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Junk Car Medics works with the best junk car buyers in your area to get you top dollar.

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Average time from accepting an offer until our junk car removal service arrives: 16 hours.

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All checks issued for purchases of junk cars are guaranteed and we have no hidden fees, we offer free pickup.

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We Pay Cash for Cars Of All Conditions, Makes, & Models

We Buy Old Cars
We Buy Salvage Cars
We Buy Totaled Cars
We Buy Wrecked Cars
We Buy Non-Running Cars

What's Your Car Worth?

Get a cash offer now:

William V - Sold a 2005 Nissan Altima for $385

"Great to deal with. The online tool provided a quick, reasonable quote. Once I accepted the quote, I received a call promptly to go over the details and set up a pickup time. The driver called to confirm the time and again when he was about 10 minutes away. All of the staff was very courteous and made the process painless. I will be using them again if I need to dispose of another vehicle!"



Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me?

Wondering who buys junk cars nearby?  

If you are searching for someone who buys junk cars nearby your search has ended. Get the most rewarding offer in the industry to sell your junk car today! Call or get a free offer online now.

Junk car buyers include:

  • Local junkyards and auto salvage yards
  • Online junk car buyers
  • Towing services and fly-by-night buyers

You can also try to sell it on Craigslist.

However, the best price and experience in the industry is Junk Car Medics.  We work with the top buyers and carriers near you to get you the most money.  

Can I sell my junk car for $500?

Due to the high demand for reusable parts and the higher scrap metal prices the chances are currently pretty good to sell a junk car for $500.

The going rate to sell a junk car for cash in 2021 is $358 on average and common prices range from $125 - $625 according to the data by Junk Car Medics.

But it's no guarantee.

If your car is somewhat newer, has working parts, and weighs more, then you may be able to get $500 cash for it.

Junk car prices are at a recent high due to the shift in the market.  Recycled car parts are at an all-time high in demand.  Scrap metal prices are higher than recent memory.  Now is the time to get cash for junk cars using our eco-friendly recycling program that gets you more money..

A lot of junk cars that sold for $100 or $200 are now selling for $400 or $500 plus because the metal and the parts are more valuable.

How much will junkyards pay for a car?

The range of money junkyards will pay for a car varies greatly depending on many factors such as the junkyard, the vehicle, and it's condition.  Different junkyards operate differently so there is no easy way to answer this question.

Junkyards are a business.  Their goal is to buy your junker for as cheap as possible so that they can maximize their return.

Whereas, Junk Car Medics will get you more cash for your junk car because we not only work with local junkyards but also other buyers in your area.

Who pays the most for junk cars?

Junk Car Medics does because we work to get you the most cash for your junk car.  Our network of buyers includes local salvage yards, car buyers, and auction sites.  They all want to buy your car.  We work for you to get you the most money from whichever wants it the most.

What is Junk Car Medics?

Junk Car Medics is the nations leading junk car buyer, working for you to get you the best price from reputable local junkyards, auto salvage yards, junk car buyers, tow truck services, and car auction sites nearby to sell your end-of-life vehicles and junk cars.

Simply get an offer online in 1-2 minutes and sell your car in 1-2 days.

We have over 1,000 positive reviews online, have paid out over $54 million dollars, and buy thousands of cars every month.

What cars does Junk Car Medics buy?

Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars program buys junk cars, clunkers, damaged cars, unwanted cars, old cars, totaled cars, and end-of-life vehicles in any and all conditions for cash.

Is Junk Car Medics cash for junk car service legit?

Junk Car Medics purchases 1,000's of junk cars for cash every month across the United States. It's what made us the nation's premier, top-rated cash for junk cars service and the place sellers turn to get the best price to junk a car.

We've got 100's of reviews across the Internet.  Just Google Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars service to learn more.

What Do I Need to Sell My Car to Junk Car Medics?

Selling a car to Junk Car Medics is pretty easy and straightforward as long as you have these three items:

  1. Vehicle Title - In most cases we'll need the vehicle's title.
  2. Keys - In most cases we'll need the keys to the vehicle.
  3. Vehicle Registration - In most cases you'll need the vehicles registration.
  4. Valid ID - Valid ID to match the title and for verification.


Do you offer same day pickup?

