What is a Junk Car?

A junk car, also termed a scrap car, is a vehicle that may still run but is unsafe due to significant damage or mechanical failure. These cars are not worth repairing and are typically unsuitable for use on public roads. Its remaining value lies in the parts that can be salvaged and the scrap metal […]

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Total Loss Troubles? Your Essential Guide to a Totaled Car: Everything to Know

Facing the aftermath of a totaled car leaves many drivers unsure about what comes next. This guide demystifies the jargon, offering you “totaled car everything to know” about dealing with a totaled car. We’ll walk you through the insurance appraisal, the financial aspects, and the range of choices available, ensuring you’re equipped to make the

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Donate a Car to Charity – A Guide to Maximize Your Contribution

Maximize Your Impact: A Guide to Donate Car to Charity Effectively Considering donating your car to charity? Navigate the process with our concise guide that outlines the essentials of how to donate car to charity. Benefit from tax deductions, support worthy causes, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Start your impactful journey with ease and confidence.

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How Much Is My Junk Car Worth?

If you’re wondering, “How much is my junk car worth?” you’re not alone. Many car owners seek to understand the value of their junk cars to ensure they get a fair deal when selling. Junk car prices vary based on factors like vehicle condition, make, model, and market demand for scrap metal. This guide will

Junk Your Car for $500 Without The Vehicle Title

Can I junk my car without a title for $500 cash? Yes, it is possible. However your best route is to replace the vehicle title then junk your car. Let’s dive in. Most junk car dealers buy vehicles without a title. However, the seller must prove ownership by fulfilling two main requirements. The first requirement

5 Things to Do Before You Junk Your Car

Here’s the deal: It can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing process to get the best scrap car price for your car. BUT it doesn’t have to be! If you are like me the first time I sold a junk car, you may not be looking forward to the process. But if you handle

How to Check Scrap Metal Prices in Las Vegas, NV

How many times have you sold something and then found out it was worth way more than what you sold it for? There are plenty of people out there ready to make bank on your ignorance, especially in the Las Vegas area. Don’t let them get away with it. When it comes to selling anything

How to Check Scrap Metal Prices in Milwaukee, WI

Are you looking to sell an old car or other scrap metal? It can be a little overwhelming to think about the search for prices of various kinds of metals around Milwaukee. How do you know you’re getting a fair price? Is a local scrap yard the best option? How to Find Scrap Metal Prices

How to Check Scrap Metal Prices in Columbus, OH

Got pieces of an old car or an electronic item that you need to dispose of? Many recycling centers in Columbus, Ohio will not only take these things off your hands but will also pay you for them. Before you rush down to the nearest available center in Franklin County, you’ll want to see which

How To Check Scrap Metal Prices In Houston, TX

Your car finally kicked the bucket, and you’ve decided to move on to a better vehicle. That leaves you with what to do with your old car. Among other options, scrapping the car for its parts and metal is a viable way to recycle your vehicle and get paid for it. Here are the steps

How to Check Scrap Metal Prices in Minneapolis, MN

Scrap metal is a relatively unknown way to make money. If you have metal lying around or an old car ready for the junkyard, you can sell it for some easy money. It might seem overwhelming, but there are some easy steps to take to find out how much money you’d make off of your

The Ultimate Junk Car Calculator for 2024

Wondering what your junk car is worth right now? A junk car calculator is the answer, providing a quick and reliable estimation of your car’s junk value. Simply input details like your car’s make, model, and condition, and get a valuation fast—often in under two minutes. Our comprehensive guide explains how these calculators work and

How Junk Car Values Are Impacted by Depreciation

A car’s journey from a shiny new model to a scrap vehicle is marked by depreciation, a critical factor in determining its worth at the end of its life. Our detailed table showcases the average scrap prices based on the vehicle year, highlighting a key trend: their value tends to diminish as cars age. Why

CarBrain Alternative (Also DamagedCars.com)

You will always get the best deal possible for your unwanted vehicle when selling through Junk Car Medics, even with the handful of alternative junk car selling websites that claim to do the same. Many popular websites that buy junk cars do not offer the ease and simplicity Junk Car Medics provides. Carbrain and DamagedCars.com

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