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Junk Car Medics is the nations leading junk car buyer, working for you to get you the best price from reputable local junkyards, auto salvage yards, junk car buyers, tow truck services, and car auction sites nearby to sell your end-of-life vehicles and junk cars.

Simply get an offer online in 1-2 minutes and sell your car in 1-2 days.

We have over 1,000 positive reviews online, have paid out over $54 million dollars, and buy thousands of cars every month.

Junking a car is pretty easy and straightforward as long as you have these three items:

  1. Vehicle Title - In most cases we'll need the vehicle's title.
  2. Keys - In most cases we'll need the keys to the vehicle.
  3. Vehicle Registration - In most cases you'll need the vehicles registration.
  4. Valid ID - Valid ID to match the title and for verification.


A big portion of the value of junk cars lies in the vehicle's weight in metal. The value of that metal depends on the current scrap metal prices so that is incorporated into the offer.  Therefore, prices go with the scrap metal market.

But...the demand for used auto parts is very high. Due to Covid-19 people are starting to hold onto their cars longer which increases the need for reusable parts.

When you factor that in with decent to high scrap metal prices you will begin to realize that now is a pretty good time to sell a car for junk.

Here are all the factors that impact the price of junk cars:

  1. The age and type of the vehicle impact the price.
  2. The scrap metal market impacts the price of end of life and older vehicles as they will be cleaned up and crushed for the metal.
  3. Vehicle Weight - If a car is considered a scrap car and has reached the end of it's life it will mostly be bought for it's weight in scrap metal.
  4. Vehicle Condition - The condition and mileage of your car matters if it's going to be bought for resale or it's parts.
  5. Demand For Parts - If it's a popular car the offers will be higher because there will be a demand for the car parts.
  6. Location - Scrap metal prices and vehicles on the road vary by market so your location will impact the offer.

Here is this year's average price to junk a car:

Average Price Paid Per Car This Year: $585

Here is this month's average price to junk a car:

Average Price Paid Per Car This Month: $642

All you need to know is the offer you get is what we will pay for your car.  Junk car removal is always included and we'll send a tow truck or flat-bed.

Whether or not we can provide same-day pickup for your junk cars depends on these factors:

  • How busy our local provider is on that day.
  • The location of your vehicle.
  • Traffic and weather.

If we are not able to pick up the vehicle on the same day we will usually have it taken care of within 48 hours. But we'll be upfront with you the whole way.

If you have a car with no title you should call and speak with one of our Medics. They'll walk you through whether or not you can junk your car without a title in your state as each state has different rules.

Yes, we do! buys junk cars and used cars all across the continental United States and we have carriers on standby ready to pick up your vehicle.