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Nationwide and Nearby Scrap Car Prices in 2023

Scrap car prices are often misunderstood. Scrap car prices fluctuate with an unpredictable market and are determined by a multitude of factors. One of those factors is the area you are located.

First-timers usually overvalue their junk cars and what they are worth. At Junk Car Medics we have years of experience and expertise in accurately determining scrap car prices and the value of junk cars.

In this post, we'll provide an in-depth look at the current start of the scrap car pricing market and how much junk cars are worth. You'll learn the 7 factors that determine a junk car's value. And you will learn how the value of a junk car is calculated. This will allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to selling your junk car and determining how much it is worth.

See what your car is worth now.

Current Scrap Car Price

The nationwide average for scrap car prices in the USA is $646, according to Junk Car Medics. The scrap value of a car can vary greatly depending on its condition, location, and current scrap metal prices. The average scrap value for old, unwanted, junk cars ranges from $200-$950. Scrap car prices are heavily influenced by the weight of the vehicle and its condition.

Prices are for reference and informational purposes and are based on averages. Junk car buyers are not held to these averages.

Current Scrap Car Price (Average):

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    Prices Are Currently High, Now is a Great Time to Junk Your Car

    We analyzed prices across all the years, makes, and models of all of the vehicles that came through and the numbers are staggering!  Junk car prices continue to soar into 2023 with no end in sight!

    Currently prices for junk cars were the highest in New Jersey at $809 on average, New York at $762, Florida at $723, and Massachusetts at $712.  No other state posted an average above $700.

    Coming in with the lowest prices for junk cars were Wyoming at $117, Montana at $286, West Virginia at $332, North Dakota at $333, South Dakota at $367, and Kansas at $389.

    Scrap Car Prices Near Me

    Of the top 100 cities across the United States, the 10 cities with the highest scrap car prices as of March 2023 are listed below.

    Orlando, FL $872.63
    San Jose, CA $844.52
    Los Angeles, CA $811.47
    Brooklyn, NY $785.21
    Riverside, CA $767.05
    Dallas, TX $745.67
    Philadelphia, PA $744.49
    Houston, TX $730.75
    Tampa, FL $711.35
    Baltimore, MD $642.05

    10 Vehicles With The Highest Scrap Values

    Of the top 50 vehicle models junked, the 10 vehicles with the highest scrap values are listed below.

    Chevrolet Silverado 1500 $1,401.25
    Toyota Prius $1,154.26
    kia Sorento $926.74
    Honda CR-V $885.60
    Hyundai Elantra $857.87
    Toyota Corolla $775.27
    Chevrolet Cruze $747.00
    Hyundai Santa Fe $733.85
    Hyundai Sonata $713.18
    Subaru Outback $698.00

    Additional Scrap Car Prices and Values

    Below, please find scrap car prices sorted by the highest and lowest prices by model, and prices by makes and years.

    Maryland has the highest average scrap car prices at $844.04. The second State with highest, average car price in New Jersey is $708.90. The State with the lowest average scrap car price is West Virginia at $105.00, followed by Idaho at $191.25.

    There are three main reasons why national scrap metal prices differ. The first reason is location. States near large cities, ports, and transport hubs have low business costs. Most of the scrap metal bought is sold to larger scrap yards in different parts of the country. These scrap yards then sell the metal to recycling facilities.

    States with low business costs have higher scrap vehicle prices. Second, states with large steel mills will attract higher scrap car prices. Large steel mills create artificial shortages for scrap, and this increases costs.

    Lastly, scrap quality affects the price of scrap metal prices. Scrap cars covered in corrosion will attract lower prices compared to clean vehicles.

    Below is a table for scrap prices from other states in the USA.

