What Car Problems Need a Mechanic?

Some of the most common car problems that need a mechanic include problems with the timing belt and shock absorbers. A few more are windshield repairs, engine, radiator, fuel pump, brakes, head gasket, and transmission repairs.

Making repairs on a car when you’re inexperienced can lead to significant safety issues as well. Let’s look closer at car problems that need a mechanic.

Car Problems You Shouldn’t Fix on Your Own

These are the car problems that you should let a mechanic handle.

Timing Belt

If you’ve had your car for quite some time, eventually you will have to replace the car’s timing belt. The timing belt is what keeps the engine operating. To repair it, half of your car’s engine should be taken apart. Thus, doing it on your own is not advised.

Shock Absorbers

Repairing your own suspension and replacing shock absorbers is not something you should do. Because you’ll have to jack up the car for repairs, there is also a huge safety risk to be aware of. Failure to repair your shock absorbers correctly could result in your car being unfit and unsafe to drive.

Windshield Repairs

A crack in the windshield is a car problem you can’t ignore. Moreover, fixing a crack in the windshield may not be as easy as they make it seem. There are sprays and other devices on the market that owners can allegedly use for DIY repair. But if you’re not skilled enough, you could crack the windshield further. Essentially, what could have cost you under $100 to fix at the mechanic, can turn into a $500 replacement window if you aren’t sure of what you’re doing.

Engine Repairs

The engine acts as the brain to your car. When it is not properly functioning, repairing it on your own could prove catastrophic. You wouldn’t let an average joe operate on your brain, would you? Naturally, the car’s engine is very detailed and complex with layering parts. This is a car problem that only a mechanic should fix.

Radiator Repair

Your car radiator is essential. Without it, the car can overheat which leads to serious engine problems and even larger repair bills. Replacing or repairing a radiator is not as easy as it sounds. Failure to secure the hoses connecting the radiator and the engine properly can lead to serious problems. This can cause the engine to blow, which you know could cost you thousands to have replaced.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is required to supply fuel to the injectors at the appropriate pressure. Because of the significance of this part, it can be very expensive to repair or replace. Think twice before messing around it with DIY.


Now, brakes and brake pads can be done without the help of a mechanic, if you know what you’re doing. However, because the braking system is responsible for safely stopping the car, mistakes could lead to serious safety risks. This is a car problem that needs a mechanic if you don’t have prior experience repairing brakes on your own.

Head Gasket

If you take your car to a mechanic, a blown head gasket can cost about $1500 - $3,000 to repair. Naturally, wanting to fix this on your own to cut costs is the first thought. However, since head gaskets are used to seal the internal combustion process of the engine, keeps coolant and oil from mixing, it plays a very important role in the ability to operate your vehicle. It takes mechanics close to 25 hours to repair it with their experience, which just shows the complexity of the issue. So, trying to do this yourself is not the best idea. You can permanently damage your engine, which would cost $5,000 or more to replace.


Another complex part of your car is the transmission. If you notice transmission trouble, get to a mechanic right away. With thousands of intricate parts, the transmission serves a major role in helping the car to drive. Repairing it incorrectly could lead to the need for a replacement. This would about $2,000 more than the cost of taking it to a mechanic for transmission repair.

If you notice any car problems that need a mechanic, schedule an appointment right away. Yes, there is a how-to guide and video for just about every car repair. But inexperienced car owners who try to make the above-mentioned repairs on their own can make the car problem worse. This could easily drive up the price of repair and potentially ruin your car.

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