Is It Possible to Sell My Car with Hail Damage?

Don’t you just love Mother Nature? Storms just have a way of hitting hard, and the aftermath can be downright devastating. While you might come out of a rain or snow storm unscathed, when faced with something as severe as hail storms, the damage can really add up. Large balls of ice plummeting down from the sky for hours at a time can wreak havoc on a lot of things – especially your car.

A decent amount of hail could really do a number on your vehicle, leaving you with both physical and mechanical damage to repair. The costs can range in the thousands, and if you're dealing with an older car, in most cases it's simply not worth the investment.

“So what is the best solution? How can I get rid of my car with hail damage?” If repairing the hail damage will cost more than the value of your vehicle, you should sell your car with hail damage. By selling the vehicle, you can use the proceeds to invest in a new one.

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Honest Hail Damaged Car Buyers Near You

We’re not in the business of scamming our customers - we’re in the business of buying junk. We realize that keeping a hail damaged car does you no good, and we want to pay you for your troubles. We know what it’s like to be given an offer that’s too good to be true, only to end up with something less than you imagined later on.

This is why go above and beyond to give you more than you expected. When we make you an offer, this is the amount you receive. We also stand by our word to provide safe and honest services you can depend on. By selling your car with hail damage to, you'll be receiving the following:

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No Damage Is Too Much for Us to Make an Offer

If you were to search other junk car buyers near you, you'd find that many of them determine how much they're going to offer you based on the condition of the vehicle. Older cars in poor condition would then get paid far less than newer cars that just have a few minor repairs., however, puts a great offer on your hail damaged car no matter what.

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