Sell Your Flood Damaged Car Quick and Easy

Like oil, cars and water simply don’t mix. Too much rain, strong thunderstorms, rising rivers and creeks, hurricanes, and other flooding disasters can cause serious water damage to your car. Even the smallest amount of water getting into the mechanical parts of your vehicle could mean some serious out of pocket expenses to repair.

Logically, you assume that if it’s too much to fix your flood damaged car, you’ll just sell it. The only trouble with that is, your vehicle’s history report now has water damage on it, and selling it will be harder than you’d imagine. Dealerships and individual car buyers know the headaches that can come with a water damaged vehicle – even if it’s been repaired.

So do you just have it towed and eat the loss? No. You contact and receive a free quote on the phone for your water damaged car. We are a full-service junk car removal company near you that will pay you top dollar no matter how much water your car has been exposed to.

Top-Rated Flood Damaged Car Buyers Near You

You ask, where can I find a flood damaged car buyer near me? Look no further than With a network of reliable tow companies and auto salvage yards around the US, we can provide you top-rated services no matter where you’re located.

We get that having a reliable car is a paramount priority. We also know how challenging it can be to sell a car that has been tagged as having water damage. wants to help ease some of the stress by purchasing the car from you – no matter how much water damage there is. With you get:

  • The best customer service
  • Quick removal of your flooded car
  • The best fair rate in the industry for your flooded car
  • Instant payment for your vehicle
  • Honest quotes
  • Peace of mind, knowingthat you’re saving the environment (environmentally friendly auto recycling)

The storm has passed, and we want to help you find the rainbow. Contact to learn more about how to sell your car for cash.

How Do I Sell My Water Damaged Car?

Selling your water damaged car through other avenues is a pain. Most mechanics, dealers, and car buyers aren’t interested in a vehicle with that much damage tied to it. Many of the parts are deemed useless after having contact with water, so selling the parts for cash is also a no go.

If you choose to sell your flooded car to, the process is pretty simple:

  1. Call and have your car title and registration nearby.
  2. Answer a few questions and receive a quote.
  3. Schedule an appointment for pickup.
  4. Receive your cash.

We don’t care about damaged electrical parts, ruined interior, or completely flooded engines. No matter what condition your flooded car is in, all you have to do is call, a junk car buyer near you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re Waiting for Your Call

You’ve been through enough. The stress of dealing with the aftermath of a storm or natural disaster can pile up quickly. Let relieve some of your burden by giving you cash for your water damaged car. Give us a call at (855) 437-9728 - we’re standing by waiting to be of service.