14 Reasons to Junk a Car -The Complete List

The reasons why people junk cars can be as varied as the people themselves. That's what we have learned from our customers here at Junk Car Medics. Their reasons for selling junk cars do fall into a number of categories, though, depending on the vehicle's condition and how it came to be that way.

One important thing that we discovered is that people really depend on their vehicles for so many things - for work, for school, to visit friends and relatives, and much more. When those vehicles stop running dependably, peoples' lives are disrupted and a decision has to be made. If the vehicle is very old, has very high mileage, or is not running, it is worth little or nothing on the used car market. These worn-out and used-up cars, trucks, and SUVs are worth more as scrap, so a junkyard is their next logical destination. And that's when they call us at Junk Car Medics.

Let's go beyond the scrap metal and check out the reasons why people junk their cars, as well as some of the personal stories behind them, because it's not as standard as selling a regular car.  The definition of a junk car is a bit different.

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    The vehicle is damaged in an accident

    The vehicle is damaged in an accident

    Here are some comments from customers whose vehicles were involved in accidents, whether totaled cars or damaged.

    "Hit a tree going 25 mph. The car was wrecked in the front. Airbag deployed. The car does not have any electricity to start."

    "They crashed into me. It was a hit-and-run and I don't have the money to fix it."

    "It is totaled and I can't move it from the front of my garage. There's nothing I can do with it."

    "My son's college present in 2010. He had a left back tire blow out on I-84 last Friday night & crashed the car. Damage on both ends plus the tire blowout. Car runs great but he needs to buy a newer car. He's not going to spend his money on repairing the body." 

    "I was hit by a woman on my driver's front side. The front right tire is now slightly crooked. I took it to a dealer to get repairs, and I was told that there was frame damage that would cost more than it's worth to me. The tire is still crooked, and I don't want to risk it snapping off."

    When an older car, or one with lots of miles on it, or one with a combination of both, gets into a moderate to serious accident, the owner needs to make a series of calculations:

    1. Is the car worth fixing?
    2. If it is worth fixing, do I have the money to fix it?
    3. If I have the money and I fix it, will it last long enough to be worth spending the money?

    Older and high-mileage cars have usually depreciated to the point where the high cost of accident repairs is more than the car is worth on the used car market. This usually leads to a decision to junk the car, especially if there is no extra money to pay for the repairs.

    You also need to know whether you will be able to rely on your car once it is repaired. Will it be as safe as it was before the accident? Was it mechanically unreliable before the accident? If so, are you ready to face more repair bills down the road, on top of the accident repair costs?

    Even if you have the money to repair the accident damage, those dollars are likely better spent on getting you into a better vehicle that you can drive with a higher level of confidence. Scrapping the smashed-up car for cash with Junk Car Medics can let you do this - you cut your losses right now and get some cash so you can move on to a more solid, more reliable vehicle.

    Vehicle suffers a mechanical failure

    Here are some customer comments from those who had to deal with mechanical problems that brought their cars to an unfortunate end:

    "Frame rusted through and was undriveable."

     "Needs transmission, is not cost effective to repair."

     "Because the engine died and I can't afford the time, labor, or parts for a new one."

     "The engine locked up and the cost of replacement was as much as the car was worth."

     "The engine blew with no warning and the shop wants $8300 to install a used engine. That won't fly when I still owe $5k on it."

     "Transmission is blown and cannot afford to have a new or rebuilt one."

     "Caught fire under the hood."

     "Bad connecting rod in the motor."

     "The timing belt went and the car does not run. I really want a truck so not planning to fix this car."

     "Diagnosed head gasket issue causing oil to leak into the coolant system. Degrades coolant hoses causing them to rupture."

    Automobiles are extremely complex mechanisms. As cars get older, there can be many reasons for major mechanical failures:

      • Wear and tear
      • Lack of maintenance
      • Abuse
      • Rust and other environmental factors

    If you are faced with a huge repair bill to fix a major vehicle system, and that bill is higher than the vehicle's current value, it may be time to consider junking that vehicle. A car that does not run is of no interest to a used car buyer, so the best option is to scrap it with Junk Car Medics, pocket the cash, and be rid of the problem. It's that easy!

    The car can no longer be driven legally

    Here are what some customers told us about this particular issue:

    "Lost driver's license and wife won't update the tag for me." 

    "No license, car has been sitting for couple years."

    "Isn't registered and won't pass smog until we fix the ignition air control valve. We don't have the money for that and would just prefer to sell it to buy another vehicle that's less of a hassle."

    "Won't pass inspection, needs starter, check engine light on for emissions."

    "Will not pass NYS Inspection due to rotted frame." 

    "It has 260,750 miles, won't pass inspection." 

    "Needs to pass emissions and engine needs to be replaced."

    In many places across the country, governmental regulations can be a factor in whether you can legally drive your car. These include:

      • Failing a smog test
      • Failing a mechanical inspection
      • Losing your driver's license (DUI, excess points, etc.