    State Average Scrap Car Price Compared to National Price
    Maryland $844.04 $281.04
    New Jersey $708.90 $145.90
    Arkansas $707.00 $144.00
    Arizona $671.52 $108.52
    Pennsylvania $671.13 $108.13
    California $669.80 $106.80
    New York $661.47 $98.47
    Delaware $640.42 $77.42
    Colorado $624.84 $61.84
    Texas $618.91 $55.91
    District of Columbia $615.00 $52.00
    Florida $610.56 $47.56
    Nebraska $605.23 $42.23
    Indiana $588.68 $25.68
    #N/A $582.00 $19.00
    Rhode Island $577.22 $14.22
    Georgia $567.18 $4.18
    Illinois $544.68 -$18.32
    Utah $541.39 -$21.61
    Michigan $538.08 -$24.92
    Alabama $537.39 -$25.61
    Massachusetts $527.69 -$35.31
    Louisiana $517.63 -$45.37
    Ohio $508.98 -$54.02
    Iowa $508.33 -$54.67
    Tennessee $502.93 -$60.07
    North Dakota $502.50 -$60.50
    Oregon $502.00 -$61.00
    Connecticut $480.74 -$82.26
    New Hampshire $478.67 -$84.33
    North Carolina $445.16 -$117.84
    South Carolina $442.14 -$120.86
    Virginia $438.90 -$124.10
    Minnesota $430.42 -$132.58
    Nevada $419.22 -$143.78
    Oklahoma $418.66 -$144.34
    Mississippi $417.50 -$145.50
    Kansas $410.15 -$152.85
    Washington $409.17 -$153.83
    Missouri $403.15 -$159.85
    Wisconsin $394.67 -$168.33
    Kentucky $394.64 -$168.36
    New Mexico $386.48 -$176.52
    Maine $381.67 -$181.33
    Hawaii $380.00 -$183.00
    South Dakota $206.67 -$356.33
    Idaho $191.25 -$371.75
    West Virginia $105.00 -$458.00

    As of October 2022, BMW had the best scrap car prices at $819.27. Hyundai was the second most expensive decrepit car at $750.37.

    Below is a list of the average vehicle make prices in the country.

    Vehicle Make Average Scrap Car Price Compared to National Price
    Chevrolet $497.11 -$65.89
    Ford $543.45 -$19.55
    Nissan $525.11 -$37.89
    Honda $500.42 -$62.58
    Toyota $745.28 $182.28
    Dodge $531.83 -$31.17
    Chrysler $426.58 -$136.42
    Hyundai $750.37 $187.37
    jeep $522.80 -$40.20
    Buick $377.72 -$185.28
    BMW $819.27 $256.27
    KIA $727.50 $164.50
    Mazda $496.13 -$66.88
    Pontiac $332.69 -$230.31
    Gmc $589.15 $26.15
    Volkswagen $574.60 $11.60
    Cadillac $432.54 -$130.46
    Mercedes-Benz $699.21 $136.21
    Acura $523.98 -$39.02
    Infiniti $668.60 $105.60

    Vehicles manufactured between 2013 -2015 had the highest scrap vehicle prices in the country. Cars manufactured in 2014 retailed at $1,284.56, followed by vehicles manufactured in 2015 that retailed at $1,281.71.

    Automobiles manufactured in the year 1994 had the lowest average scrap vehicle price of $317.50. This was followed by vehicles manufactured in 1999 with a selling price of $361.49.

    Below is a list of average vehicle prices based on the year of manufacturer.

    Vehicle Year

    Average Scrap Car Price

    Compared to National Price





























































    How is the price of scrap cars determined?

    Scrap car prices are affected by seven main factors. The seven factors that determine scrap car prices are listed below.

    1. Vehicle year, make, and model
    2. Vehicle condition and drivability
    3. Value of the car's parts
    4. Vehicle weight in scrap metal
    5. Local scrap prices
    6. Vehicle title
    7. Vehicle location

    Knowing these factors is vital because you can estimate how much a scrap yard should pay for your decrepit car. To come up with an accurate estimate, consider the average price of a similar scrap vehicle in your local area.

    Read more about the factors that determine how much a junk car is worth.

    How much can I expect to get for my scrap car when selling?

    How much you can get for your scrap car depends on the 7 factors that determine it's worth.  However, if your car is junk you can expect to receive between $200 - $2,000. The process of selling junk car is fast, easy, and simple.

