We Buy Wrecked Cars

If you are the owner of a wrecked car, would like to get some cash for it, and have it taken off your hands, Junk Car Medics® can help. Each month, we help many thousands of car owners just like you to deal with a wrecked or damaged car, quickly and easily. Let’s go through some of the most frequently asked questions we get from owners of wrecked cars – we will give you clear, honest answers!

What type of wrecked cars do you buy?

Junk Car Medics® purchases all vehicles in all conditions, running or not, wrecked or damaged, any make or model, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. We do not purchase motorcycles, recreation vehicles or buses.

How does your 3-step process work?

It’s easy to sell your wrecked car to Junk Car Medics®. Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Enter your vehicle details

Select your vehicle’s year, make and model (or search by its VIN), and answer a few questions about your car’s condition and some other details. Provide your contact information, and we will send you a firm cash offer for your car right away.

Step 2. Accept your cash offer

Once that you let Junk Car Medics® know that you accept our offer, we will set up a convenient pickup time with you. 

Step 3. Time to get paid!

The driver who comes for your wrecked car will pay you the offered price, and your car will then be taken away. You just got cash for your damaged car from Junk Car Medics®, and it is no longer your problem!

Here are some recent wrecked cars that we have purchased! 

Take a look at some of the actual damaged or wrecked vehicles, from all across the country, that we have recently paid cash for:

2006 Honda CR-V
Zip: 90744
Offer Price: $555

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Zip: 77040
Offer Price: $680

2010 Hyundai Sonata
Zip: 38135
Offer Price: $510

2000 Plymouth Neon
Zip: 01605
Offer Price: $80

2005 Acura RSX
Zip: 27405
Offer Price: $80

2003 Dodge Durango
Zip: 95842
Offer Price: $90

2007 Toyota Prius
Zip: 30316
Offer Price: $850

1993 Ford 1993 F350 Cab-Chassis 14 Ft Frame
Zip: 23093
Offer Price: $70

1992 Volkswagen Golf
Zip: 88061
Offer Price: $525

2007 Honda Civic
Zip: 90062
Offer Price: $850

1993 Buick Roadmaster
Zip: 63136
Offer Price: $70

2002 Nissan Altima
Zip: 70125
Offer Price: $65

What can you do with a wrecked car?

You have several options when your car gets wrecked or damaged. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Fix your car and put it back on the road

This may be a good option if your car is older, in good shape otherwise, and not too expensive to repair. You can either (1) NOT make an insurance claim, and simply repair the car yourself, with the aid of an affordable body shop (without having to pay the insurance deductible), or (2) make the insurance claim, and the insurance company totals your vehicle. You can then buy back the car from the insurance company, and then use the insurance proceeds toward the repairs. Keep in mind that your car will now have a salvage title, which will negatively affect both its value and your ability to resell it in the future. If you go this route, you should plan to keep the car until it no longer runs.

Trade in your car

Trading your wrecked car to a dealer is an option, whether the damage has been fixed or not, but don’t expect a big payday. If your car is visibly damaged, it will be severely devalued by the dealer, because it will have to be either repaired or sold off as is. If the damage has been repaired, and an insurance claim has been made, the accident will show up on your car’s vehicle history report, causing a significant loss of value. Even if no claim was made, the dealer may still detect where the damage was fixed, and this will also greatly reduce the amount of any offer made. 

Donate your car to a charitable organization

This option won’t put any money directly into your pocket (aside from a tax deduction), but it will make you feel very good inside! Although most people junk their wrecked car for cash, giving it away to a charitable organization of your choice is another useful way to get rid of it. The charity sells your car, and usually adds the proceeds from the sale to its operating budget. 

Sell your wrecked car to Junk Car Medics® for cash today!

If you would like to experience the easiest way to get rid of your wrecked car, we can help! Get an instant quote to sell your damaged car for cash today from Junk Car Medics®, the nation's premiere online car selling service, trusted by thousands each month. 

Why should you sell your wrecked car?

There are numerous benefits to selling your wrecked car, and they go way beyond putting some cash into your pocket! Your damaged car can become part of one of the most efficient recycling operations in the world, one in which your car’s parts and raw materials have a life beyond the one they have already enjoyed on your car.

Automotive recycling is important

The automotive recycling industry performs an essential service. Through its process of dismantling, reusing, and recycling millions of vehicles that no longer function, this industry benefits society as a whole, and the environment in particular, in many different ways, such as these:

  • Recycling reduces the amount of new raw materials required for auto production, lowering energy demand and costs.
  • Recycling car parts into new car parts or into other products 
  • Preventing pollution of our groundwater by reclaiming fluids from junk cars. 
  • Reducing the demand for scarce landfill space.

For more in-depth information on the benefits of auto recycling, read our post here.