    When these situations occur, you will be unable to drive your car, and may even be prohibited from getting a new registration document. In the case of the failed smog test or mechanical inspection, you may also be unable to find a buyer for it.

    Instead of continuing to make car insurance payments while the car sits there, undriveable, you can let Junk Car Medics take it off your hands. We pay great prices for these types of cars and will relieve you of the burden of a car you are unable to drive!

    The cost of repairs is excessive

    Here is what our customers had to say about vehicles that were costing them too much to keep running:

    "The vehicle is 15 years old. There is a lot of rust under the rear bumper and frame. There is also an issue with the front driver side wheel. We have had it repaired at least 4-5 times since owning the vehicle and it keeps breaking. We do not want to invest the money to have it repaired again." 

    "I just put over $700 into it. I'm just tired of putting money in, can't get it to run right."

    "It's costing me more to maintain it than it's worth. I spent $3,000 last time getting things fixed. Still the check engine light keeps coming on. Now the hood flew open smashing the windshield, breaking the grill, knocking down the rearview mirror. The radio stopped working, the windows stopped working."

    "Transmission needs to be rebuilt. Starter and battery dead. Not interested in spending money." 

    "Mechanic told me it was more expensive to fix than it's worth"

    "Got the car the day after Christmas last year, she burns a ton of oil. By April, needed a new clutch, a month later master cylinder clutch. Randomly had days she wouldn't start due to the fuel pump going out and loose wires. Too much money spent on this thing. She needs gone."

    "I'm sick of it. I'm constantly doing repairs on this car and it's costing me more money than the car is worth."

    Cars can reach a point in their lives where repairs are constantly needed to keep them on the road. A few-hundred-dollar repair seems reasonable on its own, but then you are faced with another, and another, and the amount you end up spending is way too much.

    We at Junk Car Medics can help you to stop this insane drain on your pocketbook right away - we will take your unreliable vehicle and put cash in your hand now - we're here to help!  Learn more about whether you should junk your car or fix it.

    The vehicle is no longer needed

    Here's what some customers had to say on this topic:

    "We thought we'd be nice parents and give this cool car to our 16-year old son as a birthday gift. Eclipse V6, sunroof, spoiler etc....bought it, had it washed and detailed, took to a mechanic who fixed the little things that it needed. The big day came: he took one look at the "stick shift" and hasn't looked back....basically rejected a CAR!!!! That was 3 years ago and this decent car has sat un-driven under covered driveway since then and has become an eyesore."

    "Car is 284,400 miles old but still kicking. Her favorite drink out here in LA is 50/50 prediluted coolant and antifreeze. The heater works but sounds like shoes in the dryer. Still runs. She is my daily driver to work and back but at the end of July I'm going to work on a cruise ship so I don't need a car" 

    "I don't use it. It's just parked in my yard."

    "I'm selling my Jeep because I want to buy another SUV." 

    "Need it gone. Sick of looking at it." 

    "It is just parked taking space." 

    "It is roommate's car but he passed away. Landlord said it needs to go."

    It's not unusual for people to have an extra car around that isn't being used. Perhaps a son or daughter used it before moving away and getting a newer car. An elderly relative who is no longer driving may have given it to you. Or someone in the family may be working from home and no longer needs a vehicle. Whatever the reason, we can save you the costs of registration and insurance. Let Junk Car Medics turn your car into cash before it deteriorates any further.

    Cash is needed for other expenses

    Customers told us about their need to turn their cars into cash to get them through a tough situation:

    "Need cash bad!!!!!" 

    "The main reason why I need the cash is to go back to school. I am having money problems and am hoping the car could get me some cash so I can do what I want to do."

    "Family emergency - need to sell car to purchase a ticket home."

    "Need money for rent."

    Let's face it, there are times when you need some cash for something urgent and necessary. If you don't have the cash on hand and are unable to borrow it, then it is perfectly logical to turn your car into cash to accomplish that goal. We will give you a price for your vehicle that is more than fair, and you can do what you have to do. Junk Car Medics is happy to help you when you really need it!

    Need to clear the property of vehicle(s)

    Some people tend to accumulate vehicles until it becomes a problem:

    "My family has vehicles that run, but just sit in the backyard not being used. You're only allowed so many before zoning says anything."

    "I am looking for help. This car is wrecked and has been on side of house, still owe 2k, no title. Now city wants to fine me if it's not removed by July 5."

     "Needed more space in driveway."

    Depending on your local laws, there may be limits on how many vehicles you can keep parked on your property. Some states require you to register these vehicles, even if you are not driving them! It can cost you a lot of money just to let them sit there. The presence of those vehicles can also negatively affect the value of your property. Toxic liquids in them can leak out and pollute the groundwater as well. These vehicles also represent a hazard to local children, and a liability issue for you!

    Junk Car Medics has the quick solution that will eliminate the legal issues, stop the money drain, and put some cash into your pocket! Contact us today and we will remove your unneeded vehicles - stat!

