car from your property within a few days
  • To give you cash in hand the day of removal
  • To use the cleanest and safest methods for recycling your car

There’s no mechanical problem that we haven’t dealt with. Every customer that does business with us walks away pleased at the offer they received for their car with mechanical problems and all.  Interested in seeing what we’ll offer you? Give us a call and sell your car for cash today.

How Do I Get Rid of My Car with Mechanical Problems?

When you sell your car with mechanical issues to Junk Car Medics®, we make the process as quick and efficient as possible. We know you want the car off your property and cash in your hand. The process is simple:

  1. Contact Junk Car Medics® with details about your car (a title and registration help the process run faster).
  2. Receive a quote and schedule an appointment for junk car removal.
  3. Have your car picked up for free and receive cash in your hand the same day.

Sounds simple enough? Then what are you waiting for? Contact Junk Car Medics® today and walk away with cash for your car with mechanical problems in a matter of days.

Stop Paying for Repairs and Give Us a Call

When looking for a junk car buyer near you, there is no better choice than Junk Car Medics®. We are a full-service junk car removal service providing services across the country. When your car is nearing the end of its life, costing you more than its worth, give us a call at (855) 437-9728 and let us pay you for your troubles.

Sell your car safely, while practicing social distancing

COVID-19 Update: Junk Car Medics and our providers are taking all precautions and supporting social distancing efforts. You can sell your car from the comfort of your home.

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