How To Sell My Car With Negative Equity

Todd How To's & Tips

Are you looking to sell your car with an outstanding loan? This might sound tricky, but it can be done. Outstanding loans that result in negative equity can prevent the possibility of trading in your car for a new one at the dealership. However, there are still options: You can sell the car to a private party for the balance …

junk car sale prices for scrap

Scrap Car Prices: Are You Getting The Right Value For Your Junk Car

Mike D How To, How To's & Tips, Junk Cars

Last Updated: October 1, 2016 Are you wondering – “How much is my car worth in scrap?” If you’ve received one or more quotes from junkyards for your unwanted car, you might wonder if you’re getting the best scrap car price possible. Selling an unwanted car to a junkyard doesn’t happen very often to the average consumer, so they have …

donate junk car to charity

Should I Junk My Car or Donate It?

Mike D How To's & Tips

Face it. That old car of yours is not going anywhere anymore. It had a good life, but it’s over. All that’s left now is to figure out the best way to get the vehicle to its final resting place. We previously asked the question whether it’s time to junk your car or fix it. Now it’s time to ask …