What do you need to do before selling your wrecked car?

There are a few details that you will want to take care of, before you sell your wrecked or damaged car:

Get your paperwork (usually just the title) in order

When you are selling a wrecked car, the buyer will need proof that you own the vehicle, and therefore have the right to sell it. Your possession of the title, in your name, is usually sufficient proof that you own the car you are selling. Your registration is often required as well. If there is a lienholder listed on the title, you must pay off the loan balance before you can sell your damaged car.

Remove personal belongings

Clear your car of your all your stuff, before the tow truck arrives to pick it up. Take your time and look everywhere. Be sure to remove and shred personal documents like old registration documents, auto insurance cards, and credit card receipts. In the wrong hands, these can lead to identity theft. 

Have important information about your car handy

When you start shopping for the best price for your damaged car, have all the important information about your car and its condition in front of you. This means, for example, that you should disclose that your engine has blown or the rear end of the body was smashed in, if that’s the case. Why? Because major parts that can’t be resold will affect the price they will give you. If you are selling the car purely for scrap value, this won’t matter as much, but you should still be honest about the true condition of your car.

Be aware of common scams

Brush up on some unethical practices that some wrecked car buyers might try to pull on you.  Stay alert for bait and switch tactics and red flags such as valuing your car at zero and not paying you before they tow your car away. Learn more on what car buying scams to watch out for on this post

Shop around for quotes

Contact as many junkyards and auto recyclers (if appropriate) in your area as possible. Get estimates on the best price each one will give you for the scrap metal value (and resalable parts, if any) in your used vehicle. Email them photos of your vehicle (wash it first), so they can see it and give you an accurate quote. Remember to get a free online quote from Junk Car Medics – we will buy your car, whatever its condition! 

Who buys wrecked cars near me?

You have a choice of sources that will buy your wrecked car. Let’s review the pros and cons of each:

Insurance companies

Pros: If you have full coverage, it’s easy. You give them the OK, they pick up your wrecked car, and they send you a check.

Cons: The insurance company may not give you the best possible value for your wrecked car, since they plan to make a profit on it when they sell it at a salvage auction. You have the right to an independent appraisal (which you must pay for) to support a higher insurance payout. 

Salvage car auctions

Pros: Your wrecked car will be auctioned off to a large audience of buyers who are interested in buying damaged cars. You might collect more for it at an auction than you could from your insurance company.

Cons: You pay for towing your car to the auction, you do all of the paperwork, and there will be auction fees to be paid when your wrecked car is sold.

Pick and pulls 

Pros: These are self-service salvage yards, where your wrecked car will be parked amidst others of its kind, after the hazardous fluids are drained out. Customers use their own tools to remove the parts they need, and then pay when they leave. When there are no more reusable parts left on your car, it will be processed into scrap metal.

Cons: For a pick and pull operation, most of the value of your car is in its scrap metal. So if your car is relatively young, or is a luxury car, you will not get a very good offer. 

Salvage yards

Pros: These operations take the reusable parts of your car seriously. They carefully remove them, clean them up, catalog them, and offer them for sale online to body shops, dealers, repair shops, and individuals nationwide or worldwide, sometimes with a warranty. If your wrecked car has usable and valuable parts that can be resold, you will get a decent price for it. This is a better option for your damaged car if it is a more expensive model, or if it is relatively new.

Cons: You must do your research to be sure that you are dealing with a reputable salvage yard. Be sure to comparison shop among several operations of this type, and get clear information about any additional fees, whether towing is included, etc.

Towing companies

Pros: They have tow trucks, so they can pick up your wrecked car easily and quickly. That’s usually the extent of their direct involvement in dealing with a damaged car.

Cons: A towing company is a middleman, and they will simply haul your wrecked car to a salvage yard for a quick payout. They are likely to lowball you on the offer, assuming that you have not done any research, and that you won’t be able to tell a bad offer from a good one. This is not the way to get top dollar for your wrecked car.

Junk Car Medics®

Pros: We are the best option for disposing of your wrecked car. We have a nationwide network, we give you a great price for your damaged car, we provide excellent service and quick pickup, and we get cash into your hands fast!

Cons: There aren’t any! Get your free online quote or call us at 855-437-9728!

Why should you sell your wrecked car to Junk Car Medics?

Our objective is to provide you safe, fast, and friendly service. We know the headaches that come with owning a wrecked car, and Junk Car Medics® simply wants to make those troubles go away – as quickly as possible.

Why should you sell your damaged car to Junk Car Medics®?” That’s a good question, and we know that there are lots of wrecked car buyers out there. What makes us the right wrecked car buyer for you?

