We Buy End of Life Vehicles

Realizing your vehicle is at the end of its life can be a heartbreaking moment. It can also be a moment of great joy, as long as you are ready to move on to something new and tired of the old, beat-up car. If your car has reached the end of its life, its value has depreciated to a point that it will be hard to sell to a private buyer and get top dollar. Dealerships are reluctant to purchase or spend any money on vehicles that are at the end of their lives.

Junk Car Medics is the best way to sell your car when it reaches this point. We buy end-of-life vehicles and make it easy for you to get a quote and have your car hauled away.

Damaged Vehicles

By the time your car reaches the end of its life, it is bound to have its fair share of damage. Dents, dings, or damage from an accident are common on cars after years of being on the road. However, this damage makes it difficult to sell your car when it is time to get rid of it. It is not unselfish to want the best offer for your car. 

Totaled Vehicles

A totaled vehicle signifies the end of its life. The insurance company will usually take these cars off your hands, but if you are stuck with a car that has been totaled by your insurance, your options with it are limited. Getting a good offer and transporting these cars can be a painstaking task. Use Junk Car Medics for the easiest way to sell your totaled car.  

Salvaged Vehicles

A car gets a salvage title when it takes on damage worth over 60% of its value. While this varies in different states, the salvage title makes it illegal to drive without passing certain inspections. It is possible to sell it or make it drivable, however, most salvage cars are at the end of their life. Getting a quote for yours is easy on our website!

Vehicles with Mechanical Problems

Mechanical problems can happen in a vehicle at any stage of life. You know it is the end of the vehicle’s life when those problems cost more than the value of the car, or you are having a new small issue constantly. If you have a new problem every week and the repairs are bleeding you dry, it may be time to sell it and upgrade. On the other hand, engine or transmission damage can be much too costly to consider fixing on a car at the end of its life. 

Vehicles with High-Mileage

The value of a car decreases as the mileage increases. When a car gets over 200K miles, many dealerships will ship it to auction before even trying to sell it. These cars are considered to be end-of-life vehicles, although the value will fluctuate depending on the condition and manufacturer of the car. Many people only look at mileage when they are considering the value of the car, as it indicates how much longer that car could potentially be on the road. The average miles driven in 5 years is about 60,000, so a car already over 100K might not be on the road much longer. 

Junk Car Medics Makes it Easy

Using Junk Car Medics makes selling your end-of-life vehicle easy. We buy end-of-life vehicles with mechanical problems, high mileage, or even frame damage. You can get a quote online and have it picked up within 1-2 days. Sell your car in a week and move on to a vehicle with a long life ahead.