    How do I know if a scrap yard is offering a fair price for my car?

    To make sure you are receiving a fair price for your junk car receive offers from multiple buyers. If you get an offer from a reputable service you are most likely receiving a fair price. However, it doesn't hurt to shop around for the best price or your scrap car.

    Are the car scrap prices high in USA?

    Yes, car scrap prices in America are currently high. Two factors are causing the high prices. The first is the increased demand for used car parts. Decrepit cars have valuable components such as Gps systems, catalytic converters, airbags, wheels and tires, bumpers, and fenders.

    An increase in used car prices has made it difficult for people to buy used vehicles. Demand for used vehicle parts has created artificial shortages, which have resulted in increased costs.

    Over the last few months, prices of used vehicles have been falling. After some time, demand for used car parts will fall because drivers will afford to buy used cars. A fall in demand for used spare parts will result in the cost of scrap metal falling.

    The second factor is the demand for scrap metal. An increase in demand for scrap metal will cause the prices to increase. Demand for scrap metal can be caused by large steel plants or price increases in the international market.

    When are scrap car prices the highest?

    Scrap car prices are currently very high. However, it is impossible to predict what prices will do in the future as the scrap market is as volatile as the stock market. Values are high now because of the automotive chip shortest and people holding onto their cars longer but we do not know what will happen in the future.

    What is the scrap value of a car's body?

    A car body is currently valued at $290 on average. The national average for steel right now is $145 per ton and the average weight of a car is right around 2 tons.

    A car body is the supporting structure of a vehicle mounted on the chassis or frame of a vehicle. Metals such as steel are used to construct the body of the car. Steel is used to manufacture the brakes, roof, and engine. Aluminum is used to manufacture bonnets and crossbeams.

    What Is The Scrap Car Value Per Ton?

    The scrap car value per ton is around $300. The price has been increasing due to external factors such as a shortage of scrap metal. Scrap cars that weigh two tonnes have a value of around $600.

    Are Prices Lower With No Title For The Junk Car?

    Yes, scrap vehicle prices are lower without a title. Junk sellers with a clean title will make an average of $614.11 per vehicle. Junk car owners without a title will get $237.64. Scrap car sellers with a rebuilt title will earn $726.79.

    Below is a list of average prices offered to junk car sellers with different types of titles.

    Type of Title Average Price Percentage
    Clean Title $614.11 77.73%
    No Title $237.64 15.53%
    Rebuilt Title $726.79 6.73%

    It is possible to junk cars with no title but you are likely to receive less money.

    What are Scrap Cars and Junk Cars and Why Are They Valuable?

    Scrap cars and junk cars are the same thing.  Scrap and junk cars are vehicles that are sold to scrap yards for their metal. The heavier a scrap car, the more money it fetches. Scrapyards buy these cars for valuable metals such as aluminum, brass, lead, copper, and silver.

    Scrapping a junk car and junking a junk car however are different. The process of scrapping a junk car involves parting the vehicle out and selling the parts individually. The process of junking a car or selling a junk car involves selling the junk car whole to a junk car buyer.

    The most common cars sold for metal are models manufactured between 2001 - 2006.

    Who gives the best price for scrap cars?

    Junk Car Medics gives the best price for scrap cars because we get junk cars in front of a network of buyers and get buyers to offer their best price for the car. The highest bidder is the winner so they know they must make a competitive offer. Our online calculator has a state-of-the-art algorithm that determines who will pay the most for a car and instantly present an offer.

    Calling a local junkyard, salvage yard, or scrap yard, they will likely try to low-ball with their offer in hopes of being the only option. With Junk Car Medics, a car gets in front of the best options in any area and gets the best price

    Do scrap car prices frequently change?

    They do and in either direction.

    Until recently, there had been an overall downturn to the market, largely because other countries have started producing their steel and have stopped leaning so much on America for it. As the demand for steel (aluminum, copper, etc.) falls, so too will scrap car prices. However, this changed since the pandemic has rocked the globe.

