Junk Car Medics® - About Us

If you’re located in the United States and you’re interested in getting cash for your junk car, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. At Junkcarmedics.com, we are proud to offer the best prices for old rides and we also provide the most comprehensive and caring customer service, including free towing/free junk removal.

A lot of auto salvage yards have shady reputations. Ours is different. When you choose us, the amount that we offer for your car will be the exact amount that you get paid. In other words, we won’t quote an amount and then send our towing/removal crew out with less cash than we agreed to pay! Some companies do pull these scams, but we never will. This is why placing your trust in us will never be a mistake!


When you do place your trust in us, you won’t be disappointed. Our loyal clients know that we deliver honest services, while also providing them with total ease and convenience.

In fact, we chose our company name because we act as “medics” for our customers. This means that we step in and “cure” all of their junk car problems in a skilled and compassionate manner!

Please contact us today in order to begin the process. We will provide you with exemplary auto salvage services which will make the process of unloading your old car for cash a total breeze