Whether or not we can provide same-day pickup for your car depends on these factors:

  • How busy our local provider is on that day.
  • The location of your vehicle.
  • Traffic and weather.

If we are not able to pick up the vehicle on the same day we will usually have it taken care of within 48 hours. But we'll be upfront with you the whole way.

Do you buy cars near me?

Yes, we do! buys cars all across the continental United States and we have carriers on standby ready to pick up your vehicle.  View all of our locations.

How do I get an offer to sell my car to Junk Car Medics

Getting an offer to sell your car to Junk Car Medics is simple.  Call us at 1 (855) 437-9728 or get an offer online.

How long does it take to sell my car?

You can get an offer in 1-2 minutes and have the transaction completed as soon as possible, typically within 2-48 hours.

How much money do you get if you junk a car?

We get this question a lot because we buy 1,000's of junk cars every month. But in fact, there's no one answer that works.  It all depends on various factors such as the vehicle, the condition, and where you are located.  Different cars are more popular than others and different cars weigh more than others.  So the prices vary.  The range of money most people get to junk a car ranges from $100 - $1,500 mostly with a few outliers.

You're best option is to get a free, no-hassle offer to see how much your junk car is worth.

We Buy Cars All Across America

United States: September 15, 2021

Prices Are Currently High! Junk Your Car Today

Top 20 Junk Cars Last 30 Days
  1. 2003 Honda Accord - 6.13
  2. 2005 Nissan Altima - 1.67
  3. 2006 Nissan Altima - 9.42
  4. 1998 Toyota Camry - 0.43
  5. 2004 Honda Civic - 6.14
  6. 2002 Ford Explorer - 2.50
  7. 1998 Honda Accord - 3.86
  8. 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser - 2.62
  9. 2002 Honda Accord - 3.81
  10. 2001 Honda Accord - 5.00
  11. 2005 Honda Civic - 3.42
  12. 2002 Honda Civic - 1.84
  13. 2000 Honda Accord - 0.00
  14. 2003 Honda Civic - 6.47
  15. 1999 Honda Accord - 8.82
  16. 2003 Toyota Camry - 1.88
  17. 2008 Nissan Altima - 4.00
  18. 2006 Honda Civic - 0.33
  19. 2001 Toyota Camry - 7.00
  20. 2008 Chevrolet Impala - $305.00 
20 Junk Cars Worth The Most Money
  1. 2012 Hyundai Elantra - ,254.17
  2. 2008 Toyota Prius - $1,757.50
  3. 2010 Toyota Corolla - ,741.43
  4. 2007 BMW 3-Series - ,715.71
  5. 2012 Chevrolet Cruze - $1,691.67
  6. 2012 Chevrolet Equinox - $1,636.67
  7. 2011 Hyundai Sonata - ,588.75
  8. 2013 Chevrolet Equinox - $1,550.00
  9. 2007 Toyota Camry - ,436.92
  10. 2007 Toyota Prius - $1,426.67
  11. 2009 Toyota Corolla - ,361.67
  12. 2012 Ford Focus - ,357.14
  13. 2011 Toyota Camry - ,350.00
  14. 2009 Toyota Camry - ,341.00
  15. 2008 Honda Accord - ,313.57
  16. 2014 Nissan Altima - ,272.00
  17. 2010 Chevrolet Equinox - $1,233.00
  18. 2012 Nissan Altima - ,230.00
  19. 2004 Ford F-150 - ,225.00
  20. 2009 Chevrolet Traverse - $1,218.00
Popular Cities With Average Offer
  1. Nashville, TN - $844.44
  2. Salem, OR - $260.91
  3. Baltimore, MD - $316.82
  4. Riverside, CA - $316.50
  5. Philadelphia, PA - $792.00
  6. Las Vegas, NV - $530.56
  7. Mesa, AZ - $637.22
  8. Arlington, TX - $412.78
  9. Charlotte, NC - $622.78
  10. Los Angeles, CA - $770.63
  11. Lancaster, CA - $388.13
  12. Houston, TX - $815.63
  13. Hollywood, FL - $607.50
  14. Dallas, TX - $415.00
  15. Phoenix, AZ - $651.25
  16. Atlanta, GA - $306.43
  17. San Bernardino, CA - $1,138.57
  18. Miami, FL - $277.86
  19. Seattle, WA - $3,929.29
  20. Portland, OR - $375.00


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