View The Current Price Range for Scrap Cars in 2024

Currently scrap car prices per ton range from $145 - $195/ton in the USA, making the average midsize car (1.5 ton, 3000lbs) valued at $217.50 - $292.50. Scrap car prices are based on the vehicle's weight and local scrap metal prices. If the vehicle has valuable parts that are in demand the price will go up from there.

Inland states are offering around $145 - $175 per ton nearby, while coastal locations are as high as $185-195 per ton.

Let's take a look at current averages for popular junk cars nationwide that take into account current scrap car prices as well as the vehicle's demand.

February's Average Price
January's Average Price
Monthly Increase of
Yearly Gain of

You can expect to sell a junk car for $150 - $1,000 on average as of February 2024.  For February, the average value of a junk car was $626, which is an increase from a value of $570 in January. A junk car's cash value in scrap is determined by its weight in scrap metal and then factoring in any valuable components the vehicle has.

Last updated - March 28, 2024

*prices on this page are for reference only.

How Much is a Scrap Car Worth Per Ton?

Scrap car prices per ton range between $145 - $195 per ton in the United States, depending on location. It is based on local scrap metal pricing for cars. Here are estimated values based on the current range:

  • Midsize Car (1.5 tons): $217.50 - $292.50
  • Fullsize Car (2 tons): $290.00 - $390.00
  • SUV (2.5 tons): $362.50 - $487.50
  • Pickup Truck (3 tons): $435.00 - $585.00
  • Vans (3.5 tons): $507.50 - $682.50

This list shows the range of prices you can expect for each type of vehicle based on the price per ton of scrap metal.

Taking it a step further, here is a table showing the values for each $10 per ton in pricing:

Price Per Ton Midsize Car (1.5 tons) Fullsize Car (2 tons) SUV (2.5 tons) Pickup Truck (3 tons) Vans (3.5 tons)
$145/ton $217.50 $290.00 $362.50 $435.00 $507.50
$155/ton $232.50 $310.00 $387.50 $465.00 $542.50
$165/ton $247.50 $330.00 $412.50 $495.00 $577.50
$175/ton $262.50 $350.00 $437.50 $525.00 $612.50
$185/ton $277.50 $370.00 $462.50 $555.00 $647.50
$195/ton $292.50 $390.00 $487.50 $585.00 $682.50

For vehicles that are in better condition, have reusable parts, and are in demand in your location the price will go up. Next, we take a look at what junk cars sell for currently. The sale price of a junk car factors all these things in as well as the scrap car price and the cost of doing business to determine the value that a junk car buyer pays for junk cars.

What is The Scrap Value of a Car?

The scrap value of a vehicle can vary significantly among different car classes, as brands and models contain varying amounts of valuable metals due to size differences. This is a crucial consideration when determining the price of a scrap car.

Here are estimated scrap car values ranging from $145 - $877.50 for all NHTSA vehicle classifications based on the estimated price per ton for scrap cars of $145 - $195.

NHTSA Classification Estimated Weight (lbs) Estimated Scrap Value Range ($145 - $195/ton)
Mini Compact 2,000 $145.00 - $195.00
Subcompact 2,750 $199.38 - $267.19
Compact 3,250 $235.31 - $316.41
Mid-Size 3,750 $271.25 - $365.63
Full-Size 4,500 $326.25 - $438.75
Small Pickup Trucks 4,000 $290.00 - $390.00
Standard Pickup Trucks 5,000 $362.50 - $487.50
Minivans 4,500 $326.25 - $438.75
Large Vans 9,000 $652.50 - $877.50
SUVs 4,750 $344.38 - $462.66
Crossovers 3,750 $271.25 - $365.63

Local scrap prices are dependent upon current supply and demand, as well as the particular constraints of the business model run by the junk car buyer. Vehicles that are newer and that have in-demand parts will bring in more value for the owner.

Calculate Your Car's Scrap Price

To make calculating the scrap value of your car easier than ever, Junk Car Medics has built a scrap car value calculator to determine your vehicle's scrap value based on current scrap metal pricing per ton. Simply select your vehicle and you will be given the price for various per ton prices that can be found across the United States.

What is the Metal Composition of Vehicles?

The exact amount of metal found in a vehicle will depend on its make and model and even the year it was manufactured. In the average passenger car, there is around 65% of steel and iron, of which around 25% of the steel has been recycled. The remaining 35% of a vehicle's weight is in other materials, such as cloth, leather, glass, and plastic. The valuable metals in a car are what metal recycling facilities are after.

Breakdown of scrap metal in a 2014 Honda Civic scrap car

What Metals Are In Your Car?

According to the World Steel Association, 55% of a vehicle's weight in metal comes from steel. The chassis and body of vehicles are made up of steel, as this is a sturdy and relatively inexpensive metal to build with. Aluminum is another popular choice in the automobile industry when it comes to manufacturing vehicles, as it's lighter than steel and just as durable, if not more. 

Other metals that can be found in a junk car, in lesser quantities, include copper, lead, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The latter three are found in catalytic converters. Magnesium and titanium may be found in some vehicles, though generally only in higher-end performance cars.

When it comes to determining metal classifications, all metal falls into one of two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals are the most common recycled metals and include iron and steel. Most of the metal from a scrap car can be sorted into a ferrous pile. Non-ferrous metal includes brass, nickel, gold, tin, and other rarer forms of metal. 

How Do Scrap Car Prices Impact a Junk Car's Overall Worth?

The price per ton for scrap cars has a huge impact on how much junk cars are worth. The value of a junk car is determined by its scrap car value and then other factors. But the scrap car price is the starting baseline.