  • We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.
  • We are top rated in the damaged car buying industry.
  • We offer you the highest value for your wrecked car.
  • We have a nationwide network, ready to serve you.
  • We will buy your wrecked car no matter what condition it’s in.
  • We only practice safe and environmentally friendly auto recycling methods.
  • We provide a quote and damaged car removal for free.
  • We give you cash the same day your wrecked car is scheduled for pickup.

What happens to the wrecked cars we buy?

The tens of thousands of wrecked cars that Junk Car Medics® picks up fall into a few basic categories, depending on how badly they are damaged, what their inherent value is, and the cost of repairing them. Here’s how it breaks down:

Some wrecked cars will be repaired and resold

Many wrecked cars are totaled, not because they can’t be rebuilt, but because the cost of doing so on the retail market is excessively high. For those who have access to the wholesale parts market, are willing to use recycled parts where possible, and can keep their labor costs down by doing it themselves or making a deal with other workers, a structurally sound wrecked car can be economically rebuilt. Due to the difficulties of reselling, insuring, and financing damaged cars with salvage titles, most of these rebuilt cars won’t enter the used car market. Many of them will be used by the people who rebuilt them, or by their family members. In some states, these vehicles can earn a “rebuilt” title by passing a safety inspection, but the industry still sees them as lesser vehicles with little value.

Unfortunately, it is still possible to “wash” the titles of salvage cars by registering them in states with lax titling laws. These unscrupulously retitled cars will then receive clean titles, and they may eventually show up on a used car lot near you. Buyer beware!

Some wrecked cars will have their reusable parts removed and resold

Most damaged cars have plenty of components that can be removed and resold by an automotive recycler. If your car was rear-ended, for example, most of the other body panels (hood, front fenders, doors) are probably still in good condition. The same goes for the interior, the glass, the wheels and tires, the electric motors, and most of the mechanical parts. The headlights, the catalytic converters, the alternator, the battery, and many more parts can all be resold.

There is a large market for these used parts that cost much less than new ones. These reusable parts represent a lot more value than the worth of the scrap metal that remains after all of these parts are removed. If your car fits this profile, its value will usually be much higher than a rusty old heap that’s ready for the crusher.

Some wrecked cars will have their unusable metal content sold for scrap and recycled

Every car on the road will eventually reach this point – a wrecked car just gets here faster! Whether it’s a rebuilt wrecked car that won’t run any longer, a damaged vehicle that has had all of its reusable parts taken off, or a decrepit rusted hulk with trees growing through it for 30 years, this is the final destination for all things automotive. 

All of the value remaining in your wrecked car will come from the steel and aluminum in the body structure, chassis, and inoperative mechanical parts. The shell that is left will usually be flattened or crushed. It is then fed into a giant shredding machine, which breaks it down into small chunks of mixed metal. The chunks are then further processed by machines that can separate the ferrous metals (iron and steel) from the non-ferrous metals (aluminum and copper). These metals will be recycled to make new batches of steel, aluminum, and other raw materials, which will be used in the production of parts for new cars, trucks, and other products. Then the whole process starts again!

How much is my wrecked car worth?

This is a question that owners of damaged cars think about, usually as the time to sell it approaches. If you are in possession of a wrecked car that you would like to turn into cash, it becomes the question. The answer to the question of “What is my car worth?” is a complex one that depends on many different factors.

There are so many things that affect what your wrecked car is worth

A large number of different variables are involved in the process of wrecked vehicle appraisals. Some are easy to figure out, but others can be difficult. The major issue is likely to be the extent of the damage to your vehicle, and the costs and effort involved in repairing it. 

After that, many of the traditional valuation parameters will come into play. The steady loss of value through depreciation is a fact of life for most cars. Then you get to the details that relate to your specific wrecked vehicle:

  • Your car’s year, make, model, and trim level
  • Its condition (in both the damaged and undamaged areas)
  • Its mileage
  • Its factory options
  • Its drivetrain
  • What type of title it now has
  • Any aftermarket options and/or modifications
  • How rare it is

Once that you have dealt with all of that, you must then make sense of the many issues present in the marketplace when you are ready to sell your wrecked car, as well as the expectations of the potential buyers of your car:

  • Supply and demand
  • Your method of selling
  • Your location
  • The price of scrap metal
  • What various buyers are looking for

How do I get the most money for my wrecked vehicle?

While we encourage you to shop around, we truly believe that you will get the best overall deal for your wrecked car, plus the highest level of service, from Junk Car Medics®. Simply fill out our quote form with your wrecked car’s information and we’ll get right back to you. 

How can I quickly sell my wrecked car?

The answer, once again, is Junk Car Medics®. We have made selling your damaged car quick and easy. We pride ourselves on our excellent offers, and you receive cash in your hand when we pick up your wrecked car. It couldn’t be easier – send us the details about your wrecked car, and we will handle the rest, in a friendly, professional way. That’s Junk Car Medics®!

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