Car Accessories for older vehicles

9 Best Car Accessories for Older Vehicles

In the last decade or so, we have witnessed a true revolution in car infotainment systems, electronic gadgets and accessories. The latest in high tech components are not reserved for high end cars anymore, but available on all models, regardless of the price. However, what to do if you own an older car which doesn't have all those fancy add-ons?  You accessorize of course!

Today, we will present to you 9 best car accessories for older vehicles we see come through our cash for cars service and we will not cover just infotainment systems or GPS devices, but also other important stuff you might need. Owning and commuting in an older vehicle with a lot of miles on it is somewhat different than driving a brand new car and with this list you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of modern technology in classic body style. Of course, we didn`t forget the aspects of safety and practicality, either. So, let`s go.

    1. Phone charger

      This is one of the most common, cheapest and most useful car accessories you can find. It is a simple phone charger that you can plug into any cigarette lighter socket and charge your phone or tablet. The 12V sockets are industry`s standard since the `60s, so no matter how old is your car it will have at least one cigarette lighter which you can use. Today, everybody has a mobile phone and having a charger in your car is a must for any motorist.

    1. Tire repair spray

      If you never heard about tire repair spray, let us explain. This is a new and extremely usable product which comes in a regular-sized aerosol can and it is offered by several manufactures, most common being Fix-A-Flat or Quick Spair. If you have a puncture or any tire damage, just spray the tire with the product and wait a minute or two. The compound will seal the rubber and make your tire drivable. Of course, this is not a permanent fix and you will have to see a tire repair shop or buy new tires. However, it will get you home without having to change the wheel or wait for a tow truck. Since it is the size of any other spray can and costs around $10, there is no reason not to buy it and keep it in your trunk. You`ll never know when it might come in handy.

    1. Portable jumpstart charger

      This is an extremely useful piece of kit if you own an older car with a lot of miles on it. Portable jumpstarter chargers are a common thing on the market with relatively affordable prices and they come in numerous shapes and sizes. They are a valuable piece of equipment and can save your life if you need to jumpstart your car and there is nobody around to give you a hand. Since the jumpstart charger is the size of a shoe box, it can fit in any trunk and if you don't have one, buy it now. Also, modern jumpstart chargers come with LED lights, sockets to charge your lap top or phone which makes them extremely usable even when there's no real emergency involved.

    1. Tool kit

      All cars come with basic tool kits, but somewhere along the line, you will find out that this tool kit is just for replacing light bulbs or changing the wheel. If you own and operate an older vehicle and you are a mechanically inclined owner, a good tool kit is essential. You can buy good ones relatively cheaply and have all the wrenches, sockets, pliers, screwdrivers and rest of the tools you need to maintain and repair the car. An older vehicle with lot of miles on it is prone to breakdowns and most of those situations could be solved with a good tool kit and some basic mechanical skills. Knowing how to repair your car and return home after a breakdown is far more satisfying than waiting for a tow truck while being stranded by the side of the road.

    1. GPS Navigation

      Almost all new cars have GPS navigation as a part of standard equipment. Gone are the days of big paper maps or asking somebody for directions. Today, you need nothing more than a GPS unit on your dash or an app on your phone and you can go wherever you like. There are two basic ways of getting a GPS in your car. One is to buy a GPS unit which is mounted on the dashboard and has a small screen to show you the maps and directions. The most common brands are Garmin or Tom Tom and they all feature similar designs, fast response and accuracy. The prices for basic devices are around $100 and you can get them anywhere. The second way to have GPS navigation is simply by installing an app on your smartphone. Smartphones use the same GPS positioning technology, they are almost as fast and usable as dash-mounted GPS units.

    1. Tow strap

      A tow strap is one of those things you never know you need until you find yourself in the right (or wrong) situation. It is a practical item you can use for towing or securing a load and modern ones are made from tough materials and with up to 30,000-pound capacity. For just around $15 you can get 30 feet long and three inches wide tow straps you can keep in your trunk. You will never know when it will come in handy to help somebody and pull them out of the ditch.

    1. Aftermarket multimedia system

      Almost all new cars have fancy infotainment systems which incorporate GPS navigation, big displays, audio and mp3 players and much more. However, thanks to effort of small electronic companies, you can now have the same features in an older vehicle if you buy an aftermarket multimedia system. They come in all shapes in sizes from universally designed units to devices designed for installing in specific models. Most of them will fit any dash and they are easy to connect and install. For around $200 you can have a modern Android-powered 7-inch display system in your older car and enjoy all the advantages of modern technology.

    1. LED lights

      Older cars have less than ideal headlights which are inferior to modern Xenon or LED units. For some models, there are modern replacements but for older vehicles the only solution is mounting aftermarket LED light bars. There are numerous choices on the market and you can find small units perfect for installation below the bumpers as daytime running lights. Of course, you can find big ones which are mounted on the roof and perfect for off-road vehicles. Before you buy any of these products, check your local regulations since traffic laws regarding LED lights vary from state to state.

    1. Fire extinguisher

      Even if you keep your car in perfect mechanical condition, there is always a chance that fuel lines could develop a leak and your car could catch fire. The old electric installation is also a big fire hazard. That is why a fire extinguisher is mandatory for everybody who commutes in an older vehicle. They are available everywhere and they are also pretty cheap, so there is no reason not to own one. They can be used not only to protect your car but also to help others. The fire extinguisher should be always kept in the car`s interior, preferably underneath the seat so you can react as quickly as you can in case of fire. If you keep it in your trunk, you could waste valuable seconds looking for fire extinguisher.