End Life of a Vehicle – The Automobile Recycling Process

Nicole Wakelin Recycling

We all love our cars when they’re shiny and new, but eventually that shine wears off until one day your car is done. When your car isn’t safe to drive and no amount of repair work will get that old car back on the road, it has reached its end life. Now it starts down a new path that that …

Tires: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Todd Tires

Most people take tires for granted and don’t pay much attention to specifications, tread pattern or wear. This is a huge mistake.  Here’s why… Tires are the only car parts that make constant contact with the road and they do everything from braking and accelerating to steering and road holding. In fact, you could think of tires as one of …

How To Sell My Car With Negative Equity

Todd How To's & Tips

Are you looking to sell your car with an outstanding loan? This might sound tricky, but it can be done. Outstanding loans that result in negative equity can prevent the possibility of trading in your car for a new one at the dealership. However, there are still options: You can sell the car to a private party for the balance …