    Mainly, it's been good for junk car sellers as prices have swung back in their favor, but the volatility has made it difficult for anyone to predict what's going to happen. For instance, at the very beginning of the virus, prices tanked before starting to recover.

    Scrap metal prices can be unpredictable, but not wildly so. Day to day may only see the prices change by a cent or two. Considering there are thousands of pounds worth of metal in cars though, it does make a difference.

    At Junk Car Medics, we usually advise not to wait to sell because there's really no such thing as timing the market.

    Are there any benefits of selling a junk car that affects prices?

    The one benefit of selling a junk car that affects the price of the junk car is free junk car removal. The pickup and removal of a junk car is already added into the price of your junk car. Therefore they should be no added fees when selling a junk car. Stay away from junkyards and dealers that charge a fee to pickup and remove your junk car.

    Learn more about the benefits of selling a junk car.

    How to get the best price when preparing to sell a junk car?

    If you're looking to sell a junk car there are a few steps you can take to prepare yourself to get the best price possible. To prepare to sell a junk car first, do some research on the value of your junk car taking into account factors like year, make, model, condition, and age.

    Next, find reputable junk car buyers in your area. Find one that buys junk cars and has good reviews so you can verify that they are a reputable buyer. Finally, make sure you have all the proper documents in before you sell your car. This way there will be no problems or delays in the selling process.

    How much are scrap car parts currently worth?

    There are four main valuable decrepit car parts. The first is a catalytic converter, valued for its precious metal. The value of a catalytic converter is $50 - $1200. The second valuable part is the engine. The engine is made from steel and converts fuel into mechanical energy.

    The price of a scrap car engine will depend on its weight. The heavier the machine, the more money it fetches. The third valued part is the transmission. A used transmission system has a value of $500 -$1400.

    Lastly, scrap vehicles have radiators. A radiator acts as a heat exchange point. It is designed to cool the engine and protect it from stalling. The scrape value of a radiator is $5 -$30.

    How much does it cost to junk a car?

    It costs $0 to junk a car. Once you accept the quote, you will be paid in cash.

    What Factors Affect Junk Car Prices In The Past and Present?

    In the past, the value of junk cars was mainly determined by the weight of the vehicle and the current price of scrap metal. However, other factors such as the condition of the vehicle, make and model, and demand for specific parts could also affect the price.

    Today, the value of junk cars is still influenced by the same factors as in the past but some additional factors have emerged. Environmental regulations have become stricter which has led to an increased demand for environmentally friendly vehicles. As a result some junk cars may have valuable parts that are in higher demand than others.

    The factors that affect the price of junk cars has involved over time but, the weight of the vehicle and current scrap metal prices still play a significant role. Learn more about the history of junk car prices.

    Does the value of junk cars vary nationwide in pricing?

    Yes. Scrap vehicle prices vary nationwide depending on three main factors. The first factor is location. Some States have more demand for scrap metal than others. As a result, they have higher junk car prices.

    The second factor is the make and model of the decrepit vehicle. Some dilapidated cars have spare parts with more demand than others. The higher the need for a car’s spare parts, the better the price.

    How much metal is in a junk car?

    The amount of metal in a junk car will vary depending on size. However, according to Worldsteel Association, 900kg of steel is used in a normal-sized car. 40% of this steel is used in the body structure, while 23% is used to make wear-resistant gears.

    According to the Aluminum Association, around 150kg of aluminum is used in a standard-sized car. 2.5 Kg of cobalt is used in a Prius car battery.

    How much is the metal in a junk car worth?

    The average price of car scrap metal is $200 per ton. The price will fluctuate depending on the size of the car. Smaller cars will have less metal and therefore cost less. Steel is worth $145 per ton, while iron is worth $200/per ton.

    How much is a scrap car engine worth?

    The price of a scrap car engine will depend on the engine’s condition, capacity, and local demand.

    How much is a scrap catalytic converter worth?

    The average value of a scrap catalytic converter is $300 - $1,200. The price of the converter will depend on the Car’s model and make. The converter will fetch a better price if the car has a big engine capacity.