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    How Does Work?

    1. Accurately fill out the form in it’s entirety.
    2. Click the red Submit button once.
    3. Receive the exact price we will pay for your car in an instant.
    4. If the offer is to your liking fill you can complete the process by entering a little more information (VIN, location, color).  If it’s not you don’t need to do anything else.
    5. Once all the information has been submitted our local dispatcher will be in touch to set up pick up of your vehicle.
    6. Our tow truck will arrive and the driver will inspect the vehicle to make sure it matches up with the information you submitted.
    7. Upon completion you will be handed a check right there on the spot and we will then tow away your vehicle.

    So what are you waiting for? Get started by filling out the form.  If you have any questions please contact us here.

    What Cars Do You Buy? purchases all vehicles in all conditions, running or not, any make or model, cars, trucks vans and SUV's.

    We do not purchase motorcycles, recreation vehicles, or buses.

    Do I need any paperwork to sell my junk car?

    Generally, you should have your title. But it is possible to sell your car without a title. You would then need your registration and license. But having all 3 makes the process smooth as butter.

    How do I transfer my car title?

    You need to sign the back of your title.  For specific details for your state learn more about transferring a car title.

    How much does towing cost to remove my junk car?

    Within reason, provides free junk car removal.  If your vehicle is located over 100 miles from one of our pickup yards then we may have to charge you if you still choose to sell your vehicle to us.

    I don’t have the keys, is that ok?

    Normally, yes. Since most junk cars have reached the end of their life and won't be driven again we don't need the keys as long as you have the proper documents to prove ownership of the vehicle. We need to make sure the vehicle you are selling is yours. Not your exs.

    I don’t have my title, is that ok?

    We should be able to buy your car without the title. But you'd have to contact us to make sure. You would then need the registration and your license to prove ownership.

    The title is not in my name, can I still sell this junk car?

    We can not purchase abandoned vehicles or vehicles that are not in your name. If the title was signed over to you you will need to get a clean title stating your name on it.

    I don’t have my registration, can I still junk my car?

    If you have the title for your car we can purchase it. We need to verify ownership of your vehicle.

    My vehicle is abandoned, now what?

    Your best bet is to contact the local authorities.

    Are you in my service area?

    Of course, we are in every area! Our website highlights some of our top locations but we can not feature every area in America although we do cover every area. Simply contact us and we'll make an offer.

    I am looking to buy used auto parts, do you sell them?

    We apologize, but no.

    If I agree to sell my junk car, will you pick it up today?

    If you prefer to have it picked up the same day we will do our best. Either way, we will be up front and honest if we can or not so there are no surprises.

    How will I get paid for my junk car?

    Most of the time we are able to pay you cash for your car when we pick it up. On some occasions and in some locations we are required to pay by check. We will let you know when you call, just ask.

    Do I need to be with the vehicle when you pick it up?

    You do not need to be with your vehicle when we pick it up for removal however if you are unable to be please let us know ahead of time. We will need to make arrangements to acquire the proper documents needed.

    How do you determine the value of my junk car?

    For the most part, if the car is junk we determine it based on the weight. Most "junk cars" have reached the end of their life and will be stripped and then crushed.  It is common to think we are able to pay based on the condition but if no one would buy your car or any of it's parts we are forced to pay on weight, as are our competitors.

    I just bought new tires, does that increase the value of my junk car?

    Unfortunately no. Tires can be a hassle to dispose of so we have the same process whether they are new or old.  In this case we would recommend trying to sell them separately on Craigslist.

    I just had major work done, does that increase the value of my junk car?

    We apologize, but no. Most "junk cars" are old vehicles that are at the end of their life.  Same is the case for other vehicles of the same year make and model across the country which makes it hard to resell any of the parts, so the price is generally determined based on weight.

    I still owe money on my car, is that ok?

    You would have to pay off the balance of your car before we are able to purchase it from you.

    If I sell you my junk car what will you do with it?

    For the most part we will strip it of all it's fluids and hazardous materials and then crush it and take it to a local shredder.

    Is there a fee to get a quote or are they free?

    Quotes are free. So are smiles.

    Is your process secure and trusted?

    We only work with reputable auto salvage yards that are certified and properly licensed, so yes it is.  If for whatever reason you have a problem you can call our private bat line at (855) 437-9728.

    Do you buy damaged cars?

    Yes, we buy damaged cars. Usually for cash.

    How much are junk cars worth?

    The price of your junk car depends on a few things, but mainly the weight.

    Still Have Questions?

    If you still have questions please contact us via our contact form, accessible by the button below.   We'll then update this page to help others in the future!