10 Reasons Buying from Junkyards Benefit You, Your Pocket, and the Environment

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Benefits of Buying from the Salvage YardYou might have driven by salvage yards or auto recyclers once or twice. But do you know exactly what goes on at the yard? Maybe you’re aware that scrap yards buy cars. If you have an old car sitting in your garage, selling it to the yard is always a good option. However, there’s a lot of benefits of buying from the junkyard as well.

Whenever a car arrives at a lot, the yard carefully removes and properly disposes all environmentally harmful fluids. Ultimately, the yard crushes the car down and sells the scrap to manufacturers for use in producing new cars. However, before that happens, valuable parts can be pulled from the vehicle by yard staff or customers such as yourself.

Did a trim piece on your car snap or is there a big crack on your window? Worse yet, did your car break down completely? If so, the salvage yard is a great go-to source of parts to get your motor up and running again. Here are reasons why buying from the wrecking yard is beneficial for you and the environment:

Lower Prices

Bottom line, the best benefit of buying from the junkyard is the dollar savings. For just about any part that you need, you can find great deals at the yard. It’s not uncommon to pull perfectly functioning parts that cost a fraction of brand-new prices. So, if you need a car part but your budget’s tight, you can’t go wrong buying from your local junkyard. Just make sure you know how to test the parts first before checkout.

Responsible Recycling

Numerous sources will tell you that well over one billion cars are in use in the world right now. Each year, around 12 million cars reach the end of their useful lives in the US. At auto junkyards, staff and paying customers strip usable parts from ELVs. Whatever remains gets recycled by metal recycling companies. In our world of never-ending consumption, recycling is a key factor to our survival on the earth.

No Waiting for Parts

A great part about buying from the salvage yard is that there’s no waiting for parts to arrive. On the contrary, you simply remove the part you need and install it on the car you are fixing. Granted, it may take you some personal time, depending on the repair and your skill. But the knowledge that you replaced the part yourself is always gratifying.

Salvage Yard Warranty

Say you pulled the part from the junkyard, but it turns that it’s a dud. In most cases, you really don’t have to worry. Most auto junkyards have very good warranties for the parts you pull. Some might not offer full refunds, but they’d likely give you credit. You can then use it to pull the functioning part without extra charge.

Gain Important DIY Repair Skills

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who don’t know a thing about the way their car works. It’s almost sad that a college education won’t help if you can’t fix your own car in a life-threatening situation. Empowering yourself to pull parts from the salvage yard is an important part of human growth and car ownership. Buying parts from salvage yards presents you with opportunities to learn basic car repair and maintenance. Armed with this knowledge, you’d be able to stop dealerships and shady auto shop from stealing your hard-earned money. Of course, there are some repairs, such as ones dealing with air conditioning systems, that are best done by pros.

Less Production of Parts

By pulling salvage yard parts, you are eliminating the need for the manufacturer to produce as many car parts. Essentially, this leads to a reduction of total carbon emissions. While this may not be particularly crucial to your own personal survival, consider the grander scale of things. We all need to take responsibility for maintaining a livable and sustainable planet.

Pull Out-of-Production Parts

Sometimes the auto junkyard is literally the only place where you can find the right part for your car. Such is the case when your car is no longer in production so there are no existing new parts. In this case, the auto junkyard comes to the rescue, providing you with hard-to-source parts. You’ll be able to revive your car to life, when it would otherwise have been doomed to sit.

Repurpose Car Parts

There are many useful and still functioning car parts at the auto junkyard that you can use on your vehicle. However, there is also opportunity to use these parts for creative purposes. Run a google search on “alternative use for car parts.” You’ll find countless brilliant ideas to turn car parts into household items such as desks, stools, lamps, beds, and more. Get out there and be creative, people! Sky's the limit on what you can do with junk cars and its parts.

Buy and Sell Valuable Car Parts

With the skill and resources, you can easily pull parts from the auto junk yard and resell them. List your finds on a website and sell them for profit. Certain parts are more desirable depending on the car. Take the time to figure out what parts have value.

Here are some car parts you could flip for some money:

  • turbos
  • catalytic converters (Usually the auto junkyards will remove these beforehand, but catalytic converters contain precious metals that will always be of value.)
  • headlights
  • emblems
  • stereo deck
  • ecu unit
  • coil packs
  • starters
  • trim pieces
  • alternators
  • many other parts, specific from car to car

Great for Classic Car Projects

If you are building a classic car, most likely you’ll come across the problem of missing parts. In that case, your best and possibly only option is going to auto junkyards to find what you need. The yard closest to you may not what have the right stuff but don’t fret! There are indexed pages online where you can search from every auto salvage yard across the nation.

There you have it – legitimate, practical, and economical reasons to go grab your wrenches and visit the nearby auto salvage/junk yard. Knock yourself out tinkering with that old junker!