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Where to Get a Free Car Battery Test in Los Angeles, CA

Keeping your car battery in good shape is one of the more important upkeep and maintenance requirements of owning a car. A bad battery can fail on you at any moment, possibly leaving you stranded when you urgently need to get going. Contact one of the providers of free car battery tests in Los Angeles, CA below in order to find out how long your battery is going to last.


11305 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (310) 437-4600

Located in Santa Monica, 2 Guys From Sweden earns high ratings for customer satisfaction on battery service, collision repair and a wide variety of other auto services. Tord and Robert, the two Swedish guys who run the shop, are experts on Volvos and Saabs, but are happy ro offer battery testing service to anyone who comes in asking for one. Give them a call if you’re in the Santa Monica area and schedule a battery test!


6831 Vineland Ave, Los Angeles, CA (818) 761-1855

If you live or work in the San Fernando Valley, your best bet for a free battery test is at Ammari Auto Center. Ammari is an AAA-authorized service provider that specializes in collision repair and roadside assistance. They offer battery testing, sell battery kits and install batteries for customers in a quick and professional manner.


1787 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA (323) 462-2764

Motorists in Hollywood can get quick and comprehensive battery tests performed at Full Service Automotive. The company offers comprehensive services for auto repair and the on-site mechanics are happy to test batteries for new clients. If you end up purchasing a replacement battery from the company, write a Yelp! review or check in on social media to earn an on-the-spot discount.


705 Monterey Pass Rd Unit E, Monterey Park, CA (323) 318-2777

This is one of the best and most accessible spots for free car battery tests in East LA. Paolo and Alvin run the shop and offer a broad range of auto services at convenient prices. Alvin is a BMW expert, and both can help you make sure your battery is in good shape regardless of what model car you have.


Detecting problems with your car’s battery before they become serious issues is the only way to prevent an eventual unwanted surprise: a car that won’t start. If you’re lucky, you’ll have jumper cables handy and be able to get the car running long enough to get it to service, but if not, you’ll be hard-pressed to resolve the issue. Be sure to recycle your old battery properly whenever having a new one installed, as well!

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