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Average Junk Car Prices

The biggest question we get asked Junk Car Medics is how much junk cars are worth. This is also the biggest misconception for newcomers to our industry. Everyone thinks they can junk a car for $500. The fact is, while that may be possible for some cars, that generally isn’t the case. So we decided …

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COVID’s Impact on the Automotive Recycling Industry

The automotive industry can expect more positive changes as more people leave their homes and drive their cars again.

The topic of COVID-19’s effect on industries across the spectrum has been bandied about for months and the automotive recycling industry is no exception.  As Sandy Blalock, executive director at the Automotive Recyclers Association explains, the automotive recycling industry was in relatively good shape prior to the pandemic and because the industry was considered essential, …

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Where Does Your Junk Go

So you’ve junked your old car, and you’re glad. Good riddance to the thing. But aren’t you the least bit curious about what happens to your junker after it’s towed away. (Not a little bit? Really?) If you can even a smidge, you’ll be glad to know that it won’t sit, rusting slowly in a junkyard. About 86 …

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