    Moving and need to get rid of the vehicle

    When it's time to move, you need to deal with any vehicles that may be lying around, as these customers tell us:

    "The engine has a knock and a decent size oil leak. Been sitting in the drive way for months now and it needs to go because I am moving soon." 

    "I'm moving to Texas to attend law school to pursue dream of being a child advocate, and I need the cash. The car has been driving fine until today when the coolant tank busted (on my way to sell it) and now it won't run. I'm tired of trying to get this car off my hands, and I'm moving soon."

    It may be that you have a car that does not run, or one that is not reliable enough to get you to your new destination. Perhaps you are moving a long distance and plan to get a better vehicle when you arrive there. Whatever the reason, Junk Car Medics will haul those unwanted vehicles away and give you cash to use on your journey. Good luck in your new surroundings!

    Vehicle damaged by rodents, spiders, or insects

    It can happen. When you live and park your car in a rural area, there are a variety of varmints that may find your vehicle to be a welcome source of food and housing:

    "It's a mess and spiders attacked it."

    "Rats ate the wires under the car."

    That's right - rodents have a strong appetite for the insulation on your car's wiring. They also like to build nests in various spaces under the hood. Spiders and insects will find homes there too. This is more likely to happen with cars that are parked for long periods without being driven, so be aware! A lot of serious damage can be done, not to mention what happens if a mouse gets sucked into your heater fan when you start the car up!

    If your vehicle has been damaged by these pests and is not worth fixing, Junk Car Medics will handle it - and give you some welcome cash in return!

    Have no title for the vehicle

    Sometimes it just so happens that a car owner does not have a title to a car and is unable to prove ownership:

    "WE DO NOT HAVE TITLE. Truck was traded with a motorcycle for a truck that our daughter owned by her soon to be ex-husband. He never received title from owner. He is no longer in TN and has abandoned our daughter and grandkids. We are the property owners where the truck is located. Our daughter has tried to contact previous owner, but he does not return her calls as he had issues with her ex. Just want it removed!!"

    "I need to sell it because I bought a new vehicle and this one is no longer plated, I have received a notice from the city advising I must remove it from my property. I do own the vehicle but do not have the title." 

    "No use to me, lost title." 

     "No paperwork."

    "I don't have the title."

    A car without a title is undesirable and unsellable in the used car market. No state DMV will register and license it. But Junk Car Medics will help you out! Contact us and we will walk you through the process of getting rid of your untitled vehicle and getting some cash in the process!

    Personal issues require getting rid of vehicle

    Sometimes life gets in the way, and a vehicle becomes an unfortunate by-product of that event:

    "I'm at that point in life where I have to realize that I just can't afford to get it back on the road any time soon and accept the fact that a car isn't going to bring somebody back. It's a material object that we spent years in and enjoyed. Of all the years he owned the vehicle I never thought I'd let go, but it's true time does heal and I know he wouldn't want me struggling. He would tell me to sell it and just be happy, life is too precious and tomorrow isn't promised." 

    "The head gasket needs to be replaced. I'm going through a divorce and can't fix the truck."

    "Got a divorce and a new vehicle"

     "I bought a new car and it's just sitting there taking up space. I got the car in a divorce and ex-husband won't give me the title, therefore, no registration."

     "Have been laid off for two months, with type 1 diabetes-related bills. Have no money for medication."

    At Junk Car Medics, we can help you get through your difficulties. We are happy to provide you with some cash and hopefully help you to move on to better times ahead.

    Bought a lemon and need to dump it

    Sometimes you just get unlucky and end up with a car that's nothing but trouble. You keep fixing it, but then something else breaks, again and again. Here's a sad story:

    "Spent my last little bit of settlement money from the last accident and the timing belt went. Put a lot of TLC into it got it running again, but now the transmission is not letting me go into reverse. I'm hurt and crushed, literally bought a lemon. With all the bad luck I have I am ready to break down and cry. A vehicle is necessary in my home with me and 3 kids... Being out of a vehicle hurts my family tremendously."

    When you decide to rid yourself of that lemon once and for all, let Junk Car Medics relieve you of the burden. We will take it to its final resting place, where it will not cause any more trouble. In return, you will get some cash to put toward a better, trouble-free ride.

    Need a bigger vehicle

    Many families simply outgrow the vehicle that has served them well up until now:

    "Need a bigger car for my five kids."

     "I need a bigger car. there are six of us and we don't fit."

     "Need something easy for the kids to get in and out of." 

    I am selling my car because I just recently bought a new car that's bigger then my Ford Taurus.

    When you make the move to something larger and roomier, let Junk Car Medics handle your old, cramped vehicle that's no longer suitable.

    Problems caused by the pandemic

    Life has certainly changed as we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic. As people face the difficulties brought on by the virus, they look to their vehicles as a source of cash to get them through it:

    "A few months into COVID I was furloughed from my job. I couldn't afford to fix the car, so I junked it to feed my family for the week."

    There you have it. The complete list of reasons people junk cars for cash at Junk Car Medics.

    When things get tough, you can turn to Junk Car Medics for a fast cash payout to get you through these trying times.

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