Sell My Junk Hyundai Accent

We Buy Hyundai Accent CarsHow Much Cash Will My Junk Hyundai Accent Get Me?
Did you know that your old or damaged Hyundai Accent could fetch you a tidy sum of money? The Accent is a good car; in fact, it is the longest running family car of its size in North America since 2002. However, when it requires a miracle to get it back on the road or when it is only a heap of rusting metal, it does no good to anybody. Sell your Hyundai Accent to us and create some good out of it.

This car has a curb weight of between 2303lbs to 3439lbs for the manual transmission. The automatic one weighs slightly more. With these weights, you can be rest assured to get a good price on the junk car market. Off course, the price is determined by the quality of the parts amongst other factors

But here’s the deal, it could fetch as much as $4000!

Sounds good, right? That’s because it is. It doesn’t matter the condition of your Hyundai Accent, we’re prepared to pay for it. You should not be bothered by whether it’s running or it has stalled for the last couple of years. That’s not a problem. We know that at least there is something we can salvage when you sell your car for cash, no matter what shape it's in.

Want to know the best part?

You do not have to incur any towing charges. We shall come for your car right in the backyard or wherever else it is stuck. The only thing you can expect is to be paid for it.

Off course, we will pay more if your car is much more valuable than scrap. If it is in a decent condition, we could offer up to 10,000 dollars. That is how serious we are in this business.

You can expect to get more for a heavier vehicle than a lighter one, but it is the working parts that are more valuable. If they are in demand, most likely they can fetch a good price and this will increase the value of your car. You can count on other factors such as mileage and model to affect our prices because they determine how much we can sell it off in the market.

It goes without saying that if the mileage on your car is lesser; it will be worth more than a more used car. The same case goes with age; a more recent model will get you more than much older models.

But the bottom line is that we pay for your vehicle in whatever condition it is.
Is selling to us the only option you got?

Absolutely not! You could go out there and try selling it on your own. You could list it online or put it in paid newspaper ads and wait for a prospective buyer to call. You might even approach car dealers and try trading in. However, the truth will not change; we will offer you the best deal for your Hyundai Accent while saving you a lot of hassle.

Recent Offers Made for Hyundai Accent Cars:

2008 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 90621
Offer Price: $515
Offer Date: 07-24-2021

2008 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 33179
Offer Price: $625
Offer Date: 07-22-2021

2005 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 60475
Offer Price: $555
Offer Date: 07-13-2021

2009 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 33015
Offer Price: $805
Offer Date: 07-01-2021

2009 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 11106
Offer Price: $645
Offer Date: 06-30-2021

2007 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 90041
Offer Price: $760
Offer Date: 06-24-2021

2006 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 44102
Offer Price: $550
Offer Date: 06-24-2021

2006 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 01540
Offer Price: $605
Offer Date: 06-23-2021

2007 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 07104
Offer Price: $695
Offer Date: 06-09-2021

2010 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 33417
Offer Price: $565
Offer Date: 06-09-2021

2001 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 17404
Offer Price: $550
Offer Date: 06-08-2021

2006 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 23464
Offer Price: $535
Offer Date: 06-05-2021

2009 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 73118
Offer Price: $905
Offer Date: 06-04-2021

2010 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 33169
Offer Price: $615
Offer Date: 06-03-2021

2011 Hyundai Accent

Zip: 46256
Offer Price: $865
Offer Date: 05-29-2021

You do not have to think twice if all you want is to sell your Hyundai Accent. We at Junk car medics will offer you the best deal. And that’s not all; you will love our friendliness and our commitment to offering you the best value for your car. Whether you are selling to buy a new car or whatever else you have in mind, we will help you get there.

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